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Airline Katekavia

Airline Katekavia. Official site. 


Russian airline "Katekavia" was founded at the end of the year 1995, and has since developed rapidly and progressively, providing services in passenger and cargo transportation on the territory of the entire Russian Federation.


"PKF KATEKAVIA" renamed Azur Air, - a Russian charter airline based in Moscow's Domodedovo airport. Since the beginning of the year 2015 began work on Turkish tour operator Anex Tourism Group, performing international charter flights from various cities of Russia.

By the end of the year 2014 legal name of the company was "Katekavia." She served as the regional transport in the Volga and Siberian federal districts. Airlines to March 2015 years is a child carrier "UTair".


In August 1996 hosted the first flight: Sharypovo - Norilsk - Sharypovo. In June 1999 was held the first international flight from Sharypovo through Irkutsk and Ulan Bator in Krasnoyarsk. Aviation company specialized in transportation in the Volga and Siberian federal districts. Air fleet consisted of 12 aircraft:

• 2 units. Tu-134;

• 1 unit. An-26;

• 9 units. An-24.

In 2012, UTair bought 25% of Katekavia shares in 2013, while the share of capital in 75 was XNUMX%. 

The route network

Winter program 2015-2016 years focused on charter flights to destinations in:

1. Bangkok (Thailand), Suvarnabhumi airport.

2. Goa (India), Dabolim airport.

3. Barcelona (Spain), Barcelona airport.

4. Cam Ranh (Vietnam), Cam Ranh airport.

5. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Punta Cana airport.

6. Colombo (Sri Lanka), Banadaranaike airport.

7. Tenerife (Spain), Tenerife South airport.

8. Phuket (Thailand), Phuket, Krabi airports.

In November 2015, the airline suspended flights to Egypt.

As of December last year, the average age of the fleet was 17,9 of the year. Aircraft consist of Boeing 737-800 (1 units), 757-200 (9 units), 767-300ER (5 units) models. 

Azur Air transported 2011 passengers in 115415, 2015 in 2000000. 


In the 2010 year, 2 August, at the airport of Igarka (Krasnoyarsk Territory), the landing of the An-24 plane crashed. The cause of the disaster was the crew’s late response to the second round and the vessel’s decline below the minimum height. As a result, 11 passengers and a flight attendant were killed. 

26 November 2014, the Tu-134 plane on the runway in a severe frost was frozen on the runway, and the passengers had to push the ship. This episode was filmed and uploaded to the Internet. A little later, followed by denials from representatives of the airline. 

The routing network of airline includes cities such as Irkutsk, Svetlogorsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kodinsk, Tomsk, Surgut, etc., While gradually expanding to cover more and more destinations.



Park aircraft airline "Katekavia" consists of 12 aircraft:


In addition, the airline operates international and charter flights in different cities of Russia, and beyond it, in the country and abroad.

Katekavia stewardess


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional airlines in Yakutia and Eastern Siberia.

  • ICAO airline code: KTK;

  • Internal airline code: KY;


Airline Katekavia official website

Airline Katekavia (Katekavia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: PO Box 28444, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660135;

  • City phone Airline: + 7 391 230 26 70;

  • Airline fax: +7 391 230 26 71;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • Base airport is airport Krasnoyarsk Cheremshanka.

  • Domestic flights: Vanavara, Aldan, Yekaterinburg, Igarka, Krasnoyarsk, Kodinsk, Neryungri, Motygino, Turukhansk, Svetlogorsk, Yakutsk, Khatanga.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Antonov An-24, Tupolev Tu-134


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Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for a flight attendant job. Great desire to work. I will be very grateful for the opportunity to study and become part of the airline.
Name: Karnuta Diana Aleksandrovna
Year of birth: 30.01.1999
Height: 180
Weight: 55
Russian citizenship
Dress size: 44
Without bad habits and tattoos.
Marital status: single, no children.
Place of residence: Rostov-on-Don
Education: RSMT (Secondary Special).
Knowledge of languages: English (basic level).
Key skills:
Conflict Resolution
Politeness, attentiveness
Public performance
Organizational skills
Grammatically correct speech
Creative thinking
Mobile phone: 89085146210

Good afternoon. I'm going to fly to Turkey, and for 4 days before the departure I informed that the return flight 24.08.17 was transferred from 22.00 to 08.00. Accordingly, they throw for a whole day of rest on the sea. I think next time I will choose another airline. Three years in a row used ANEX-ohm, now we will look for other tour operators.

Flew this airline in March to Vietnam from Peter. Flight zf9503 well and accordingly zf9504. Flight to Vietnam shifted from 19-30 5 up the next morning - it was very uncomfortable because they themselves are not of Peterburga.Obratno also moved, but only 2 hours (vetom was even a plus as the time to have breakfast at the hotel). The flight itself that go back that passed without incident - a soft landing. Food on samalet normal in my opinion. Flight attendants responsive, nikago rudeness. The girls are all beautiful :) which is also nice when you fly so many hours.
There were flying about 10 and a half hours back to 11-45 (well, as something really quite tired of sitting in a chair).
Result liked everything except the flight delay.

We flew this airline in September in Egypt (Hurghada), flight delay was once flew back to St. Petersburg, too, was not pleased to relatives at the airport was a mess, but it is one thing to fly 5 hours, and quite another 10 and more now, I thought, and whether or not to fly so cheaply and it is very uncomfortable to Thailand?

We flew on flights ZF9303 and ZF9304 SPB-Bangkok-SPB on 04.12.2015/14.12.2015/2 and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. We were satisfied. Clean and calm. We fed fully XNUMX times to choose from during the flight and, upon request, brought what was needed - water, tea, juices. There was enough for everyone. very polite, the flight itself and the landing were excellent. I'm ashamed of the behavior of other "pigs". Of course, you need to pay attention to the timely departure of the planes.

Good day!
I want to share my impressions of the airline.
We flew to Vietnam 27.11.15g. flight ZF9503, Saint Petersburg (LED) - Nha Trang (CXR), Economic, Boeing 767-300ER. Flight delays amounted to Pulkovo 3 30 hour min., On registration has been issued, and the water ahead of time all herded into the transit area. The aircraft made a flight with a reversal (landed, refueled and back). The crew was exhausted, tired and not luchilsya joy on the type of new passengers. Night Flight, 11 hours, so with kormёzhkoy somehow managed. Kamran has not taken due to bad weather and the plane circled for half an hour, and only then went to the landing. Flew, late in 4 30 hours min.
Back 09.12.15, flight ZF9504, put on a plane for 50 min. Later, took off, and then announced that the wind is oncoming, there is not enough fuel and refueling will be in Samara, many times mentioned! (If you consider that sitting in an airplane in Vietnam, everyone sent sms about the approximate time of arrival in Peter - bravo commander! Clever, delicate move!) Declared breakfast - absolutely not edible something, the benefit was buns, butter and cheese, As a bite, tea, coffee, juices, water - everything was. Later they offered sandwiches and tea, 11 hours 40 minutes flew to Samara, allowed only to unfasten seat belts, get up. You can not walk. 50 minutes in Samara - refueling, all call relatives that delayed flight! Then two hours before Peter, without food, thank you gave water! Total for 19 hours, 15 of which we spent on an airplane was fed to a minimum! Complete savings! On fuel, on food for passengers!
The rest: clean, blankets were given only on the way back, we did not have to, take-offs and landings were normal, with no extreme. Class is not an economic, as stated, as a tourist, as everything is very close and tight! I would avoid this airline to fly!

Fly Emirates, for other money.

It flew for the first time this chudoaviakompaniey, straight and pulls on a pun.
Totally agree with all the already voiced complaints, chairs crammed so tightly that person above 170 just torture, if the passenger in front of you toss a chair, sit only vzhavshis in the back, the tables are small and flimsy, everything falls to them in flight do not give anything but plaid, and then if you have enough at all.
Such conditions may be acceptable to a maximum of 3h 4-hour flight, and as much as we flew to Vietnam !!! torture!! the most disgusting thing in the Rules of the flight to do on the way back also type emergency refueling in Samara, which of course none of the passengers not previously informed, motivated by the fact that a strong headwind and not enough fuel and blah blah blah but if you know that the fuel in Vietnam expensive ... suggestive. and turn it regularly. In general govnoservis back, back to the future.

He flew to Sharm and back, all is well. Can we just lucky? Or write only those who do not like it?

Why do you use the photo stewardess airline AirAstana?

He is flying with her husband and friends in Sharm El Sheikh, in the summer of 2015
AK wonderful! Feed very tasty, do not linger. Pure culture and very hospitable!

Flight to Dominican Republic 10.11.
We had to fly to 02: 00.
Now 4: 29 and is still sitting in the plane, such as a problem with the passengers who sit uncomfortable ....
Before boarding the plane stood pozharka and ambulance, and many other vans around. The continuous bustle

Mary Good day! As flew to the Dominican Republic ????

Detained direct flight to Nha Trang St. Petersburg 8 hours. Only after the passengers got to the airport management, sent a plane and then in Saratov. A company representative in St. Petersburg SANSIS ALOIS (TransEyrServis) rudely told that we bought tickets, and the company does not have anything to us and thanks to them that they all sent us!

and I fly to Goa for the new year at this garbage ((((

We flew to Nha Trang and back 10-22.10, we can say that we spent 12 hours in hell. The airplane was old, the seats were shabby, there were not enough seats for me, and in me only 165 cm!, What should have been dinner-it was impossible. Service boorish, especially on the flight back (22.10), it's strange that we did not spit in the face .. did not even give water, it was necessary to walk samym.Pri planting asked to put us at the emergency exit (my husband I have 2 meter growth), on which We were told that these places are paid and generally closed for planting !!!!, although on the way back, the planting director (him separately E many thanks to the Vietnamese -Michael))), planted us without questions and additional fees.
About Library headrest or movies on monitors in the aisles, I generally keep quiet, in our situation is unacceptable luxury, but the front seats did not even have pockets for books, everything had to be put on the floor.
Never fly this airline, I still think that we miraculously flew back and forth.

No serious company, constant flight delays! Flight Omsk Phuket moved to 6 hours as a time, instead of to fly in the morning arriving in the evening, as a result of losing a precious vacation day on the fault of the airline. Not happy with everything. I flew with the company first and last time. Even if it is ruined, I would not be surprised or upset. Transaero sorry, but they are not!

For 2 weeks flight transferred to 12 hours there (Nizhny Novgorod Hurghada) and 12 back, we specifically chose to swing early and late flights back as a result of our vacation sminusovali on 2 days !!!! Change tickets (vouchers) and You wake up to get round!

22 September 2015 flew to Sharm El Sheikh from St. Petersburg, check-in for the flight started over 3 hours before departure, checked in without a queue one of the first, flew on schedule, the plane by 9 people in a row, clean, everything worked, not cold, not Stuffy, gave drinks, hot lunch: chicken, fish, beef to choose from, tea, coffee, as in other airlines, flight attendants are friendly. Back flying 29 September, also departure on schedule, the plane is also clean and not posharpanny, food is the same. The toilet did not smell, the flight is normal. Back the commander of the crew announced that the flight would be 5 hours 20 minutes, but then announced that it was possible to shorten the way a little and it turned out that flew for 5 hours, all laughed that probably somewhere had slipped onto the red traffic light. In general, everything was fine with us. Plaids are really distributed only to children, but if left, they were given to others at the request. Water was carried the whole flight if someone asked, no one was denied. Thank the crew. We read a lot of bad reviews, and we were lucky, everything was fine!

10 September, we passed the luggage flew to Turkey. As a result, on arrival: 2 broken and stolen suitcase padlock

broken suitcases airport's fault not the company

We did not come suitcase! St. Petersburg - Hurghada 16 September. We look forward already 2 days. No information. I beg the representatives of airlines sayazatsya us. Since Corol information is not .... 8-952-378-95-35. We kid, we do not have elementary medical supplies .... not to mention the clothes ...

Disgraceful !!! Katekavia delayed flights to Antalya on 4 hours, and now the flight to Agadir flight should be 7-55, and promise to fly to 10-40, and this is a delay 2 45 hours minutes and it will take off if 10-40

Flight Moscow (DME) -Varna-Moskva.28.08.2015-07.09.2015.Reys detained only the back and only 1 9 chas.samolety Boeing on the person in ryadu.polet 2 30 hours minut.kupili tickets for ridiculous dengi.nikakih complaints that net.razve The food is pretty scarce - 1 roll with sausage and a drink, but for a time this trip enough, or you can take with you something, if you really really golodnye.styuardessy adequate, not boorish, ahead even blankets dostalis.polet normal takeoff and landing smooth .in general as anyone, but we all had to be good !! cheap tickets, flights again this company.

Flight Moscow-Antalya flight was detained for 4 hours. The return flight is almost on schedule. Delay for 40 minutes. Travel time is 3 hours. Full load of 330 aircraft Sandwiches and 3 sip of tea were enough for 140 people. The rest was given what was horrible (to whom a cupcake and a salad of doubtful content, without bread and appliances, explained that the trainee received lunch and made a mistake on 50 sets.) But apparently, the senior flight attendant with math bad130 + 50 = 180 and in the plane we were 330. When asked about the disgrace, they said: "You can not wait 3 for an hour without food." He was lucky to have a sandwich neighbor. "I was with such an airline and I hope that I will not fly any more and advise the rest.

I'm sorry I had to use the services of the airline. Of course, we were alive and well, thank God. But sorry for lost time. I very much hope that the company will cease its work and will continue, but with a different attitude towards people!

Awful airline! Flight Tyumen Sharm el-Sheikh 21 07 2015 detained for a day !!! and every two hours Gowar yet a little and fly !!! Do not fed, not watered !!! Most never get to them all, and tell friends about them!

I don’t know - apparently all the “Guests” who write good monotonous reviews here are just “stashed Cossacks” (you can choose the letter to your liking !! I fly a lot, but I haven’t experienced SUCH HORROR for a long time!
Flight Katekaviva ("Azur Air") St. Petersburg-Hurghada 05.08.15 the plane was two hours late from another route (apparently the planes are used in the tail and mane, non-stop). At first, the boarding gate number was not shown, then it was changed three or four times, until the brutal crowd with children and the elderly got tired of rushing around the cramped building and bombarded the company representative with phone complaints! The plane took off from 2,5 hours. late and in the end everyone "flew" past the first day of rest! The plane is a rarity! interior and armchairs - from the last century !! Buttons, electronics - everything is exactly 20 years ago !!
Flight Katekaviva ("Azur Air") Hurghada-SPb 19.08.15/XNUMX/XNUMX The fact that the plane is old was no longer surprising. Thank God we took off on time. BUT this is the first time I've heard passengers clap their hands en masse WHEN TAKING OFF !! Those. like "thanks for taking off !!" And when the plane got off the runway hard, everyone felt good. The left engine roared as if it was ready to shut up at any moment! So they flew, listening to the hum in the left engine, fearing to frighten children and wives. Further: I am even of a very average height and with normal legs, in planes I never suffered from crowding (unlike my wife) BUT in this AZUR chicken coop, even I was not able to sit without putting my legs in the aisle. In which they were constantly trying to crush them with a cart. There weren't enough blankets even for small children. All the rest are FROZEN mercilessly. Except those lucky ones at some of the windows, who were extremely HOT. They fed such horror that many simply did not eat anything. In short, "the hostess succeeded in mayonnaise." In short, if you do not have enough thrills - fly "Azur-Avia" !!!!

Fly 22.08.15 Sharm-Ekaterinburg, the time of departure was postponed for an hour. Eurocontrol gave permission to fly. The people that you are complaining and veneti crew in all ?? You yourself do not plan to send you on a faulty plane. There are situations when the airplane in hot countries cools and when the temperature is high overboard, the engines do not start to have to wait for the temperature to drop. Which apparently happened on the flight Sharm El Sheikh - Tyumen. What nag and object, calmly learn the whole situation and sit silently. Do you think the crew would have flown by itself on a faulty plane? They are also people like us, and they also want to live. What kind of nonsense are you here? And if you do not like food, then all the questions to the food shop at the airport or even carry with them. No company has a new airplane and you disfigure them yourself. You can not even walk to the toilet, you can not find a garbage can, because you can not read. Fly a charter flight for a penny, and want maintenance as a business aviation. Do not like hiring a private plane or regular flights in business fly. Crew is the same people as us and they are not to blame for the fact that you do not have the mood with which you are flying on vacation and You all razdrozhaet. And the guys fellows, despite all your statements continue to fly and smilitsya.U they generally hard work, listen to each time such dissatisfied faces, calm the violent. First of all, they are on board rescuers, then doctors and psychologists, but in no way waiters as many believe.
I wish you guys the smooth take-off, soft landings, clear sky, and nerves of steel to disgruntled passengers!

What does the pilots ???? You are talking about?
Read carefully, people are dissatisfied with the airline, not the pilots and flight attendants. I do not think that diet, time of departure, or they are engaged in seat trim.
Around the wine guide, which can not properly organize the work of the company, that's all. No need of additional costs to the plane left on time.

Hello! We were supposed to fly to Antalya in 22.08.2015 05: 55. We 5chelovek (including 2e small children). At the airport found out that our flight was delayed until 18: 55 .... Then to 19: 55 ... While waiting .. Day of the Disappeared, a disgusting state, the children are tired, plachat .. The reasons do not speak, but made it clear that the plane flew back with a delay, I broke and unable to fly back. .All visitors from other cities, many young children swear ... So the bottom line is: do not fly that carrier KATEKAVIA. It is high time to close this SHARAGINU office. Bankruptcy soon you !!!

Airlines Disgusting!
flight 3311 19.08.2015, the flight had to be 4: 05, finally slept on chairs in the airport, the children were exhausted. The aircraft landed only 9 hours. One conclusion is the worst airline !!!

The same day flew the same route, 11.35, the actual crash about two o'clock in the afternoon.
Landing as it should be on time, then about an hour the crew together eliminate breakage absolutely not commenting on their actions to passengers. And God would be with them if you do not shut off air conditioning at 35 degrees. An hour later, still return to the airport, and after a further hour and re-planting ....

We flew to Hurghada and back with this airline at the end of July. After reading the angry reviews, we expected the worst, but it turned out that all the comments from the "dissatisfied" were just a dummy. Flights in both directions were at the level of any charter flight of similar companies. did not delay for a minute, flew back even 20 minutes earlier. In flight, everyone who needed it was handed out blankets without further ado. Food, as elsewhere, is no better. Quite friendly flight attendants and stewards. So I do not advise focusing on bad reviews. Well, if some tourists don't like food and stuff, welcome to business class. Good luck and don't listen to anyone.

I could not silently pass your comment.
When we booked a tour of the charters was only airline Katekavia. We decided that nothing terrible and we all fly could reach, in principle, food and staff is not very important concern of reaching the destination. But excuse me, when every flight is delayed on 5-7 hours, this is clearly a plus carrier. The company sucks !!!!!!!!!!!

We fly this airline Boeing 767-300 Thailand. You do this in the description does not appear.

More airlines settling in my life did not occur. Summer in June 2015 city of Tomsk in Turkey. We planted separately 4 - year old kid. Back - first given a boarding pass - a place together, but before going to the bus they have changed to the ones where we were separated again. Boorish treatment, disgusting food, no blankets, uncomfortable seats, the legs have nowhere to go, tall men slept standing. People do not fly this airline !!!

16.07.2015 flew from Heraklion. Excellent airline. Pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, teamwork, kindness. Decent food, clean and decent. Our whole family wish Katekavia proprotsvetaniya, further development, only soft landings

Just arrived from Antalya to Moscow ZF3312. Return flight was rescheduled for 8ch later and back to 16ch. before. As a result, the loss of two sunny days, sleepless night at the end of vacation and nasty feeling that you greatly deceived. Disgusting and not the airline.

The company flies abroad under the LAzur Air brand on Utair aircraft from Domodedovo. An ordinary charter company, no worse than others. I flew to Varna and back. We took off exactly according to the schedule and arrived in Varna half an hour earlier than the schedule. Takeoff and landing - fast and accurate. There was a delay of one hour back, but it was known about it in 2 days, so there were no problems, especially since the way back took only 2 hours 10 minutes, which is 20 minutes faster than the road to Varna)). The food is, of course, miserable (a sandwich-type bun and some kind of cookie), but you have to understand that this is a charter - cheap and cheerful. The staff are generally polite.

We flew this airline yesterday 05.06.15 from Antalya to Krasnodar. They sat in a stuffy plane and sat minutes 10-15. On the plane a large number of children were crying all the heat !!!! Until we took off air conditioners have not earned !!! The food was disgusting, awful bread !!!! Flight number ZF3402.

We flew this company from Surgut-Antalya-Surgut (19 and 29 2015 June, respectively). The food was hot on both sides (although there and flew at night). The children slept. Flight attendants said they feed them (if necessary) when to wake up. The general attitude to the passengers of man, no rudeness and lawlessness. Crews of 5,5 hours of flight separate thanks. All on 5 +++ !!! All arrivals and departures on schedule, no complaints! Everything is super !!!

The arrival of the airline yesterday from Antalya to St. Petersburg, where they flew away. We took off on schedule, back - hour delay
Takeoff - landing excellent, no complaints.
But the food - Sandwich - roll + sausage and peppers and a piece of 2 Pirozhenko - did not expect - take food, especially if you are traveling with children.
Armchair close to each other - this is true.
During the return flight was stuffy in the cabin - sat in 3 row.
Plaids give children first - it's true, but my daughter did not have to.
The toilets worked and did not smell, but then our tourists threw diapers into one of them and was on the toilet less. Houses also throw diapers in the toilet? So that citizens on board have inadequate.
About the condition of the aircraft I can not say - not an expert.

During the flight I was extremely surprised at the neglect filed our flight aircraft, eventually decided to drive the on-board Google, its number and what was my surprise when it turned out that the aircraft has long been written off. By what right do you have in this case continue to transport people?

I will do everything I can to never get on board this company! I flew with my mother and child St. Petersburg Antalya-St. Petersburg 7-14 June 2015 ... Tensions were still on the way to Antalya: a flight of almost 4 h, fed a roll in a paper envelope :) standing lines in the toilet, while no one hurries to aim at Their order, all the garbage containers are full! On the radio, menacingly report that in case of blockage the closets will be completely closed! .... I thought: no luck with the crew, the plane, it happens :) on the way back my shock intensified: the child asked for two drinks, one I took, my mother stewardess informs, That the limit for our series is exhausted !!!!! Only three glasses !!!! And rolls his wheelbarrow faster from us, this is when flying almost 4 hours and the ban on carrying your own liquid by passengers in hand luggage! About what comfort is repeated on the radio, if there is no ordinary, elementary human conditions ???? I can understand everything, many companies are forced to cut costs, but this is complete chaos, shame and disgrace !!! I recommend everyone to bypass this company, use its services is dangerous for health and the nervous system !!!!!

It is surprising that the company is no late check-in online. Very uncomfortable not knowing what time the plane is sent in advance to go to the airport, and then another long wait time of departure.

The company is growing fairly rapid strides in my eyes, I warned about the delay a week before departure, so that I could fulfill all their affairs up to the crash, but do not hang around at this time at the airport.

We flew from Chelyabisk to Hurghada. In that direction, the plane was delayed by only 1 hour 15 minutes. There were no more delays. BUT !!!! the plane is terribly old, uncomfortable, it smelled like a toilet. there is not enough space to stretch out, in general, one discomfort. But the most important thing is that the company spares money for blankets. and the plane is terribly cold !!! 3 times I asked for a blanket in the end: there are supposedly a lot of children who are given them in the first place. And no one else got it. The type of blankets is only 25% for the entire plane. Well, what nonsense ?? and I am now lying with a temperature! "Thank you" for taking such good care of the passengers !!!

Simply "excellent" service. A company representative had a few hours resets my calls, but in the meantime it is unclear when all the same flight will be served.

I'll add a fly in the ointment. We flew to Nyachang from Yekaterinburg, initially the flight was in 00,05, a week before the flight the flight was transferred to 4,50, the flight was detained even more in fact flew to 7,40. The food on the plane is just PPC, the first time they fed it were given a raw cutlet with blood and pellets of pounded potatoes, bread, micro-tea, drank the water of the juice, the second time they gave a bun (old) type with a tired piece of chicken and cucumber and bread, water, Tea-coffee was not given at all, there was no water in the toilet-put 1,5 with water, while 9 hours and 7 hours of waiting at the airport were flying, take food with you-it saves. Near the doors there was a barrel and a strong canopy, the distance between the seats as in all our Boeing's is fine, but tolerable, the chairs almost do not recline. The flight itself is approx.