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Constanta Airlines was founded in 1994. The headquarters is located in Zaporozhye. Its creator was Evgeny Kozenko. At the very beginning of the existence of this airline, the fleet consisted of 15 aircraft (three AN-32V units and twelve Yak-40 units). Today, most of the shares, namely 57,8%, are at the disposal of private companies (of which 30% are held by the Swiss company Energy Standart Group, 19,8% by the British Technolux Ltd and 7,8% by the British Grixtex Ltd). The remaining 42,2% belongs to the Ukrainian state. The Constanta airline network also extends to the following cities: Sumy, Kiev (Zhulyany airport), Kharkov (Osnova airport).

As of 2008 years in active service were only seven Yak-40. According to 2012 year, on the wing of the aircraft it was only two, and the rest are in storage. But the company actively began to develop and today provides services for:

  1. Regional flights.
  2. International flights.
  3. Freight transport.
  4. Comfort VIP-transportations.


Planes are designed to 27 - 40 passengers. Pleasant professional service fully complies with European standards. Technical support and the preservation of health of the air transport, as well as diagnostics performed best specialists. The airline "constant" has a wide geography of flights. The flights are carried out on the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries and the countries of Europe.

The important characteristics are:

  1. High level of reliability and security.
  2. Extensive experience in air transport.
  3. Quality service.
  4. Privacy Policy.


The airline "constant" in the market of Ukraine already more than 20 years. With extensive experience and a wide range of services, the firm developed and not standing still.

Comfortable VIP-transportations carried aviasudnom that the client chooses. Also, the customer self-regulates the list of services. Passengers can make up your own menu. Also held urgent departures. This promptly execute all necessary documents and chosen convenient time of departure. Also included are related services (custom car, the hotel booking).

A distinctive feature of the airline "constant" is the price of democracy provided services. The work of the company is aimed at satisfying the wishes of regular customers and attract new loyal customers and partners by extending the card services.

In 2011 the airline "constant" became a public company. In addition to regular and international passenger traffic and transportation of mail, cargo, this company also provides technical and commercial servicing aviasudov other companies and own.

Basic data on Constanta Airline:

  • Airline country - Ukraine

  • Ukrainian charter flights

  • Year of appearance: 1994

  • ICAO airline code: UZA

  • Internal airline code: GM


Constanta Airline plane

Constanta Airline plane


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