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Lion Air - the largest private airline in Indonesia, operates daily scheduled flights from the main airport of the capital of 79 directions.

The airline was established in October 1999 of the year and began its commercial activity 30 on June 2000 of the year. From the first days of its establishment, it threatened to become the main competitor of Indonesia’s largest national airline. The rapid growth of Lion Air led to precisely this - after a few years it is the largest budget enterprise in the country. The main reason for such popularity in the first place was the desire of the company to develop as a low-cost enterprise. It turned out that flying Lion Air is much more profitable than aircraft of other airlines.

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And, most importantly, low ticket prices do not mean saving on safety or comfort of flights. Reducing the cost of flights is due to the operation of the same type of aircraft, the use of secondary airports, the maximum reduction in time between flights. Punctuality, which is indispensable for such a reduction, is another plus for Lion Air. Passengers save only on those services that not everyone needs.

As the largest budget airline, in order to save Lion Air operates one type of aircraft - Boeing 737. Today it is the largest customer of this aircraft type. In the near future it is planned to expand the fleet to air 200 aircraft.

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Lion Air is the seventh largest budget airline in the world and the first in its region. The company's passenger traffic is constantly growing due to an increase in the size of the air fleet and expansion of the route network. At 2011 year, this figure exceeded 25 million

Unlike companies with a similar business model, Lion Air did not abolish the business class aboard their aircraft, but offers its passengers several service options. In addition, the company offers a wide range of fares, which depend on the class of service and the list of services offered during the flight.

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The company Lion Air very often offers a variety of discounts on existing fares. With similar offers and all the information of interest can be found on the company's website. Book tickets and seats in the plane is also easiest through the Internet.

Basic data airline Lion Air:

  • Budget line aviation of Indonesia.
  • Year of appearance AK: 2000.

Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: JT.
  • ICAO airline code: LNI.

Lion Airlines (Lion Airlines). Official site:

Contact details:

  • The main airports of the airline are: Jakarta SukarnoHatta.
  • Postal address of the airline: Indonesia, 10130, Jakarta, 7Gajah Mada, Lion AirTower.
  • City Airline Phone: + 62216326038.
  • Airlines Fax: + 62216348741.
  • E-mail Airlines:
  • Domestic flights of airlines: Balikpapan, Ambon, Batali, Bandung, Jakarta, Denpasar, Manado, Yogyakarta, Medan, Mangaram, Palembang, Padang, Semarang, Pekanbaru, Sorone, Solo City, Ternate, Surabaya, Chilachan, Guy, Japan, Suonabah, Pecanbara, Sorone, Solo City, Ternate, Surabaya, Chilachan
  • International flights Airlines: Penang, Kuala Lumpur.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft: Boeing737-300, Boeing737-400, Boeing737-900, Boeing747-400, McDonnellDouglasMD90.

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Uniforms stewardess: Lion Air. Indonesia.Uniforms stewardess: Lion Air. Indonesia.

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Flight attendants are very tough people, consultation about buying food, was struck by how rude and impatient, they are people who fly in the third grade.

Prices well very low, especially given the quality of service. And if you're lucky, you can buy a ticket is almost half the price. Every year on vacation and fly their help, with constant flight goes smoothly, probably because of the professionalism of the pilots.

Until this summer of the company about a year ago. Almost all the old planes were replaced with new models. And in the air from it, you feel a lot more confident.

Well, that before to go out of the house decided to consult the online site of the company, had a crash, suffering almost 5 hours. I imagine if it had the time to sit with your luggage at the airport. They could at least call on the phone that I have, and warn in advance. In general, even despite the fact that as a result the flight was carried out without delay a bad pellet still remained.

In March 2014 flew on this airline from Jakarta to Lombok Island. I booked tickets on the official website. There were no problems with the payment, the route receipts were sent to the e-mail when the payment was confirmed (it was three minutes). Tickets cost 4,5 thousand rubles for two (only one way). The aircraft is new - Boeing 737-900ER. But since the company is budgetary, the distance between the seats was correspondingly minimal. With my height under two meters, it's very uncomfortable. I had to sit sideways. Departed strictly on schedule. Service at a high level. I was satisfied with the airline, especially for this money. On further travel to Indonesia, I again had to use this airline.

It is necessary, how it subtly and precisely thought out! Got a lot to learn!