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Lufthansa Airline

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Deutsche Lufthansa AG is an aviation concern, the largest airline in Germany. Lufthansa ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world in terms of the number of passengers carried.

In January 1926, the DeutscheAeroLloyd transport group merged with the JunkersLuftverkehr aviation concern. As a result of this merger, the joint stock company DeutscheLufthansaAktiengesellschaft was born. The air fleet of the newborn organization already numbered more than 150 aircraft from the very beginning. In the same year, public life in Germany was marked by the first transcontinental flight. Over the next three years, the company has been actively involved in international air transportation.

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In 1934, the management of the concern opened the first line of regular intercontinental postal air transportation. However, this activity was interrupted by the outbreak of hostilities of the Second World War. The entire air fleet of the company is now engaged in air transport. Only in 1955 did Lufthansa renew its citizenship of transportation. From that moment on, almost every year is a new step in the development and formation of the company:

1960g. - The beginning of the use of high-speed aircraft. During the following years 11 propeller planes completely decommissioned.

1964 - 1976gg. - The introduction of jet aircraft in all areas of the company.

1992 - 1997gg. - The company virtually painlessly going through an economic crisis and privatize all airlines. Lufthansa unit receives the status of an independent company.

1997 - 2001g. - Is the introduction of new types of services and advanced information technology in the company's activities.

All of the following years until today the company is constantly growing and developing. Currently, Europe is the largest airline operating both domestic and international air travel.

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At present, the company offers its customers three classes of service: first class, business class and economy class.

First Class passengers have the opportunity trip to the big comfortable chairs, of which you can easily make the bed. Each seat is equipped with sockets, a monitor. Take special compartments for transportation of personal effects.

Business class passengers will make flight in chairs equipped with massage function, will be closed from prying eyes by a folding screen. In addition, passengers will be offered a variety of entertainment and a selection of dishes.

Flight in economy class guarantees free food, soft drinks, watching videos.  


  • Country Airlines Germany.
  • National Aviation Company of Germany.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1926.
  • IATA airline code: LH.
  • ICAO airline code: DLH.
  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


Lufthansa. Official site:



Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Dusseldorf, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Zurich.
  • Airlines Postal Address: LufthansaAviationCentre, 60546Frankfurt, Germany.
  • City Airline Phone: + 49696960.
  • Airlines Fax: + 49696964601.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • The mailing address of the Russian representation of airlines: 107045, Moscow, Trubnayaploschad, d.2, 1etazh.
  • City Phone Russian representation of airlines: + 74959809999.
  • Fax offices in Russia: + 74957376401.
  • Email Russian representation of airlines: [email protected].
  • Domestic flights airlines: Bremen, Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg, Dresden, Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Leipzig, Munich, Munster, Paderborn, Nuremberg, FrankfurtnaMayne, Saarbrucken, Hof, Friedrichshafen, Erfurt, Stuttgart.
  • In the CIS countries airlines flights: Ashgabat, Almaty, Dnepropetrovsk, Baku, Ekaterinburg, Donetsk, Kazan, Yerevan, Minsk, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, RostovnaDonu, Perm, Samara, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Tbilisi.
  • International flights: Abu Dhabi, Aberdeen, Accra, Abuja, Alexandria, Addis Ababa, Amman, Algeria, Ancona, Amsterdam, Asmara, Ankara, Atlanta, Athens, Bangkok, Bangalore, Bari, Barcelona, ​​Beirut, Basel, Belgrade, Belfast Bilbao, Birmingham, Boston, Bordeaux, Brindisi, Bratislava, Brussels, Brno, Budapest, Bucharest, Valencia, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Vancouver, Venice, Washington, Verona, Vienna, Wroclaw, Vilnius, Gothenburg, Gdansk , Hong Kong, Glasgow, Guangzhou, Graz, Dallas, Dalian, Delhi, Dammam, Detroit, Denver, Jeddah, Jakarta, Dubai, Do Dubrovnik, Dublin, Zagreb, Geneva, Inverness, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Izmir, Cairo, Johannesburg, Caracas, Calgary, Casablanca, Karachi, Katowice, Catania, Klagenfurt, Cape Town, Krakow, Copenhagen, Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur, Lamezia, Lahore, Larnaca, Linz, Leeds, Ljubljana, Lisbon, Los Angeles, London, Lyon, Luxembourg, Madrid, Madeira, Malta, Malaga, Manila, Manchester, Mexico City, Marseille, Milan, Miami, Mumbai, Montreal, Nagoya, Muscat, New York, Naples, Newcastle, Newark, Osaka, Nice, Palermo, Oslo, Paris, Palma, Pescara, Beijing, Port Harcourt, Pisa, Porto, Port Poznan, Riga, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sanya, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Seoul, Sarajevo, Skopje, Singapore, Split, Sofia, Istanbul, Stavanger, Strasbourg, Stockholm, Tehran, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Timisoara, Toulouse, Toronto, Tripoli, Trieste, Turin, Tunisia, Philadelphia, Faro, Khartoum, Hyderabad, Ho Chi Minh City, Helsinki, Zurich, Houston, Shanghai, Chicago, Shenyang, Charlotte, Riyadh, Edinburgh.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA319, AirbusA320, AirbusA321, AirbusA330-300, AirbusA340-300, AirbusA340-600, Boeing737-300, Boeing737-500, Boeing747-400.



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Uniforms stewardess: Lufthansa. Germany.

Uniforms stewardess: Lufthansa. Germany.



Airlines of the World and Russian ...

The situation has developed the following ... We had a long flight from Rio to Paris from Paris to Amsterdam, but other airlines .... From Amsterdam we flew to Minsk with a transfer in Frankfurt by Lufthansa. Docking was about an hour. I felt bad and went to the toilet. Frankfurt Airport is much more complicated than Siphol and Shardegol, so while we reached our gate the Germans peacefully closed their gates. We show them the same plane, put us on board, which they send to the service center. I note that there was no announcement on the radio that 2 passengers are absent from the flight. While they found a service center and explained our situation, the lady simply said that announcing our absence on board is a personal decision of employees (the human factor). And with a smirk, welcome to Frankfurt. We paid for the flight to Minsk. But this is not the end of the epic. When writing a complaint, I was told that I should go to a service center in Minsk. And there they stated that they did not consider such complaints. But I still wrote a complaint in the book of proposals and complaints. As a result, a letter came that indicated that the company must call for a flight that they allegedly did ... And of course they did not satisfy the complaint. I can say that I flew different airlines and only then I met such a low quality of service !!!

Flight attendants are constantly stroll through the cabin, offering free refreshments, that feed on the flight would not have been warned in advance, so that the stock still at the airport. We were pleased with the landing, without delay and shaking and it is given that the majority of planes flew with a delay due to weather conditions and at the airport, was formed quite a significant place.

About the airline can share only positive impressions. The flight made from Warsaw to Lisbon. Due to bad weather the flight back was delayed by 45 minutes. But, despite this, we arrived just at 10 minutes later. When approaching the pilot read outs for transplants. The flight lasted only 3 hours, but the food was quite normal: drinks, alcohol, and hot choices. Cute, smiling and attentive flight attendants. Perfect landing and take-off! I advise everyone to take advantage of Lufthansa's services.


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