Mars RK Airline
Mars RK Airline

Airline RK Mars (Mars RK). Official site.

"Mars RK" - it is the airline, which was founded in December 2001 on the territory of Ukraine. This is a relatively young airline that has a constant and stable development, and the modernization of the fleet held constant.

In 2005 the airline in its possession had only one aircraft, and the main focus was on the performance of aviation operations. Between the years of 2006 2007 observed active stage of development and updating of the fleet. Also increased the number of staff the company is required to perform a large number of works. By the end of the year 2007 5 aircraft fleet consisted of, among whom were two aircraft type SAAB SF 340A, two aircraft of type DA-42 and one unit of An-24. In 2008 was decommissioned aircraft An-24, but instead came another flight 4 liner DA-42 and SAAB.

Independent airline flights on the routes "MRC" began performing only 2008 years. Aircraft companies interconnected Kiev, Simferopol and Uzhgorod. It should be noted that in 2008 ode signed cooperation with such airlines as "Donbassaero" and "Aerosvit", it is possible to expand the geography of the domestic routes, and since 2009 - and external.

In parallel with the flight aircraft company provides services in the national economy for monitoring pipelines. For the transport for commercial purposes with 2012 year started using the helicopter model Mi-8.

In late April 2010 the company received a certificate for retraining and qualification level of the pilots on the aircraft DA-42 and SAAB. It is possible to organize its own training center.

By obtaining certificates of the company "Mars RK" provides the following services:

  • Almost all types of passenger traffic on its airplanes.
  • When using aircrafts possible research and environmental monitoring.
  • Full maintenance devices such as DA-42 and SAAB SF.
  • Provides training and raising the qualification level of the pilots.

Main data on Mars Mars RK:

  • Country airline - Ukraine

  • Regional Charter flights Ukraine

  • Year of Appearance: 1996

  • IATA airline code: 6V

  • ICAO airline code: MRW

Mars RK (Mars RK). Official site:

RK Mars (Mars RK). Official site.

Contact details:

  • City telephone number: + 380442462616

  • The mailing address of the airline: ul. Volynskaya, 66-A, Kiev, Ukraine, 03186

  • Airline Fax: + 380445284028

  • E-mail Airlines:

  • Base airport airports are: Kiev Borispol

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: Saab340.

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