Meridian Airlines
Meridian Airlines

Airline Meridian. Official site.


Russian airline "Meridian" has appeared in 1992 year, and today it is one of the largest airlines of the Russian Federation. "Meridian" The airline specializes primarily on charter flights and VIP-air service, and is one of the first in Russia who provided services of this kind.


history of the company

2010 - the agreement between the Russian Federation and Switzerland on personnel certification for flights on Gulfstream aircraft was adopted.

In January 2011 year was put into operation the aircraft Gulfstream 450.

Late September 2011 years - received an indefinite civil aviation operator certificate.

April-July 2012 years - providing in the first half of the zero coefficient level of risk and receipt of the first group of the reliability of financial activity.

End of August 2012 year - the commissioning of aircraft grade Tu-134, the modifications A and B-3-3.

Vnukovo-3 considered the base airport of "Meridian".

Meridian Airline is the holder of an operator certificate with an indefinite period of validity, a license for commercial passenger flights and a certificate of operator for general aviation. The company also has all permits for flights at any time of the day in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Baltic States, North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Africa, Central, Middle and South-East Asia, as well as in Indochina and the Middle East. East. 

The air fleet of the airline complies with the maintenance requirements for civil aviation of the Russian Federation and Switzerland. All aircraft have a cabin version and are equipped with warning systems to avoid collisions in the air, a warning system for approaching the earth's surface and are approved for flights in the area navigation system.   

The basic principles of the company:

• Maximum flight safety according to ICAO.
• Provision of services at the highest level.

For the implementation of its principles the company has developed a series of regulations and guidelines, according to which the production takes flight, monitoring the technical state of the art and the work of the security during the flights.

The company's management in accordance with international standards.

Park "Meridian" airline air vehicles is quite well developed. As of July 2014 years 44 here is an airplane:

The routing network of airline "Meridian" is quite extensive and covers all regions of the Russian Federation, the countries of Asia, Australia, CIS, South America, etc.

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • It is engaged in charter flights on business jets.

  • Year of occurrence: 1992;

  • ICAO airline code: MMM;

  • Internal airline code: MP;


Airline Meridian. Official site.

Airline Meridian (Meridian). Official site.


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Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for a flight attendant job. Great desire to work. I will be very grateful for the opportunity to study and become part of the airline.
Name: Karnuta Diana Aleksandrovna
Year of birth: 30.01.1999
Height: 180
Weight: 55
Russian citizenship
Dress size: 44
Without bad habits and tattoos.
Marital status: single, no children.
Place of residence: Rostov-on-Don
Education: RSMT (Secondary Special).
Knowledge of languages: English (basic level).
Key skills:
Conflict Resolution
Politeness, attentiveness
Public performance
Organizational skills
Grammatically correct speech
Creative thinking
Mobile phone: 89085146210
Email Address: [email protected]

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For minor flight from city to city is pretty good company, though no different expressive. Power, however, insignificant, but as for me it nonprincipal.

Planes new, very beautiful. Monitors for the convenience of passengers are built right into the seat. The only inconvenience for me was the fact that all movies that are in stock, broadcast in a foreign language, and I do not know any, but in order to connect to cable television, you need to pay extra money card.

Flight delay was announced only after all the passengers in the cabin settled in their seats. Information Service at the airport said that those who do not want to fly on this flight, and may refuse to hand over the tickets at the same time with them will be deducted a certain percentage. Boorish and not adequate attitude to the company in general is poor.

Book tickets for the flight in advance, at the same time, the flight was canceled as a result and we had to fly is essential. We enlisted the help of some representative did not even bother to give us proper compensation for unworthy such a large company like Meridian behavior.

From June to 24 1 July flight from Moscow to Naples. Before the letter arrived the day of departure with the notification of the cancellation. I called the call center, she offered me a refund and a few options to choose from. As a result, I decided to change flights at a convenient date (not bought them right away, as they were much more expensive). In this case, the cost remains the same.

It's unpleasant, of course, would ruin their plans, but for the warning and prompt thank you very much!

I have already used Meridian Airlines several times. The staff really liked it. All are sociable, smiling, always attentive. Flight attendants once worn dinners and drinks such as teas, coffee and refreshments. The flight attendants also provided blankets, newspapers and magazines. Takeoff and landing went well. I liked everything very much.

I liked the company very much. I flew with the Meridian airline for the first time, the emotions were only positive. In general, I do not like to fly on airplanes, but in this airline it is somehow calm, takeoff and landing were without delays, the flight attendants are very kind, the plane is clean, the seats are new, there are no bad smells, the tickets are not very expensive, so I will continue to fly with the airline "Meridian".


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