Airline Monarch Airlines
Airline Monarch Airlines

Airline Monarch Airlines (Monarch Airlines). Official site.


Basic data of Monarch Airlines:

  • Country Airlines: United Kingdom.
  • Budget and charter air flights UK.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1968.
  • IATA airline code: ZB.
  • ICAO airline code: MON.


Monarch Airlines (Monarch Airlines). Official site:

Monarch Airlines (Monarch Airlines). Official site.

Airline Monarch Airlines (Monarch Airlines). Official sayt.2



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Even when compared with our Aeroflot, it is clearly inferior, oddly enough given that this company has world-class. Service, so-so, salon also not impressed. After the chair, the back is a long time to hurt so that "positive experiences is not enough for one day!

I liked that the staff is trying to entertain people during a long flight, after all agree pretty hard all day to look at the screen.

I heard a lot of good information about the company Monarch Airlines, and although I can not say I completely disappointed, but the impression made on the basis of stories has suffered greatly. Nothing upscale me during the flight and did not see. Just like everyone, if desired by the majority of companies of the same level, you can even get zheshevle.

I liked the company. Even distribution of the menu, all the names of the dishes are presented in several languages, including Russian. Maybe that's why I ordered even more than could eat at one time. Girls working on board an unusually polite. They are, unfortunately, Russian poorly understood, but more or less explain, we were able to. On the landing is quite noticeably shaken, however, this could not spoil a lot of positive impressions.

Several times already enjoyed Monarch Airlines services. A few days ago I was sent on a business trip. Since the trip was the service, the price is not particularly compared. But in another, I am absolutely happy! The friendly staff on board and at the front, the problems with the time of departure was not, baggage, too, was in perfect order. Distribution of beverages and breakfast, I slept, but when later asked to drink, they brought me a drink. In general, the flight went nicely. Seats are very comfortable and the place enough.


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