Motor Sich Airlines
Motor Sich Airlines

Motor Sich Airlines (Motor Sich Airlines) .Ofitsialny site.

The airline "Motor Sich" is the Ukrainian airline, which is located in the city of Zaporozhye. This company acts as a division of the company "Motor Sich". Flights carried out using aircraft 9 both freight and passenger type. Regular transportation of passengers carried out on devices such as the AN-140, Yak-40 and An-24. As for freight transport, they provide the An-74TK and An-12.

The airline "Motor Sich" has its own technical and flight base. The company owns the technical facilities, parking, security and aviation laboratory which carries out decoding of the black boxes of the aircraft. Aircraft companies are based on the Zaporozhye airport of international importance.

History of formation and development of the airline "Motor Sich"

The company was founded in 1983 year by order of the Ministry of the USSR and the aviation industry. In the same year the company received its first Yak-40. He was the first flight carried out as part of 24.10.1984 years, performing flight from Zaporozhye to Moscow and back. This flight took place with a crew consisting of three persons, whose commander was Katz VL.

After some time the fleet of the company increased significantly to 16 machines, including such devices as the An-26, An-12, An-74-40 and Yak, and the company has received helicopters Mi and Mi-17-8. The composition of employees increased to 230 people.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this division was reorganized, and the airline itself on the territory of Ukraine was registered only 1995 years. It should be noted that in 2009, the EU banned the flights of the company in Europe, but soon the ban was lifted.

The airline "Motor Sich" has offices in Kiev, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Moscow. In 2007, the staff of the company consisted of 197 employees. The company owns the certificate ISO, which suggests that the airline complies with all established international standards.

Its fleet "Motor Sich"

The present state of the airline "Motor Sich" can be judged by the number of aircraft, of which there are 9 pieces, in addition, the company owns 12 helicopters. Among the aircraft the company has such models: AN-12, An-24, An-14, An-74 and Yak-40. As for the helicopters, they represented machines Mi and Mi-2-8 and their modifications.

Basic data of Motor Sich Airlines:

  • Airline country - Ukraine

  • Charter and scheduled airline and with Zaporozhye

  • IATA airline code: M9

  • ICAO airline code: MSI

  • Internal airline code: М9


Motor Sich (Motor Sich Airlines). Official site:

Motor Sich (Moto Sich Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +380612654032

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Kopenkina, 98, Zaporozhye, 69068, Ukraine

  • Airline Fax: +380617205009

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected]

  • Russian office phone: +74954115155

  • Fax of the representative office in Russia: +74954363828

  • Base airport airports are: Kiev flights, Zaporozhye

  • Domestic flights: Kiev, Zaporozhye

  • Flights to CIS countries: Moscow

  • International flights: Istanbul, Ankara

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: AntonovAn140, AntonovAn24, AntonovAn74, YakovlevYak40.


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