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Norwegian Air Shuttle (known as Norwegian) is a low-cost Norwegian aviation company headquartered in Forneby, a suburb of Oslo. The company is the second largest (after SAS) aviation company in Scandinavia, and the third largest low-cost aviation company in Europe in terms of volume and fleet size (after EasyJet and Ryanair).

Norwegian's route network includes a route 331 120 destinations in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. And employs approximately 2500 employees (of which ~ 70 pilots in Finland).

At the same time, it is the main company of the Norwegian Group and owns 100 percent of the shares of subsidiaries Norwegian Air Shuttle Sweden AB ( and Norwegian Air Shuttle Polska Sp. z oo. In addition, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA owns the entire telephone company Call Norwegian AS, the management companies NAS Asset Management Norway AS and NAS Asset Management, and 20% of the Norwegian Finans Holding ASA (including Bank Norwegian AS).

Norwegian in 2015 year in Finland was replaced by a service provider of ground handling companies c Aviator Finland at Airpro, which is a subsidiary of state Finavia.


Norwegian's fleet as of July 2014 consists of 95 aircraft - 9 Boeing 737-300, 79 Boeing 737-800, and 7 Boeing 787-8. Another 229 aircraft were ordered, including 7 Boeing 787 Dreamliners for the opening of long-haul routes to Bangkok and New York from May 2013.


The aviation company has used several types of aircraft throughout its history, some of which were subsequently decommissioned due to the company's expansion and the change in its strategic plans. The company with 1993 for 2002 operated only with Fokker F-50 turboprops, mainly on regional routes of short duration. The company after going on the main lines on the planes Boeing 737 stopped flights to F-50 at the end of 2003, and sold the last three turboprops at the beginning of 2004. At the beginning of this period, in the fleet a single Boeing 737-500 is present for a short time as an interim solution in anticipation of the supply of Boeing 737-300. After the acquisition of the low-cost Swedish carrier FlyNordic in 2007, the Norwegian aviation company inherited eight aircraft of the MD-80 family. The last of them was withdrawn from the fleet two years later.

Basic data airline Norwegian Air:

  • Country Airlines Sweden.

  • Low cost air lines Sweden, formerly known as FlyNordic.

  • Year of occurrence airlines: 2000.

  • IATA airline code: LF.

  • ICAO airline code: NDC.


Norwegian (Norwegian Air). Official site: ( Official site.


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Stockholm Arlanda.

  • The mailing address of airlines: Box242, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 19047Stockholm, Sweden.

  • City Airline Phone: + 46770457700.

  • Airlines Fax: + 46858554499.

  • Domestic flights airlines: Kiruna, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lulea Ostersund Umea.

  • International Flights Airlines Lyon, Copenhagen, Turin, Oslo.

  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  McDonnellDouglasMD-80, Saab340.




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volevo sapere se si può portare una borsa da mare come accessorio in aereo oltre che il bagaglio a mano. grazie

No, I do not recommend to make flights of the airline in the holiday season, the entire international flight clogged by people close, you can not even breathe properly so as not to catch with the neighbor.

Like that the performance of the company debugged detail. The representative helped resolve the trouble with baggage, for which I am very grateful to him. With it, I spent much less time on paperwork and even managed to land. Thanks you very much.

Planes comfortable, Stuart very courteous, smiling the entire flight. On the way back to the reception area to meet a girl, a spokesman for the company, which held all the approaches.

Despite the fact that the flight was detained for hours 4 because of some minor damage to the plane. Those of at least aircraft personnel greeted us warmly enough. Food is the most common, nor any innovations I have not noticed, like broken chairs on which many read in reviews. Everything is comfortable enough.

I express great gratitude to this airline, as well as representatives of the Spanish airline Iberia (Gran Canaria, Las Palmas airport). On the route Gran Canaria-London-Helsing, the following story happened to me. Tickets were only direct in one direction: Helsinki-Gran Canaria and back via Gatwick (I bought them back in early October). I only later read that a transit visa was introduced in London, but on December 1 I was in Las Palmas. However, when arriving in London, there was no passport control. I went without any problems to the hall for transit passengers and waited for the flight. As it turned out 12 on December, the airline had crashes with the computer and most of the flights were sent with a huge delay. However, if the other flights information was, then about mine there. All the passengers who were waiting for this flight were standing next to Desk Airlines. But when more than two hours of delay had passed, all were taken to the city. And at that moment I was detained, since I did not have a transit visa. First they were kept in a "paddock" next to the booths, where the passport was checked, they took away the ticket, boarding passes, a passport; Asked where and how I bought this air ticket and whether the insidious plan to stay in England ripened in my head. In general, they held me for two hours, then I went to the local bullpen because of violation of the visa regime. There I lay / stayed night and day. An officer came to see me, showed me some papers, asked questions, but I almost do not remember this, because I was in a semi-faint state. In the morning I was summoned from the cell and sent for a flight (I thought that they would send me back to Helsinki). Accompanied by two officers: one carried things, another boarding pass and passport. It turned out the flight of London-Gran Canaria. I began to resist, but they said that they had no right to send me to Helsinki. They understood that my fault in this is not, but if I did not want to fly, I would be sent back to the bullpen, and the consequences would be much more serious. The woman officer repeated that during the arrival I contacted the Norwegian staff. It's strange that I was given all boarding passes, but among them there was not a London-Helsinki ticket. But with me I have a printout of tickets, where you can see how I should fly. In Las Palmas, I went to the counter of the company Iberia. She was associated with Norwegian. They looked at me with round eyes and could not at all understand how this could happen. Apparently, they also did not know about transit visas and did not understand why I was detained in the transit hall with a Schengen visa! I showed them the documents and boarding passes, which seemed even more strange to them - why they did not return the ticket "London-Helsinki". We contacted the airline, understood, were perplexed. As a result, I received a change from Norwegian and Iberia and I was given an air ticket for the desired flight and was taken directly to the hotel, which was on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with the number on the ocean, as the flight was late the next evening. I'm very grateful to them!


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