The airline "Orenburg airlines".
The airline "Orenburg airlines".

Orenburg Airlines. Official site.


Orenburg Airlines is a Russian airline based in Orenburg and Moscow. The company is engaged in regular passenger and cargo air transportation. In addition, the company's aircraft are engaged in servicing their own and transit aircraft, patrolling gas and oil pipelines, providing emergency medical assistance, and participating in search and rescue operations in the territory of Orenburg and Orsk. In the air fleet of this company there are two aircraft models, which make regular and charter flights to 5 countries of the world.

Like many modern airlines, Orenburg Airlines provides a number of modern services: online booking, online scoreboard, web check-in. Using the Internet, you can also order a charter flight on one of the company's liners, place a special order for the delivery of cargo to a specific point in the world, send special correspondence on one of the regular flights of Orenburg Airlines, at the check-in stage you can choose a seat in the airplane.

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You will be offered to take out voluntary accident insurance. Together with your booking, you can order and pay for an Aeroexpress ticket.

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The price of tickets for airline flights varies depending on which category of passengers you belong to. When transporting children and youth, for example, there is a system of discounts. The flight of children of a certain age on the company's planes can be carried out even without an adult escort.

For pensioners who have retired due to seniority, a certain system of tariffs also applies when providing a pension certificate. Older passengers do not need to present such a certificate. A group of people (from 6 people) traveling together on the same route is served at a group fare. The transfer passengers are serviced by special staff.



The airline "Orenburg airlines" is gaining in popularity among passengers in the first appearance of the new route in routing, cost of tickets, which is slightly lower than that of other Russian flights shedule. Currently, the airline intends to expand its fleet, in particular through the acquisition of new aircraft, allowing to carry more passengers in the best possible conditions, to thereby increase the number of its flights, and create new ones in routing.

In 2014 year, the airline "Orenburg airlines" means to achieve a significant increase in its passenger traffic, and this fact has been quite clearly visible in the first half of the year, because from month to month, airlines constantly was recorded growth, that in the near future will inevitably lead to expansion scope of the airline.

Among other things, the policy of the airline "Orenburg airlines" aims to offer its passengers special rates for air travel, and the batch action will certainly attract more and more new customers.

"Orenburg airlines" in cooperation with the German railways offer a unique service - a combined air and rail transportation.

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Passengers are served by the company or economy class or business class.

Passengers who have opted for the services of this airline, may become parties to Respect program and receive bonuses and discounts for each flight.

You can order tickets for the company's flights either on the Internet, or at the airport’s ticket offices, or at travel agencies. 


Basic data:

  • Year of occurrence: 1992;

  • IATA airline code: R2;

  • ICAO airline code: ORB;

  • Domestic airline code: R2;


Orenburg Airlines. Official site.

The airline "Orenburg airlines". Official site.

Contact details:

  • 460049, Orenburg region, Orenburg district Airport

  • tel .: + 7 (3532) 67-65-80 (reception)

  • fax: + 7 (3532) 54-13-14

  • e-mail: [email protected]

  • time difference with Moscow: + 2 hours

  • Flight information, information on the rules of transportation of passengers and baggage, reference information 8-800-700-00-56

  • Questions about issuing electronic tickets on the airline's website, booking tickets +7 (3532) 67-65-07

  • Delayed luggage  [email protected]

  • Registration and shipment +7 (3532) 67-67-39

  • Order a charter flight +7 (3532) 67-66-67

  • Appeal to the press service +7 (3532) 54-13-33

  • Thanks and complaints  [email protected] 07: 00 - 16: 00 (MSK)

Uniforms stewardess: Orenair (Orenburg Airlines). Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: Orenair (Orenburg Airlines). Russia.



Airlines of the World and Russian ...

Are not you afraid to fly ??? Only Oreneyr more than a hundred operatorov- pereuchek ..... former stewards ....

I can not say that this airline delays uncommon, however, the passengers immediately provide all conditions for comfortable waiting, even if it drags on for quite a long period.

Flight delays were more than 7 hours, after which we made up for his little bag of juice! It is ridiculous to God, it is better to give nothing than that!

I commit a lot of overshooting in Russia with this airline and I can safely say that for the money they are one of the best. If more luggage is not lost, the prices they would not!

The plane is made with the latest technology. It is a pleasure to fly with this company. My daughter left, very happy journey. Before that we traveled only by train, so she did not even realize. What we have to get to her grandmother, and was very surprised having seen her at the airport. Children delight the most sincere. Well done.

An hour with my wife can not check in online, at a ticket availability and the conditions of the web-registration ... has regretted that took flight from the airline is

On New Year Orenair flew in the direction of Moscow-Simferopol (in both directions). First time caught Boeing 777. Almost two hours of delay at departure from Moscow. I do not have time to process the plane antiobledinitelem. Takeoff and landing are imperceptible. Flying is also excellent. On the flight monitors display images (broadcast from the camera). The whole year we flew with the child. From the staff to the presence of children neither cold nor hot. Service on the four-minus. But in general, I like the company. In the future, I will fly!

Recently I decided to use the Orenburg Airlines. The staff are great, friendly and the service is top notch. The flight attendants are smiling, friendly and sociable. The flight was quiet and calm. I liked everything, I am happy with everything. They offered tea, coffee, lunches, blankets and newspapers. Everything was just super. Thanks to all the crew of the Orenburg Airlines.

Good evening. Flew flight Saint Petersburg - Chania. Boeing flew samoletom- 737-800. The plane was very cozy and clean. No foreign smells, toilet also clean. We flew safely, without any interference and delays. Very tasty food if requested addition of water or juice, we do not deny, so many people have asked de rug and it all went. There were very soft takeoff and landing. All liked it.


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