Orenburg Airlines
Orenburg Airlines

Airline Orenburg. Official site.


The Russian regional airline "Orenburzhye" carries out passenger transportation on the territory of the Volga region and the South Urals. Among other things, the airline also carries out cargo transportation within the specified region.



On the last day of August 2010, was received a certificate giving the right to perform aerial work. In late autumn of the same year the company obtained the right to carry out commercial transportation.

In 2013 year for the implementation of regional transport were taken on lease three aircraft L410. Aircraft produced straight from the salon. Airline "Orenburg" started to carry out flights in the Southern Urals and the Volga region. Due to good passenger was taken to lease another aircraft 2 Czech L410 production. The airline obtained permission for international flights.

Since October 2013 years "Orenburg" has the status of a foreign carrier in Kazakhstan and in an international flight from Orenburg to Aktyubinsk.

Air park


• An-2 - 12 units;

• Let l410 - 7 units;

• Superjet 100 - 8 units ordered.

The average age of aircraft amounted to 19,9 years.


• Mi-2 - 6 units;

• Mi-8 - 3 units.

The average age of the helicopter fleet of 28 years.

Air travel is mainly carried out on Czech-made aircraft of the type L-410, which provide the most convenient flights for a small number of passengers. The airline itself was founded on the basis of Orenburg Airport as a local airline, however, despite the high popularity of regional flights, the airline’s expansion outside the region is not planned in the near future. 

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional airlines in the Southern Urals and the Volga region.

  • Internal airline code: UE;


Airline Orenburg. Official site: No site

Orenburg Airlines


Contact details:

  • Mailing address of the airline: Airport, Orenburg district, Orenburg region, Russia, 460049,

  • City Airline Phone: + 73532676660;

  • Airline fax: +73532676670;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • Base airport airport  Orenburg.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Let L-410.


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Hello, somebody was flying from Arkhangelsk to Naryan-Mar from the airline ?? and how to transport a cat? How much to pay extra?

What do you think, whether pregnant to fly on this plane? Or is it better not to risk it?


Hello, please tell me whether, in your hand luggage to take studs invisible hair dryer and hair iron?

lund for the head can also be

Full shit, not the airline. The second time I fly from Kazan to Samara and second time sitting in an airport for 5-6 hours. Generally I do not recommend. Bus exactly faster, I was convinced. In Kazan on the board of the airline changed the departure time to the last, and only half an hour tolerate another couple of hours. It sucks real. No apologies.

Good afternoon! Due to the delay of flight UE 86 25.11.2015 from Ekaterinburg - Orenburg (on meteorological conditions - fog at the airport of Orenburg), please send a color scan copy to my address (E- mail:[email protected]) A certificate of a flight delay, to provide the accounting department!
Sincerely, Dmitry Y. Shelekhov

Who knows, the flight Orsk, Orenburg, suitcases Oren quickly give or not. Just looked up the schedule, the aircraft comes to Oren in 8: 00, followed me to sit on a plane to St. Petersburg, in 9: 10 departure. So I have time or it is better to go by car to Oren? Thank you in advance.

I can not agree with most people who have written reviews here the company is not bad, but the service is puny in business class still nothing, but in the third, and the enemy would not wish to fly, transported like cattle in a cramped and stuffy atmosphere!

If someone is not happy with the service in the third grade pay good money and fly first. Do not demand to itself the same attitude, the people behind it are paying extra money and should get it first.

I was sitting in the wing and saw the window as shaking the wings, as if on hinges - the fear of landing suffered enough and do not pass. The plane just fell from the sky, I do not know why it happened, but I have managed on their faults even chipped a tooth itself. Unpleasant, even say nothing more.

Wings on all types of aircraft can shake, this is normal.

Don't write nonsense if you don't understand anything. If "the plane fell from the sky." You would break your neck

Whenever possible, try to reduce the flights of the airline, they can at least then take on the mind, and finally hold cleaning series, hiring a normal, polite staff.

Pricing and marketing is not clear. Summer and Chelyabinsk for 4,5 thousand. Rubles. On the plane were five passengers. Back of 12,5 thousand. Rubles, despite the fact that the plane was nine. At the same time we were told that the plane was full and you can not get tickets at cheaper prices. At the same time, this situation is repeated with high regularity. Therefore, it will be much cheaper to travel by train.

I really liked the Orenburzhye airline. Cleanliness on board. The chairs are comfortable. All staff are good-natured, smiling and sociable. Takeoff and landing were just great, quiet. Various drinks were offered on board such as tea, coffee and cold drinks, lunches (2 types of hot dishes), blankets and various magazines. The flight attendants found a common language for each passenger and paid attention. I liked everything very much. I will use the Orenburzhye airline many times.

Lina, and on turboprop aircraft can take off and land softly? assuming that a common language and attention of the staff expressed only their smiling))

A couple of months ago, the airline flew the southern Urals. I had never heard of such an airline, until a friend said, and using the services of this airline was impressed. I liked everything, took off and sat down quickly, almost like a taxi, only with wings. All very much in the cabin clean and comfortable.