Airline Pegasus Airlines
Airline Pegasus Airlines

Airline Pegasus Airlines (Pegasus Airlines). Official site.


Pegasus Airlines (tour. Pegasus Hava Taşımacılığı A.Ş.) is a low-cost Turkish aviation company, based in the Halkali region (Kucukcekmece, Istanbul). It carries out charter and regular passenger air services in Turkey and Europe. The main base is Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. Previously, she was a charter partner for the Irish aviation company Aer Lingus.



Two companies (Silkar and Net) 1 1989 December year began a partnership with Aer Lingus for named Pegasus Airlines to create a tourist and charter aviation company. The flights began in April 15 1990, the two airplanes Boeing 737-400. But that summer, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and seven-month occupation of Kuwait severely hit by the tourism industry of Turkey.

Tourists to 1992 year began to return to the country and Pegasus began to increase with the commissioning of the third Boeing 737-400. Aviation company later took two Airbus A320 aircraft leasing to work in peak summer.

Net and Aer Lingus and, after two successful years, sold their shares in the Istanbul 1994 year bank Yapi Kreditbank; Pegasus thus became a purely Turkish company.

Airline Pegasus Airlines (Pegasus Airlines). Official sayt.2

The Pegasus 4 September 1997 year placed an order for one Boeing 737-800 and one Boeing 737-400, thus becoming the first Turkish carrier, which ordered Boeing 737 Next Generation. Aviation Company has also entered into lease agreements for ten aircraft Boeing 737-800 now International Lease Finance Corporation.

ESAS Holdings in January 2005 year bought Pegasus Airlines and appointed its Chairman Ali Sabanci. Two months later, he redeveloped the charter aviation company from the budget. Pegasus in November 2005 years 12 placed an order for new Boeing 737-800.

Pegasus in 2007 year became the largest non-government Turkish carrier by number of passengers. She was transported 2008 4,4 million passengers.

The aviation company was acquired 2012 49% shares of Air Manas Kyrgyz aviation company.

Activities in Russia

Aviation Company performs regular flights to Omsk, Moscow (airport "Domodedovo"), Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Sochi; charter - in Novosibirsk.



The average age of Pegasus Airlines fleet on July 16 2014 years 4.5 of the year


The passenger compartment

Pegasus Airlines applies odnoklassovuyu layout on all planes. Hot meals are served for a fee.


Service & Training

The Pegasus, unlike the majority of budget airline companies, has its own Training center for pilots and service company «Pegasus Technic». Both centers are licensed for podgotovki of flight and ground crews.


The code-share agreement

  • Azerbaijan Airlines
  • Air Berlin
  • KLM (SkyTeam)
  • IZair 

Basic data of Pegasus Airlines:

  • Country Airlines: Turkey.
  • Charter air flights between the resorts of Turkey and Europe.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1990.
  • IATA airline code: PC.
  • ICAO airline code: PGT.


Pegasus Airlines (Pegasus Airlines). Official site:

Pegasus Airlines (Pegasus Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Istanbul Sabiha Goktsen, Antalya.
  • Mailing Address airlines: BasinExpressYoluNo2, Halkali34303, Istanbul, 34800, Turkey.
  • City Airline Phone: + 902126977777.
  • Airlines Fax: + 902126932444.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • City Phone Russian representation of airlines: + 78612773445.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  Boeing737-400, Boeing737-800.


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When will the money for canceled flights be refunded? Why aren't you answering calls?

Hello, in connection with the coronovirus, we want to cancel the flight Istanbul-Kayseri, Kayseri-Antalya, is there a refund?

MasterCard was paid to change flight from Trabzon to Dammam
It has not changed
Withdraw the MasterCard balance twice
The price 98.90 two time on 4/10/2019 & one time in 5/10/2019 taking without changed the a ticket
i want my money back 296.70 SR

Last credit card numbers: 5614

Hello. I lost my phone in Istanbul. One person found my phone and is ready to hand it to me. My question is: is it possible to transfer the phone by your pilot or by a flight attendant in Zaporozhye. I really hope for your help. thank

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فقدت شنطتي عندكم ولا حد يرد علي سويت بلاغ ولي شهرين محد راضي يتصل فيني ولا تبغون تعوضون ايش الحركات هاذي
اتمنى من المسولين التواصل معي

Phone in Moscow of your representative office?

Welcome (Merhaba)! Is it possible to buy an extra ticket to the existing two tickets? We would like to send his wife a daughter with my parents in Turkey. Ticket to coincide with their two dates and time of departure from Moscow (Domodedovo).

Please help find the booking of air tickets by name and passport data. flight Krasnodar - Antalya 1.06.2017. Antalya- Krasnodar 8.06.2017 on Kozhushkina Olga Anatolevna name. Unfortunately, the e-ticket has not been preserved for technical reasons. flight number, reservation number is not known.

RS-4751 1.03.2017 flights canceled. How and when will fly to Istanbul because I fly with a transfer to Zurich?

اريد عنوان ورقم هاتف الشركه في برلين

I'm in Northern Cyprus, the date of the return flight can I 7 September fly earlier in connection with the disease

Dear colleagues, please specify to return
the seats were removed for 12chasov before departure, explain how much I have to return?
and any fees returned to TR. RI YQ?
number of ticket:
Write out 23AVG16 OF SB-1H GRD-MoU PNR: 1H FDZ9KX, PC AJXD5L
AGN-01ONG GRD-ONG OP-35-92155346 PUL- PPR


=== 6246114019596 ===
1 PC-776 X 24AVG16 2355 PBC CPA OK XOW12M1 24AVG16 24AVG16 20KG O

TIME / shut yourself: NDSA / C0.00 NDSZZ28.22 / NONEND / PC ONLY
TARIFF: B / 165.00DOL E / 10645RUB
CHARGES: ZZ185 TR1080 RI929 YQ1484
TOTAL: 14323 rub
PAYMENT: rub on


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Hello I can not exchange tickets on the site at a later date. How to make. Missions Phones are silent, my body 89183106629

I worked as a flight attendant in Russia. Currently I am living in Turkey. Is it possible to give me flight attendant for you in the A / C in Turkey?

Unfortunately this is not possible

Good afternoon. You can fly a pregnant woman on 30 weeks of pregnancy with one baby? My contact 89171086245

Good afternoon, 20.07 umenja flight from Moscow to Osh Do not know what time registration begins. Call please on this nome 89266552229

Pegasus for me really was the winged horse, which will quickly get to anywhere in the world at the same time without causing inconvenience to passengers slightest. This was the main reason forcing me over the years to use their services.

Flown for all time 4 aircraft of the airline. Movement speed is impressive. Maybe I was lucky, but the flight made absolutely no delays. Colleagues also slowly began to be overtightened here so as better to pay once and be completely sure that the flight does not frustrate, rather than wait for the weather to the sea from other companies, which may delay the flight for more than a day, and then to cancel it.

Even a month before departure must be paid one-fifth the cost of a ticket when you return. As for me it is quite a lot of money, because for such a period is likely. What international flight still buy a ticket.

Meals on the plane just super-duper, other and no words. It feels like I have not got on board, and a good restaurant. So, if you are like I value the most comfortable travel, be sure to drive through the Pegasus, I think, after this, other companies, you will not use.

I took advantage of the services of the airline during the flight to Istanbul. In general, the impression is positive. Yes, on board do not feed at all, only for a fee, but if you know about it in advance, I think, no problems. Flights to both sides were detained, but for me it's not a tragedy, especially given the bad weather at Domodedovo. On the way to Istanbul chairs were very comfortable and plenty of space in the cabin. The crew did not shine special smiles and kindness, but, personally, I do not need this.
At the airport, free registration, and 20 kg of luggage is included. In short, the airline Pegasus is quite adequate, and it can fly.


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