Airline Pinnacle Airlines
Airline Pinnacle Airlines

Pinnacle Airlines (Pinnacle Airlines). Official site.


Aviation Company of the United States with headquarters in Memphis (Tennessee), United States.

Endeavor Air operates under two brands (brands) Delta Connection, and Northwest Airlink mainline aircraft on Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines, respectively.

Aviation Company uses as its main hub airports in Memphis International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport International Airport Minneapolis / St Paul.



Express Airlines I was established in February 1985 to provide passenger air communication between small towns and large hub airports of the country. The airline signed the first partnership agreement in May 1985 with Republic Airlines, which was the main operator at the International Airport of Memphis and attracted small regional carriers for operation on local aviation lines, mainly for the release of their own Douglas DC-9 jet aircraft for use on Routes of greater length and congestion on passenger traffic.

In May 1985 year Express Airlines I provide air communication with the three cities of Memphis, flights performed by aircraft Handley Page Jetstream, and over the next five months, the company's route network increased to ten cities that are served by nine aircraft Handley Page Jetstream and two Saab 340.

Pinnacle Airlines

On December 15, 1985, a second code-share was signed between the aviation companies for operating activities in another hub - Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport. To celebrate its first anniversary, Express Airlines I flew 20 Handley Page Jetstreams and seven Saab 340s on routes to 32 cities across the country. In the spring of 1986, the main airline Northwest Airlines announced its intention to buy Republic Airlines, which was implemented on October 1, 1986 after passing the regulatory procedures for approving the deal and ratifying the merger of carriers by the shareholders of both airlines.

Express Airlines I during the first ten years to build its network, which covers the cities 56 in the Middle West and the US in the south-eastern part of the country. 1 April 1997, a private aviation company Express Airlines I was bought by Northwest Airlines, becoming fully its subsidiary. Absorption aircraft carrier resulted in a structural change of the route network with an offset center of gravity transportation hub in Memphis and transfer back in August 1997 years the headquarters of aviation companies.

Express Airlines I 7 May 1999 year announced a mass transition to the company's fleet of air jets Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ), which operated at that time in Northwest Airlines. It was about 42 aircraft CRJ, whose delivery Express Airlines I began in April 2000, the first regular flight was performed on June 1 2000 years from Greensville County-Spartanburg (South Carolina).

Aviation company has deployed three of its service life for aircraft Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet: Maintenance (after-sales service), Repair (repair), and Overhaul (overhaul). The first unit is permanently based in Knoxville (TN), and can serve up to four planes in enclosed hangars. Base in Knoxville plan to upgrade to the level of all service maintenance procedures CRJ (repair, maintenance, repair). Other units for overhaul and repair CRJ are currently in Fort Wayne and South Bend, Indiana.

Aviation Company 8 May 2002 year changed its name to Pinnacle Airlines. Radio call carrier was call «FLAGSHIP», used to 1985 years since the call «PINNACLE» has been designated for a different charter company from Arkansas. Pinnacle Airlines in November 2003 has passed corporatisation process, placing its shares on the NASDAQ and get your own code in the listing of shares PNCL. Aviation company at this time was working in cities 124 US under the brand name Northwest Airlink.

Pinnacle Airlines 18 2007 year in January announced the acquisition of aviation company Colgan Air, which will retain after the merger unchanged its network. Buying Colgan Air has cost almost 20 million dollars and had a strategic objective to obtain access to a partnership agreement with Colgan Air trunk aviation company US Airways, Continental Airlines, United Airlines.

On March 2007 years as the company employed 3436 employees.

Pinnacle Airlines 4 2008 January, the aircraft became an independent company by buying its own preferred shares of Class A at Northwest Airlines. The acquisition of shares took place before the acquisition of Northwest Airlines air company Delta Air Lines ..

Fleet Pinnacle Airlines is currently in the process of repainting the aircraft CRJ-200 livery of the brand in the Northwest Airlink brand livery Delta Connection, the whole procedure takes about rebranding aircraft 16 months.



Pinnacle Airlines and Northwest Airlines 21 2006 December, signed a new partnership agreement, in accordance with which the fleet of 124 jets Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet runs until the summer of 2017 years in the regional areas of NWA. The contract sees the reconfiguration of passenger cabins CRJ-200 76-in and layout of the local seats.

The contract also states that if the management of the Association of airline pilots and Pinnacle Airlines for 31 March 2007 can not come with pilots to a new collective agreement, Northwest Airlines reserves the right to exclude from the contract up to 17 CRJ-200 aircraft between aviation companies. Since the deadline was issued and no new contract was entered into, NWA exercised its own right to remove 17 CRJ-200 aircraft from the contract, reducing the number of operating fleets each month by two aircraft. All 17 units of CRJ-200 in the final result were withdrawn from the fleet of Pinnacle Airlines and transferred to the operational management of the airline company Mesaba Airlines in 2008.

The management of Northwest Airlines under the same agreement allowed Pinnacle Airlines to work with other carriers, and the new subsidiary airline Colgan Air in January 2008 started regular flights from Newark Liberty International Airport under the Continental Connection brand of the mainland aviation company Continental Airlines. Colgan Air, operating under the brand Continental Connection, also operates flights on 34 local Saab 340 aircraft from Houston Intercontinental Airport to the cities of Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana. Colgan Air, as part of a partnership agreement with Continental Airlines, will begin regular passenger transportation on the 74 local Bombardier Q400, primarily on the route between Newark and Liberty International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada. This marketing step is aimed at creating a fierce competition for the Canadian regional airline company Porter Airlines, which opens a regular route to Newark-Toronto on the same Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

Pinnacle Airlines signed a 30-year contract with Delta Air Lines to use the Delta Connection brand on April 2007, 16, under which 900 Bombardier CRJ-2007 aircraft were ordered. Already in November 900, CRJ-2009 deliveries began and were fully completed by May 10. The first batch of aircraft began operating regular flights from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. On June 2008, 31, the Pinnacle Airlines management announced the termination of the contract from July 2008, 18 due to the refusal to amend the route schedule of the aviation company, which goes beyond the boundaries of the code-share agreement, but on July 2008, XNUMX, the Delta management announced an additional agreement reached between the aviation companies with which Pinnacle Airlines is continuing to operate under the terms of the original contract.


The route network of aviation companies

Navy aviation company Pinnacle Airlines operates four of its own hubs at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Memphis International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and International Airport Minneapolis / St Paul. The company produces passenger transportation in more than 110 39 cities in the states of Canada and the US, performing at the same time more than eight flights a day.

Basic data:

  • Airline country: USA Pinnacle Airlines (Airline Pinekl Airlines). Official site..
  • Regional Air Lines US aviation company NorthwestAirlines.
  • The airline was founded in 1985.
  • IATA airline code: 9E.
  • ICAO airline code: FLG.


Pinnacle Airlines (Pinnacle Airlines Airline). Official site:

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