Pioneer Airline
Pioneer Airline

Airline Pioneer. Official site.

Airline "Pioneer" was established in the year 2016-based air carrier Dagestan "Aeroservis", based in Makhachkala airport.

The carrier carries out the implementation of regional flights, while positioning itself as a budget operator, carrying passengers at low prices, however, as such carriage, he refuses to name loukostera as charging for baggage "Pioneer" is not made by the airline.

Fleet "Pioneer" airlines

As of mid-2016 year fleet "Pioneer" Airlines has six aircraft, which should include five turboprop aircraft An-24 and one Yak-42, however, in the short term, carrier plans to expand its fleet to 15 aircraft including both turboprop and modern passenger liners.

Airlines 'Pioneer' route network

The routing network of airline "Pioneer" expanded very intensively, in particular, initially the airline operates flights only on 5-6 major routes, however, to date, the flights are conducted in more than 10 air routes, mainly including such regions as the Volga and Southern Russia .

Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;
  • By the regional air travel in the South of Russia and the Volga region;
  • Year of occurrence: 2016;
  • IATA airline code: None;
  • ICAO airline code: None;
  • Domestic airline code: SOUTH.

Airline Pioneer. Official Website: None

Contact details:

  • Base airport is Uytash airport;
  • The airline's fleet are the An-24 aircraft Yak-42.

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