Airline "Victory". Official site

Airline "Victory". Official site.

Airline "Victory" (in the recent past "Dobrolet") Has demonstrated its effectiveness in terms of passenger traffic. In October 2013 years "aeroflot"Loukostera-registered carrier, calling it" Dobrolet. " Since May 2014 years old, he started to make flights to major cities of the European part of Russia and the Crimea. As a result of Western sanctions against Russia was forced to return the carrier to lease "Boeing". For this reason, in the middle of summer 2014 years had to suspend flights. But in October 2014 the airline "Aeroflot" has resumed flights "Dobrolet", but under the name "Victory".

Budget carrier branch

According to the company, will soon be launched by the official website of "Victory» - pobeda.aero. As for the appearance of the aircraft, they will also have the name "Victory".

Features airlines "Victory"

Airline "Victory" is one of the youngest companies in the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the transportation of passengers and goods by air. It is worth noting that the company's policy allows the use of air traffic between the cities of the large number of passengers, since pricing is democratic and accessible.

The success of the development and demand for the company became clear even in the first 12 hours of its existence, since 7 sold thousands of tickets. No airline of Europe had such indicators in the first steps of its formation and development. This company is the missing element in the domestic transportation market. Despite the fact that the company was founded on the basis of "Dobrolet" it managed to achieve very high rates in a short time frame. It should be noted that “Victory” for the year of its activity was able in 2015 to enter the top ten largest carriers of Russia. The millionth passenger was transported already in 7 for the month of operation, and after another three months a two millionth passenger stepped on board the company. With such a rapid development, the company provides excellent services, since the passenger loyalty index is 72%, and this is a very high figure, which is far from all European companies.

In the development plans of the airline, two tasks have been set, which Victory must fulfill before the 2018 year. The first is the transportation of 10 to millions of passengers, and the second is to enter the top five companies in Russia. Of course, the demand for the company can be explained by affordable prices for tickets that start from 999 rubles. And this is subject to basic fees. Also an important factor for passengers is that the company's fleet is very young and is represented by modern liners. Also worth noting are the spacious and comfortable Sky Interior type salons. The company’s management plans to increase its fleet to 2018 vehicles in the year of 40. The development of the company is accelerating, in the coming years it will be able to become on a par with the main leaders of passenger transportation by air.

Achievements airline "Victory":

• Among the top ten largest airlines of the Russian Federation.

• Included in the top five punctual carriers of the Russian Federation.

• Most flights have 90% load.

• Passenger loyalty reaches 72%.

• The leader of the southern part of Russia according to Aviasales.

• According to Skyscanner, one of the five world leaders.

The main entity "Victory" is OOO "Budget carrier". The base price of the flight in all directions is set to 999 rubles (exactly the same price was set on the first flights "Dobrolet"). In that case, if the passenger wants to buy a ticket via the call center or at the site, he will have to pay 2 percent. There will also be charged an additional percentage for other services. For example, for the choice of seats in the cabin have to pay from the 149 1199 rubles to rubles, and for additional baggage allowance from the 99 3199 rubles to rubles.

Previously it was assumed that loukoster will be located in Terminal B Sheremetyevo. But later, according to RBC, it became known that it will be the base airport Vnukovo. This decision was taken largely because Sheremetyevo allow the carrier to fly out of the terminal in only until February 2015 years.

On November 1 2014 years loukost company "Aeroflot" will start selling tickets under the same name for their flights. The new carrier will make its first flight from Vnukovo airport 17 November. It is expected that before the end of the year 2014 flights the airline will fly to Surgut, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan, Samara, Belgorod, Volgograd and Tyumen. Today the company is waiting for an air operator certificate.

The new carrier, likely to be used 8 aircraft Boeing 737. As you know, at the end of the year for 2013 "Dobrolet" was commissioned 8 aircraft model Boeing 737-800 NG. But because of Western sanctions against Russia withdrew their lessor.

Airline Victory. Official site. http://www.pobeda.aero/.

Basic data:

  • Year appearance - 2014
  • Country Airlines - Russia
  • The air carrier operating flights in the territory of the Russian Federation

Russian airlines

On August 10, 4 hours before departure, my husband and I checked in. Imagine our surprise when we were allocated seats at different ends of the plane. At the front desk, we were immediately offered to sit down together, if we wanted to, to pay for seats nearby. We have never seen such cynicism in the desire to earn an extra penny in our life! I repeat: we checked in 4 hours before departure! Bravo, "Victory", keep it up !!! Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia.

Canceled the flight without notifying, without giving a warning !!! As a result, did not have time to trace. plane (the trip was a change in Moscow). Here you are, and cheap tickets. The trip cost much more expensive if they took a normal company !!!

I will begin my story by saying that I could not go on vacation with my family, and my wife and son went without me. Today I learned that when my registrations were taking place (happy people were returning home), they were asked to use XNUMHevro. What kind of merit is being asked for? It turns out that your company (I am writing yours with a small letter) 50 October introduced an innovation that says that registration starts 28 hours before departure online, and it is free, but 24 hours before departure can no longer be registered! And in a hopeless situation, forcing you to pay 4 euros for two people! No notification from your company about this innovation was made, and I believe that these payment requirements were illegal! There were a lot of people like my family, and everyone was obviously unhappy! Contact me, give intelligible answers to all this! Your problems do not concern me. Since the money was spent mine and not yours! Oxothuk8888@mail.ru

Flied from St. Petersburg to Spain with two disabled children for treatment. Sdmam luggage, registered On the passport control a huge queue, the children came a nervous breakdown, both disabled in psychiatry. They asked for help from the company's employees, they refused to help, as a result, at 5 minutes were late for boarding. The bus is still standing, but we were not allowed. As a result, they did not fly, the return ticket, despite the letter to the company, was canceled. We bought new tickets there, but we will fly back by another company, it will be cheaper for nerves.

Hello, I beg you to consider my candidacy for a flight attendant.


Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.
Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.
Best regards
Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78, khazov-denis@mail.ru.

Hello, I beg you to consider my candidacy for a flight attendant.

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.
Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78, khazov-denis@mail.ru.

It is impossible to get through, you need to change the passport series, there is no one to consult on this issue

It is absolutely impossible to call + 7 809 505 4777 (in response - the number is incorrectly dialed), and the phone 8 499 215 2300 constantly "resets". Is there any sort of government for this airline or just calling GDP?


18yyvarya 2017 was supposed to fly from Volgograd to Moscow by the Pobeda airline, but the plane was detained for 3 hours, at that time the Aeroflot plane flew off and I immediately bought tickets for these companies. There was no time to look for a representative of victory. 21 January I had to fly from Moscow to Volgograd by the same company. Upon arrival at Vnukovo Airport, I learned that my ticket was liquidated. At the same time, no information was received on the phone. I went to the representative of the airline. Winning for advice and find out what to do in this case. I'm a pensioner, when I approached a representative I heard a rudeness from him. Even without listening he started shouting, many of you are like that, you do not read the contract and go here. She asked why you are crying. He did not even listen. He said no tickets, these are your problems. His name is Ilya A. Lukashin. The second time I'm flying this company, and for the second time they talk frankly rude to me. If in this company cheap tickets, this is what gives them the right to outright rudeness. I will never fly this airline again.

Flied by flight DP181 19 September 2017 Moscow Volgograd. Lost baggage
Over the WEEK of my calls, a representative of the airline in Volgograd never picked up the phone, both cellular and landline phone. Communicated only with the airport administration. Such attitude of the airline representative to the passenger, affects the general idea of ​​the carrier.
There is no baggage. I do not even know if they are looking for him or not.

I would like to know when I will receive an answer to my letter sent by 23 June.

We flew by the Cheboksary flight -Sochi 11 June 2017. Our places were next to the emergency exit. Since we had a child 13 years old, the flight attendant transplanted the child to another location. On our questions, why did not we take into account the company's rules that the minors can not be placed on the ground next to the emergency exit (although the age of the child was specified), the flight attendant advised to contact the airline for a refund of money for the inconvenience. Is it possible and how?

She changed the date of the reservation, the money was withdrawn from the account, the route-receipt was issued, but on the day of departure they said that the ticket for the reservation, but was not paid for, the flight did not take place. How to return money?

Airlines sucks.

this is the worst airline on which I flew

The company bestial attitude to people. The airport of 200 km from the house, had no time for registration on 1 minute, literally. As a result, the airline representative said that the key word - "too late" and was out. This happened in September 24 2016, the airport "Roshchino" Tyumen. With such a service FLY THEMSELVES The empty plane.

My son in the passport has no middle initial, I did not get a ticket is booked not bring patronymic. When you register will not be a problem if I'm Just enter your middle name.?

I mixed up the date of departure when purchasing tickets, 8 January 2017 years already wanted to change can not say, okay wanted to take this ticket even this can not be said to do, or I do not understand or they will eventually become arrogant as it is impossible to return the ticket flight on which will take place in month.

my husband has diabetes, he receives free medicine, but it is of course all cards tabletki.V ukazano.no question arose how to spend his medication and whether there are standard on transportation.

I want to share an extremely negative response directly on the fresh tracks. I'm sitting on the plane now and roaring. It's a shame, no words. I will describe the situation: my young man and I bought a ticket of the airline VICTORY Moscow-Yekaterinburg. Within a few hours we went to the site of victory and began to buy seats. Bought ONE place at the window, making sure that around full of free seats and began to buy the second - and did not, because the button "choose the place" was missing. Were poking, poking on the site - so nothing did not understand - and went to the airport. At the airport found that our plane on the scoreboard there. As it turned out, it was transferred to 18: 40 on 20: 10. Neither SMS, nor e-mail about the transfer of time, we did not receive. They began to ask the girl at the front desk what to do. She, apparently WISHING TO SAVE OUR LOYALTY, said (I quote almost verbatim): "You can either buy from me for 500r a place next to one of you BUT I ADVISE to exchange with someone, and your young man and your place near the window , People willingly change. " We agreed and went for an extra hour to sit in the business hall. As a result, went into the plane, I was very shy to ask to change, but eventually asked the girl next door, she gladly agreed (to the place at the beginning + at the window) and then the stewardess came up and in a very squeaky voice OVADILA. I EXPLAINED THE SITUATION about the technical situation that I could only buy an 1 ticket. She added that "Well, here is your employee (!) At the registration desk SAMA WE SUGGESTED", which resulted in a very sharp TEAM Tone explained about the rules of the airline. I tried again to give arguments and spoke softly, politely, and she switched to HIGHER Tones and frankly I HAMILA. In general, I now sit for an hour all in tears, I can not calm down and try to understand that I have not done so and how I deserve such an attitude towards myself.

Moral of the story: do not know which of the employee "Victory" I finally lied, and it does not matter. But the words "technical failure", "loyalty to the client", "not to speak in a raised voice," it is clearly not familiar with.

All materials are available evidence, from the screenshots attempts to buy a place to video stewardess screams.

20 July night flying flight Yekaterinburg Anapa. I fly frequently, the aircraft stand perfectly. But this time, for some reason, became very ill. Barely reached the cabin to the flight attendants. The girls quickly brought me to my senses, brought hot tea with chocolate, wet wipes, calmed. In general, they were very attentive. In the course of the flight, walking past my seat I asked how feeling that everything was in order. In a word, I flew normally, as if nothing had happened. girls names do not remember, but very grateful to them for the care, sensitivity and attention!

Flight Rostov DP-104 31.08.2016 to Donu- Moscow scheduled ETD 09: 45.
The employee of civil aviation. Mourners cousin, for a large suitcase 23 kg supplement, everything is clear. But miniature ryukzachek about 30 cm. Extorted a lot of money at the front.
The first question, your staff can call and define all adapted for carrying or what?
Say what suharka, unloading, trunk, trunk, etc. ??????
And yet, if I have in my bag is a rubber woman is + more passengers?
I do not think that you have bad with the general organization of traffic, but your employees with this approach, apparently from the airport and the airport can hardly tell the difference.
With a fiery aviation regards your "colleagues". It is a shame as much !!!
p / c Ryukzachek hidden in a suitcase.

For the first time I flew on an airplane of this airline and realized that their main motto is "free cheese only in a mousetrap" !!! I will never again use the services of this airline and will never advise anyone! All the staff refers to passengers as cattle! I flew together with an eight-year-old daughter who was also very sick. Naturally packed one suitcase exactly in 20 kilograms, and what do you think, when registering I was told that the weight of the baggage is not added up and offered to divide the luggage into two bags or leave the luggage. This is an hour before departure in a strange city with a sick child in his arms at night !! I was horrified, I said that I do not have the opportunity to do this and I had to pay three thousand for allegedly overweight. In the hands was a bag with food medicine clothes for her daughter, a small weight of four kilograms and a small travel bag-backpack. I was told to pay hand luggage and this is another fifteen thousand rubles and put everything in one bag as a backpack even if it's like a ladies' bag is subject to additional payment !! Well, is not this idiocy? The plane left and arrived with a delay, there were a lot of babies who very heavily carried the flight, there was a deafening roar of children in the plane, for ten minutes we were not allowed to leave without an explanation of the reasons, then they said that the landing would be made from the tail exit, and these screaming babies and The exhausted parents had to stand still for about fifteen minutes while passengers from the tail section of the plane would not leave. To all all all !!! Never fly this airline !!!

Boarding pass is necessary to pay for her husband to surrender, he is lost, how to obtain a certificate stating that we will use your services?

30.07.2016. Flew flight DP339 Adler Yekaterinburg more disgusting trip, I still do not remember. The first problem, carry-on baggage. The second problem in the cabin does not recline more than one seat. Why take-off warning of reduction of seats in the upright position if they do not work. And the third problem is sanitation on the headrests lacked basic capes headrest. More airline companies to use the services of a victory there is no desire.

Having read the comments and friends in this company or foot! Thank you for the forum, thanks for the information. Forewarned is forearmed! :)
It is interesting to read whether the forum representatives of the company? Or they hope that this normal ???

I got tickets for the Moscow-Larnaca-Moscow route. What is a loukoster I know, and is ready to put up with certain inconveniences during the 3,5 hour flight. But with the fact that you need to pay a certain amount (about 2000 rubles in Russia and 35 euros in Cyprus) for any purchased goods in duty-free fizzed for the first time .. There is a way to make money for those who want to buy something. Well, I'm ready to give up a-la "shopping" of such a low-class level, but there were problems with carrying hand luggage. At Vnukovo Airport, when departing from Moscow, my bag (less than the amount authorized and much less than 10 kg) was of no interest to anyone, but when departing from Larnaka airport (there were no questions at check-in as well), but just before boarding we were lined up to overlap "Tribute" in the amount of 35 euros for any luggage - I repeat, my hand luggage is much less than the ones permitted, but until I paid 35 euro, the girl (service specialist) did not let me or other passengers on board. Everyone was also told that the money will be returned to us upon arrival ... It is clear that no one believed, but also to remain at the airport of departure because of the delay also no one wanted. Thus, the aircraft was slightly delayed, but the money was collected from all. Such an additional "earnings" .. I disgust, and I intend to assert my rights both in the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, and in other instances. I have receipts and other evidence of clearly unlawful retention. It is worth additionally to note that the staff of the Pobeda airline already inside the plane to my comment about the apparent lawlessness that occurs before landing, said "and this is not us, it does not concern us." It's good that even though alive managed to get on board, otherwise they would not have noticed ... the missing and the remaining passengers

good afternoon. 19 June 20: 30 we Solovyov valentine (4256110039424 ticket), stages Marina Nikolaevna (4256110039425 ticket number)), Alexander A. tours (4256110039426 ticket), stages Diana Nikolaevna (4256110039427) flew to Anapa (Vityazevo). while we have not survived boarding passes. without their daughter Marina Nikolaevna not accept tickets to the statements. no boarding pass will charge the full amount of the advance payment, and she is raising children. And I beg you to help and send me e-mail. mail obdorsk70@mail.ru copies of boarding passes.
I beg you to do this good deed. Excuse for troubling.
thank you

Airline Victory (Pobeda), the first in the ranking of a breach of federal law norm allowance "free" hand luggage.
I 07.07.2016g DP115 on the flight Moscow - Sochi, with the ladies' backpack less laid 55 40 * * 20, 10 kg lighter and demanded payment 1500 rubles, which is a violation of federal law norms of free baggage allowance on the plane.
According to federal law: Hand luggage - the baggage that the passenger takes with him into the cabin. When registering such a baggage tag issue "in the cockpit." The rules for hand baggage: in economy class - the weight 10 kg, Dimensions (sum of three dimensions) (see) 115.
The airline's "Victory" an extra fee for hand luggage in the cabin of the aircraft. On their website and stated: Backpacks, bags, boxes, food in a single package, as well as beach and sports bags are transported in the cabin for a fee. Separately stated that the passage of the backpack to 10 1500 kg paid rub., While the dimensions are not specified.
All this contradicts p.135 Federal Aviation Regulations "General rules for air transport of passengers, baggage, cargo and passenger service requirements, shippers, consignees ...". And st.10 Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.
For violation of the rules of the airline "Victory" has already punished in court. LLC "Airline" Victory "continues to violate these rules.

Never fly DP155 flight Moscow-Krasnodar-take care of their health))

For the first time confronted with such horror, we were not allowed to register at the last minute, and then announced that we were late. Flight dp413. In 07.06.2016 While dealt with a passenger with armor and unpaid ticket and waved away from us. Flight to 1.20. When the manager appeared, he said, buy another ticket and all. The ticket does not return, I lost 9 tys.r.

The previous review is very interesting because it is really no place to send a formal complaint ... I got a flight attendant (Bashmakov Sergey O.) with people who do not know how to talk and resolve conflicts. I would like to meet him again ... not so much interested to contact about it ... who has any information please inform ...

I want to leave a complaint. Although officially it is simply nowhere to leave, because there is no office! On the phone, the staff refused to give their names and surnames! Officially, it is impossible to make a complaint! Calls are charged! Operators specifically draw the word to the conversation was more expensive! Especially make mistakes in filling out the data! Since each patch is 500 rubles! Every minute of conversation 64 ruble!
Yes, tickets are cheaper than in other places, but the service just does not fit does not in any frame !!! hand luggage is paid !!! Prices have baggage graduation! If online payment -one price at the cash register - the second price, before departure - the third price .3 take place near impossible! Even mother with 2 mja underage young children of preschool age seated next almost impossible! We are very pleased at the official organization. I would like to visit the office.

When will @pobeda_aero direct flights Makhachkala-Sochi, Sochi Makhachkala ??????????? Please answer on what site does not only ask you this question or does not get an answer !!! Thank you)))

Flied 4 March 2016 flight St. Petersburg-Makhachkala airline "Victory" or, as read in the reviews, the company "trouble" This is true, "trouble". When the liner has gained altitude, the woman became ill. There was a fuss of flight attendants, the search for a medical officer among Passengers, etc. It turned out that on board there is not only a first aid kit, but also elementary ammonia. There was nothing to provide help, it was decided to land in Moscow. Sela, the woman was taken off the plane, and all the passengers spent 2 hours in the cabin in fixed strictly (!) In The vertical position of the armchairs. It's good that even water brought, maybe even technical, because there was water against the pulling! Conditions-spartan! Motto: "Cheap is bad" in action! And there would be no vice versa: "And cheap, "Human". A cynicism, rudeness, ignorance of the employee Guryeva, Maria Yuryevna (Airport "Pulkovo") just zashkalivayut.Neuzheli not teach communication with passengers? Selection of personnel "just class!" All passengers planning a flight with this airline, you should think about the choice of carrier. Bring a plastic bag with a light coat and a box of chocolates you will cost from 2-x to 3-x thousand rubles, and, with this you are wrapped directly at the gangway of the plane. But if you just hang this coat on your hand, then maybe everything will cost. Full absurdity!
Yes, tickets are cheap, however, is the skill of the pilot, and the only plus my flight!

I tried to fly today from Vnukovo to Sochi. Especially I took a small suitcase with a total weight 9 kg. About the fact that a general can not take any hand luggage I was not aware of. About the fact that one set of skis company no luck for free, as is customary throughout the world, was also not aware of. As a result of skis and a compact bag that I had planned to take in your hand luggage with me asked to pay more than the cost of the ticket. Fly refused for a surcharge. Money for tickets back refused.
And why such a low-cost airlines in the ski resort?

Hello, everybody!
Just recently I flew from the wonderful city of Peter, with whom I was lucky enough to get acquainted thanks to the airline "Victory". I was able to use the services of this carrier for the first time, and of course there were certain doubts about the choice of this company: it's low cost of tickets, and a lot of negative reviews, and doubts about the safety of the flight itself. I will say at once the flight was at the highest level ... the airplane is new, clean, comfortable, pilots and flight attendants thank you so much for a clear and harmonious work, in general there are no complaints, only great gratitude, for the fact that with the help of these people and the airline even in Such difficult financial times people have a real opportunity to visit amazing cities and places. At the check-in counter, I asked the girls-representatives whether there would be any problems with my luggage and showed them to me-they appreciated and guided me: what bag to hand over to the luggage, what to take with me to the cabin of the plane. There was no negative at all) Generally I do not see a problem with luggage: just hand over all your belongings to your luggage) and remember that it is up to 10 kg ... who are you to blame for that you carry the trunks with you)? These airlines initially had a minimum of service. Do not expect that you will be worn) And before departure it is desirable to read the rules on the site, but if they are not clear, you can always consult at the airport. I advise everyone to "Victory" and do not listen to anyone, or use the services of other airlines (where there is more service) and accordingly higher cost))
Thank You "Victory")) Flights DP 516 EKB-SPB 27 / 02 / 2016 DP 515 SPB-EKB 02 / 03 / 2016

When will tickets Ekaterinburg-Sochi line for September 2016 years?

Airline "Victory"
Ekaterinburg, Airport, Terminal A 1 floor

Vyacheslav Timakov
Address: Nyagan, md 1, 3 d, q... 17
тел. 8-908-886-95-49

"09" July 2015 years I have purchased e-tickets for the flight on the route "Khanty-Mansiysk - Anapa" for the amount of 41 259,00 rubles. The presence of an electronic ticket confirms the fact of being in a contractual relationship with your airline.
His obligation to pay tickets I performed in full, funds have been made, as evidenced by receipts № 23, № 24, № 25 from 09.07.2015g.
In accordance with Part. 1 Art. 107 Air Code of the Russian Federation "Carrier may unilaterally terminate the contract of carriage of passengers, the contract of cargo transportation in the following cases:
1) violation of the passenger, cargo owner, shipper passport, customs, sanitary or other requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in respect of the carriage by air, with international air transport regulations as defined by the relevant authorities of the state of departure, destination or transit;
2) the passenger refused, the cargo, the shipper to fulfill the requirements placed upon them by the federal aviation regulations;
3) if the state of health of the aircraft passengers requires special conditions of transportation by air or threatens the safety of the passengers or other persons, which is confirmed by medical documents, as well as causes disorder and unavoidable inconvenience to others. The carrier is not entitled to refer the services specified in paragraphs 7 and 8 106.1 articles of this Code to the special conditions of carriage by air;
4) passenger refuses to pay transportation of luggage whose weight exceeds the free baggage allowance;
5) passenger refuses to pay transportation of child with him, except in cases provided for in sub paragraph 3 2 106 article;
6) violation of the passenger aircraft of rules of conduct on board the aircraft, jeopardizing the safety of the aircraft or a threat to the life or health of other persons, as well as failure to comply with a passenger aircraft orders of the aircraft commander, presented in accordance with article 58 of the Code;
7) in the presence of the belongings of the passengers and the baggage, cargo prohibited for carriage of objects or substances. "
The list of grounds for unilateral termination of the contract is not exhaustive.
we could not fly out with the family on this route due to the fact that the flight from Khanty-Mansiysk was canceled and, consequently, the contract was terminated unilaterally. I offered to fly on the above route from the city of Ufa, which was extremely uncomfortable and expensive financially and funds were planned long before the use of vacation.
«16» July 2015 years due to disagreements from the funds were returned to me.
In accordance with Part. 1 Art. 13 the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" for violation of consumer rights, the seller shall be liable as provided by law or contract.
His airline unlawful actions caused me and my family (I have a small child) non-pecuniary damage due to torn leave (vacation in 2015 year my family and I was not able to go)
In accordance with Art. 151 of the Civil Code, "If a citizen has suffered moral harm (physical or moral suffering) by actions violating his personal non-property rights or infringing on intangible goods belonging to the citizen, as well as in other cases stipulated by law, the court may impose on the offender the obligation of monetary compensation for the said damage" .
Torn leave, unjustified hopes of a young child on holiday, the inability to go on holiday in another way, all of this, of course, has caused moral damage to me and my family, which I appreciate in 10 000 rubles.
Based on the above, I ask you to compensate for the illegal actions of your airline pecuniary damage.
In addition, I inform you that in case of failure to satisfy my demands, I will be forced to turn to the courts with a lawsuit to protect their rights, which may involve additional costs to you in the form of fines, penalties and hospitality.

The airline "Victory" presented service to pay cabin baggage through the web site or call center and costs RUB 999,00. How to use this service ?? how to make a payment ??

Call center

Airports Russian Federation

Airports foreign countries

One piece of baggage up to 10 kg

999 rubles.

Dear General Director of the company "Victory", you have a real mess. Please understand. Flied 6 February Moscow-Tyumen. They were removed from the flight because of a package purchased in Dyuti fries Moskovsky, and landed on a plane, gave a landing, and the flight attendant attacked literally with rudeness. And not a photo of the package was not done, the act did not compile, I did not sign any signatures from me. Just like that. But two drunken men on the flight were allowed, the police was summoned, with whom I had to get to the airport building, which they explained to me where to get the luggage! I draw your attention - it was not your airline that delivered me to the airport building, but the police. Those. Drunk with us is on board can be, and the package - get out of here! And I, just in case, was paid through the site for a fare for excess baggage, but my luggage and in Moscow and Moscow weighed 9kg. At the front desk even noticed that I was in vain reinsured. Spent the night at the airport, tk. The nearest flight was only in 12.45, and shot at one o'clock in the morning. It's not about returning money, but impudence, rudeness! How are you going to live on? With such and such "good" intentions and attitudes toward people?

26 June 2016g flew from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don, was registered by e-mail, go to land with a bag 45h45 weight 7 kg, I hoped that the manual klad.Pered landing I called the cashier that I said that I had to pay for a bag 2000 rubles otherwise I do not polechu.Kakoe rudeness on what basis? I have not achieved anything in otvet.Oplatila two thousand what they gave me a check "payment purchasing" On what basis do with me stripped the money still can not understand. Here is their low prices !!! All claims against the company. It's an explanation. Rudeness Samae now !!!!

when the open sale of tickets for direct flights and to win in the direction ekaterenburg Sochi in summer 2016goda

We bought a ticket with my husband Moscow - Tyumen. First we consulted at Sheremetyevo from a specialist who sells tickets Victory, who said that our suitcase 37 kg of weight will be paid within 5 000 rubles in addition. So we buy tickets pay for a taxi 2000r to Vnukovo. We approach the Victory consultant here they say your suitcase is loaded for 16 000 rubles (which is 2 times more expensive than 2 tickets). At the front desk at all refused to accept our suitcase even with surcharge. Okay, we send the suitcase separately Vnukovo Cargo to Tyumen for 3000 rubles. (Excellent company courteous specialists all quickly, thank you Huge!). We return to the registration desk, then my husband's backpack is small, I have a bag in a strip, show them. The girl says the backpack can not, I say the documents in the same place, she says, put everything in her purse and give her backpack. So they did everything and put everything into a bag, they put the backpack in their luggage. All the means went through the corridor we are already on our way to Duty Free Moscow. Then the most interesting begins, landing begins on the plane. We approach, we show tickets ... and the same girl by name (specially recorded) Zhanna Mukasheva SOOP agent tells us to pay for the bag 2000 rubles in cash. (She told us before to put everything in a bag and take it with you!) I'm shocked. In the end, she did not let me. I had to pay 2000r because there was a souvenir from Cuba which I could not leave at the airport at all. The husband bought 2 chocolates in the buffet and he had a bag of 5 on 10 cm, she says, and pay for it too 2000p. Imagine this? impudence. Of course, we shifted our pockets and went through the evil ones. Just a real deception, we could have sent this bag of grandson of a cargo with a suitcase and did not pay 2000r if she told us right away !!! (I'm more in Victory with a foot.) Even boorish answer no respect to passengers in a brazen lie! In front of us was a man who bought the children a designer of Lego in Duty Free fare "VTRIDOROGO" for 17 because he was told to pay 4000p just like that from the noodle because the size of the designer is of the type big.) As long as I write here we will decide how to deal with this not so leave.

Appeal to the general director of the company "Victory". During the registration for the flight DP 264 14.02.2016g. Departure time 20: 20. The route is Kaliningrad-Moscow. A representative of the company "Pobeda" obliged me on the basis of an inarticulate internal document of the company, to pay 1500 rubles for the transportation of my laptop bag (hand luggage). The document was without the official seal of the organization, and I repeat the document I'm lying "inside"! I want to note that I flew from Moscow two days ago and I was not asked to pay for hand luggage. What are these fees? And why this arbitrariness is allowed by your airline? I ask you to check the representation of the airline in Kaliningrad, airport "brave". Data on the employee were presented to me. Where can I file a formal complaint?

Airline VICTORY is a scam I do not understand how it works on the territory of the Russian Federation ?? Nightmare fool people

15.12.2015 us bought airline tickets "Victory" from Ekaterinburg-Moscow-Sochi and back. For the presentation of the pension department, we need to get a certificate on paper with blue print on the cost of tickets on this route and the cost of direct flight Ekaterinburg-Sochi Yekaterinburg in the period from January 25 10 2016 February year. The company's office in Yekaterinburg could not find Who can I contact about this issue?

Hello, we had a very pleasant story when flying with your airline .... VICTORY. On the night of 15 on 16 December we flew from St. Petersburg to Yekaterinburg under the side we did not miss two children's bags for which they said to pay for each 2000 p At that time we did not have any money with us and we simply could not pay, in the bags there were children's things, clothes, food, diapers, plaid, pillow .... etc. The human factor naturally did not work for anyone, but according to the rules of the Pulkovo airport things were supposed to be handed to the table as a hobby, upon arrival back to St. Petersburg in a month we turned to the finds table, our bags were not registered there, They were just thrown or taken away by somebody ..... it's just a bezpridel ...... at the airport from the workers who did not hear that, I was in the find-out desk and she was watching what kind of a blockage of lost things, why your airline employees are To customers so on the pigs are the same children's things .... Very unpleasant after the flight of your airline. svetlana_b5@mail.ru

please give contact phone number for the solution of the question of the return ticket or postponement of my departure Phone 89035349576