Airline "Victory". Official site

Airline "Victory". Official site.

Airline "Victory" (in the recent past "Dobrolet") Has demonstrated its effectiveness in terms of passenger traffic. In October 2013 years "aeroflot"Loukostera-registered carrier, calling it" Dobrolet. " Since May 2014 years old, he started to make flights to major cities of the European part of Russia and the Crimea. As a result of Western sanctions against Russia was forced to return the carrier to lease "Boeing". For this reason, in the middle of summer 2014 years had to suspend flights. But in October 2014 the airline "Aeroflot" has resumed flights "Dobrolet", but under the name "Victory".

Budget carrier branch

According to the company, will soon be launched by the official website of "Victory» - pobeda.aero. As for the appearance of the aircraft, they will also have the name "Victory".

Features airlines "Victory"

Airline "Victory" is one of the youngest companies in the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the transportation of passengers and goods by air. It is worth noting that the company's policy allows the use of air traffic between the cities of the large number of passengers, since pricing is democratic and accessible.

The success of the development and demand for the company became clear even in the first 12 hours of its existence, since 7 sold thousands of tickets. No airline of Europe had such indicators in the first steps of its formation and development. This company is the missing element in the domestic transportation market. Despite the fact that the company was founded on the basis of "Dobrolet" it managed to achieve very high rates in a short time frame. It should be noted that “Victory” for the year of its activity was able in 2015 to enter the top ten largest carriers of Russia. The millionth passenger was transported already in 7 for the month of operation, and after another three months a two millionth passenger stepped on board the company. With such a rapid development, the company provides excellent services, since the passenger loyalty index is 72%, and this is a very high figure, which is far from all European companies.

In the development plans of the airline, two tasks have been set, which Victory must fulfill before the 2018 year. The first is the transportation of 10 to millions of passengers, and the second is to enter the top five companies in Russia. Of course, the demand for the company can be explained by affordable prices for tickets that start from 999 rubles. And this is subject to basic fees. Also an important factor for passengers is that the company's fleet is very young and is represented by modern liners. Also worth noting are the spacious and comfortable Sky Interior type salons. The company’s management plans to increase its fleet to 2018 vehicles in the year of 40. The development of the company is accelerating, in the coming years it will be able to become on a par with the main leaders of passenger transportation by air.

Achievements airline "Victory":

• Among the top ten largest airlines of the Russian Federation.

• Included in the top five punctual carriers of the Russian Federation.

• Most flights have 90% load.

• Passenger loyalty reaches 72%.

• The leader of the southern part of Russia according to Aviasales.

• According to Skyscanner, one of the five world leaders.

The main entity "Victory" is OOO "Budget carrier". The base price of the flight in all directions is set to 999 rubles (exactly the same price was set on the first flights "Dobrolet"). In that case, if the passenger wants to buy a ticket via the call center or at the site, he will have to pay 2 percent. There will also be charged an additional percentage for other services. For example, for the choice of seats in the cabin have to pay from the 149 1199 rubles to rubles, and for additional baggage allowance from the 99 3199 rubles to rubles.

Previously it was assumed that loukoster will be located in Terminal B Sheremetyevo. But later, according to RBC, it became known that it will be the base airport Vnukovo. This decision was taken largely because Sheremetyevo allow the carrier to fly out of the terminal in only until February 2015 years.

On November 1 2014 years loukost company "Aeroflot" will start selling tickets under the same name for their flights. The new carrier will make its first flight from Vnukovo airport 17 November. It is expected that before the end of the year 2014 flights the airline will fly to Surgut, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan, Samara, Belgorod, Volgograd and Tyumen. Today the company is waiting for an air operator certificate.

The new carrier, likely to be used 8 aircraft Boeing 737. As you know, at the end of the year for 2013 "Dobrolet" was commissioned 8 aircraft model Boeing 737-800 NG. But because of Western sanctions against Russia withdrew their lessor.

Airline Victory. Official site. http://www.pobeda.aero/.

Basic data:

  • Year appearance - 2014
  • Country Airlines - Russia
  • The air carrier operating flights in the territory of the Russian Federation

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