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On the basis of the act unscheduled inspection of November 28 2014, the I order to suspend the air operator certificate of JSC "Air company" Polet ", - noted in the order of the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Russian Airlines "Flight" was founded in 1988 year as the first in the USSR private airline. To date, the airline "Polet" carries out performance as the regional flights within the country and international scheduled flights.

The development and operation of the airline "Polet"

Since its inception, the company has had various stages in its development. The company had the most success after 2010. So in 2011, it was able to carry more than 270 thousands of passengers, and this is 150% of the passenger turnover of the previous year. As for cargo, the company was also successful here, since the turnover of Polet Airlines increased to the mark of 264 743 tons.

In winter, 2011 years now was transported its millionth passenger. All this became possible only due to the commissioning of more aircrafts. That year the company received two passenger aircraft type AN-148-100E. In addition, the company used other planes that were taken on lease.

Despite the success of previous years, 2014-th brought a huge decline in the volume of transportation of both goods and passengers. The situation was so aggravated, the freight transportation by Pilot was completely stopped. All this led to material damage and huge debts. Employees of the company did not receive wages for a long time. Already in November, 2014 was closed and passenger flights. Further research by the company revealed that it could not comply with all operational and maintenance requirements. Because of this, this operator certificate has been stopped. In April 2015, the certificate of Polet Airlines was canceled.

For all the time the airline has been operating in the air transportation market of the Russian Federation, only three accidents dangerous for passengers were recorded. The first case occurred with an aircraft such as Saab-2000 in 2009, which followed the route Voronezh-Yerevan. After takeoff, faults were detected, which led to the return of the device to the airport of the city of Voronezh.

The second case occurred with the An-24 aircraft in April 2010, which flew from Moscow to Voronezh. At the height of 4 kilometers, the glass cracked in the device, which led to a depressurization of the cabin. Nevertheless, the car managed to land safely, none of the passengers and crew was injured.

In the summer of 2010, another Saab-2000 airline with 49 passengers on board was forced to make an emergency landing immediately after takeoff. The professionalism of the pilots allowed to save the lives of passengers and the integrity of the aircraft.

Park Air machines Airlines 'Flight', as of early 2013 18 consists of planes:

Part of the aircraft reserved, and flights are carried out on aircraft 14.

In addition to passenger traffic, the airline "Polet" well proven in freight, carrying them to the aircraft type AN-124 "Ruslan".

AIRLINE ROUTES affects primarily the cities of Russia as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, etc. International tourist flights are carried out in tak4ie countries like Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Israel, etc.

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • Engaged in the regional airline in the central part of Russia.

  • Year of occurrence: 1988;

  • IATA airline code: YQ;

  • ICAO airline code: POT;

  • Domestic airline code: software;

Airline Flight. Official site. no official site

Airline Flight (Polet Airlines). Official site.

Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Prospect Labor, D. 123, Voronezh, Russia, 394019;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74732392847;

  • Airlines Fax: + 74732394843;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • Base airport in Moscow airport DomodedovoVoronezh ChertovitskoeUlyanovsk Oriental.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Saab 2000, BAe 125, Antonov An-148, Saab 340, Ilyushin IL-96.

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leather chairs, one can see that the interior, new. The quality of the cabin did not have any complaints. For my husband and I liked it, I will fly again next year!

I was pleasantly surprised that the flight took place without any delay. Everything is on schedule. Refuelling made when we were sitting on the plane, however, I read where -So that it is not in violation, so that I do not have claims.

During the flight, one woman became ill. Since it is so professionally assisted, she came to her senses before the arrival of doctors and refused medical treatment. Now only fly with you, because I know that if me, that be will happen, I will certainly help!

Staff trained in the tradition of the airline. All educated, beautiful. Closely related to the request, after the flight that leaves only the best emotions and most sincere wishes to their address.

Yesterday flew home on a very small plane, with for me personally, it's pretty uncomfortable, and there is nowhere to turn. Service quality, then I can not say anything, but the flight attendants some gloomy, might be a little poprivetlivee with passengers. Impressions are not particularly left the flight somehow imperceptibly passed. The strange thing did not offer, although the flight was very long.

For the first time flying on a tiny plane. The distance for the feet, less than a city bus, very uncomfortable, but given that the fly had only a couple of hours can be patient if necessary. The flight was a little above the ground, I doubt that rose above five meters. In this pilot, it seems, a real professional, and takeoff and landing of this "toy car" was a great success - gently and smoothly, especially considering that after the departure of the storm began, and had to fly around all the time accumulation of storm clouds. It is strange that it is not entrusted Boeing!
Given the size of the aircraft, you can imagine how small toilet in it, in it, even a sink with water are not available. The only thing is - it wipes. Stewardess one, although I think the two simply could not both move around the cabin. For all the way offered only water and two kinds of juice. However, it is clearly not the first day of work, immediately invited all people to high seats in the first row, there at least have a place to straighten the legs. In general, I liked it, and fly faster and cheaper than to travel by train.

This is probably the most unscrupulous airline in the whole of Russia! Flied a transfer flight, which for the first time was detained for six hours. At the same time, the representative of the company did not even bother to offer us food. One pleases, after we finally flew to Voronezh pilot very gently planted the plane. I do not like to fly, but sometimes there is simply no choice, so much thanks to him! After they got to the airport, it turned out that the further flight is delayed already for 8 hours! Therefore, who wants to, can not wait and get on other flights. In general, I made a bleak conclusion for myself, it's better to pay a little for a ticket to SV on the train than to fly this airline, there are not such grand delays there. I do not have any complaints to the crew myself, guys, well done, they treat their work with maximum responsibility, but the fact that the flights are delayed, their guilt is not.

I love this company !!!

in early October together with my girlfriend made the trip fun. "Flight" Using the services of the airline. This airline advised friends. Flight staff and communication "Flight" airline passengers were surprised. Stewardesses sociable and smiling. All liked it. In the future, I will use this airline.

Good afternoon! I flew the airline "Polet" flight from Moscow to Belgorod. The flight was without delay, taking off and landing was soft, and the minute. Registration was quick, luggage did not have to wait long, all luggage was nowhere nothing is broken. The stewardess was kind, sympathetic to the requests of passengers. The salon is very nice and clean, bathroom also clean and without odors. All liked it.