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Airline Pskovavia

Airline Pskovavia. Official site.


Russian air carrier "Pskovavia" was founded on the basis of aircraft enterprise in Pskov in 1944 year. Despite the relatively small fleet of cars, the airline is well proven in the Russian market of air services.


Airline "Pskovavia" is a public limited company, which operates in Russia for more than 70 years. The vast experience has allowed to develop optimum schemes of customer service. At present the company provides the following services:

• Regular passenger transportation by the company's liners.

• Freight and charter flights on the territory of the Russian Federation and international routes.

• Comprehensive service for different types of aircraft.

The airline "Pskovavia" is the main operator of the air gate of the city of Pskov. The company provides the opportunity to purchase tickets through the online store on its official website. In this case, we guarantee the preservation of complete confidentiality of customer data. 

Every year Pskovavia increases its productivity and opens up new routes. This is achieved through the use of more equipment and personnel. Thus, in 2013, the company transported more than 55 thousands of passengers. It is worth noting that 6,2 thousands in the direction of Pskov-Moscow. In 2014, the number of passengers carried reached a figure in 65 thousands. But this is not the limit, since the company’s management is aimed at achieving top performance with excellent quality of service. 

In the entire history of the company, only two potentially dangerous cases were recorded related to the Pskovavia aircraft. At the beginning of 2014, one of the planes rolled out of the runway, which resulted in severe damage to the car, but the passengers were not injured. Another incident occurred in 2015, when the landing gear was blown off in an airplane. And in this case there were no casualties. 

Airline "Pskovavia" shall provide regular air service to cities such as the Russian Federation, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bryansk, Murmansk, Kursk, etc. Its fleet is small and, at the beginning of the year 2014 consists mainly of 7 planes and one helicopter:



The company is currently "Pskovavia" make an order for the purchase of two additional aircraft type Bombardier CRJ-200, which should come into operation in 2015 year.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional lines from Pskov.

  • ICAO airline code: PSW;

  • Internal airline code: LP;


Airline Pskovavia. Official site.

Airline Pskovavia (Pskovavia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. German, 34, Pskov, Russia, 180005;

  • City Airline Phone: + 78112664653;

  • Airline fax: +78112620990;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • The base airport of the airline is Pskov airport Crosses.

  • The airline's fleet includes Antonov aircraft An-26.


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Do not believe what the employees of this company promise, the flight can be delayed for no reason, no one will notify you about it, let alone bring an apology. So 12.11.15 the year 1937 flight Pskov-St. Petersburg, my friend flew, flew with a huge delay , Was supposed to be at 7.40 in Pulkovo, in fact he arrived at 8.15. As a result of which she was late for the next flight, the same company to Apatity, she did not return the ticket cost, and did not even bring any apologies, referred to her fault, Buying tickets in Pskov, at the ticket office, assured , And promised that the staff will meet her and help him get on the plane. When landing at the Pulkovo airport or who did not meet her, the registration and boarding for the flight to Apatity was over. The ticket bought earlier naturally disappeared, the cashiers explained if the delay was for an hour , Then there would be the fault of the airline, and in fact the delay of 55 minutes, and we are not responsible for it. The other airlines have a ticket, they had to buy a ticket for 9.300 and fly to Murmansk. People do not believe these cheap tickets and this stupid company .. . Servicing none whatsoever, serv sa no, rude employees, in service of traffic that other services ... In short, the price and quality match ......

Flights that I was going to fly initially canceled and I had to change tickets Pskovavia what later turned out to be pleased at such a spacious and beautiful airplane I did not expect.

Flying, in general, it was a success, if you do not pay attention to the background noise, there was in the tail. Not shaking. The air pockets almost fell. As for me, of course, flew, and, thank God, but for someone my feedback can play a decisive role in choosing whether to make a flight with this airline.

With the majority of Russian air carriers do not compare closely to the horror, the feet rest against almost to the chin, in general, I would know that I was not waiting for a flight, and the continuous suffering would never have this airline did not fly.

Staff are so angry, that they have absolutely no way to lead a normal dialogue, rush, almost with his fists, and in fact I was just asking, on which city we fly when landing, and whether to use the gadget. Negative impressions were.

Liked everything! The take-off is mild, landing in general is almost imperceptible! In the flight, it feels like he does not move at all, just the passengers boarded in Moscow, and a couple of hours later they got up from their seats and were in place! As for me, people suffering from aerophobia, it is worth paying close attention to this airline. Despite the fact that they flew quite low, in comparison with other airlines in the flight never laid their ears, which for me personally is an important plus. After the flight, there is no feeling of fatigue. Of course, I can not help but note that all my flights by airplanes of this airline passed in good weather conditions, and I have no idea how the plane behaves in a thunderstorm. And already on arrival at the airport we were greeted by representatives of the company who conducted a survey on the quality of the flight, considering that after landing all passengers were shooting the aircraft on cameras, I think no one had negative feedback!

Flight is simply nightmarish! The plane had long been to be sent to forced recycling, normal people on IT - you can not fly! This is the only way that lovers of extreme sports. For the first time this company flew about three years ago, the flight was fine, it was tasty, but this year I have the feeling that a pilot was put on a plane with kamikaze maneuvers - did he fly only on fighters? Why frighten people with such bends? Before departure, I watched how the stewardesses bought three packages with alcohol in Duty Free, where are they so much? I hope that at least in the air did not begin to paint! We strongly recommend that people who are in flight, above all, appreciate the comfort and safety of refuse the services of the airline!

The plane left unpleasant impressions of some kind of abandonment, or something. I got a ticket with a flight from Moscow, the flight delayed minutes on 40. When we went into the salon began to torment vague doubts, can they fly at all? All old, shabby, but the sediment was not even from this. As soon as everyone was seated in places, it was found out that the plane could not take off due to technical reasons! At this time, under the wing comes a small car, workers, screaming screaming, doing some manipulation, and the plane is finally starting. You can imagine the sensations of passengers. Who can guarantee that he is in the air do not stall, there is something there repairmen? Under the first impression I wanted to leave the plane altogether, and fly by another flight, and given that the prices for the flight by this airline are some of the most expensive and natural, that everyone hoped that the flight would be flawless!

Recently, the airline flew by plane and decided to unsubscribe own review - it's just a bus, which has attached to the wings! The upholstery on the seats tacky, a feeling that the last repair was made back in the post-Soviet era. If you are in the cabin is going on, afraid to imagine what quality have established in detail. It is striking that the plane flew in general, and not scattered in the air. I use this transport plane which even do not dare to name the first and last time.

This is not the first time I have used the services of Pskovavia, the staff is smiling, talkative. During loading onto the plane, the pilot informed us in two languages. In flight, the pilot gave us a short excursion. During the flight, blankets, newspapers, food and various drinks, both hot and cold, were offered. The flight went off with a bang. We landed without any shocks. We were very pleased with the Pskovavia airline. Thanks to the entire Pskovavia crew.

Recently flew with friends to Pskov. We flew well and quickly while flying, we were offered drinks. We took off and landed smoothly and quickly. Baggage flew whole. Very good and helpful flight attendants, the cabin clean and tidy, the toilet is also clean. All liked it.

Recently flew with friends to Pskov. We flew well and quickly while flying, we were offered drinks. We took off and landed smoothly and quickly. Baggage flew whole. Very good and helpful flight attendants, the cabin clean and tidy, the toilet is also clean. All liked it.


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