STC "Russia"
STC "Russia"

Airline Russia. Official site.

Russian Airline - the leading airline in the north-west of the country. The base of the company is located in St. Petersburg. Almost 40% of all departures from Pulkovo Airport is made exactly by the vessels of the company "Russia".

History develops for a long time - with 1934 years. In his work "Russian" to maintain and continue the best traditions of Soviet aviation.

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The company's fleet consists of modern liners. The pilot team of the company are high-level professionals who have permission to fly in difficult weather conditions and are allowed to fly on international highways.

STC "Russia" is among the ten largest carriers of the Russian Federation and therefore enjoys a very great success with its passengers, which incidentally can be performed air travel both on domestic routes, as well as in other countries of the world, including in Western Europe, Asia and so on. d.

Since 2009 years, passenger traffic growth of airlines "Russia" is subjected to the steady growth and as of the end of the year 2011, the airline was able to carry more than 3.5 million people.

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The air fleet of the Rossiya airline is relatively small, and according to data on 2014 consists of 38 aircraft, most of which will not require replacement in the near future. Despite this, the airline is trying, as far as possible, to supplement its air fleet with new aircraft - this is done very rarely, but there are clearly some successes in this.

STC "Russia" intends in the near future to expand the geography of its flights, including new routing may, principally those that will be most in demand and interest among passengers, particularly in the cities of Western Europe.

The airline "Russia" at the head of its activities puts the safety of flights and successfully provides it to its passengers. The company has already been tested for compliance of security systems with existing international standards three times. However, the company "Russia" cares not only about the safety of its passengers, but also about the comfort of flights. Depending on the flight time on board the ship, you will be offered free meals, tea, coffee, soft drinks.

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High level of international traffic has enabled the company "Russia" in the year 2000 be distinguished members of the International Air Transport Association. The management of the company maintains partnerships and concludes agreements with many airlines of the world. Such close cooperation allows the airline to deliver its passengers to almost any country. The volume of passengers served by this company is growing annually. Today it is over 3,5 million. However, the company's management is doing everything possible to keep this number growing.

The company provides its customers with a range of special offers:

  • 1) subsidized transportation from St. Petersburg and back (in accordance with the Decree of the Government);

  • 2) regular customers the company offers to buy ticket for flights that will significantly save on the purchase of tickets;

  • 3) when transporting children under 12, parents (or legal representatives) receive discounts;

  • 4) regular customers have the opportunity to receive a variety of bonuses. For example, with frequent international flights, every 6 flight is free. On the line St. Petersburg - Moscow and back every 11 ticket is provided free of charge.

You can get all the detailed information about the services provided on the official website of the company.

Airline Russia. Official site.

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Basic data:

  • Year of occurrence: 1992;

  • IATA airline code: FV;

  • ICAO airline code: SDM;

  • Domestic airline code: PL;

Contact details:

  • Address: 196210, St. Petersburg, street of Pilots, etc. 18 / 4.

  • Phone: (812) 6 333 999

  • Fax: (812) 633 38 10

  • Luggage: 8-800-444-5555 Toll-free information and reservation service telephone

  • + 7 (495) 139 76 00 ext. 5909 and + 7 (812) 633 39 99 ext. 5909 (around the clock)

  • Special Category Passengers: 8-800-444-5555 Toll-free Information and Reservation Service Telephone

Uniforms stewardess: "Russia", Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: "Russia", Russia.

Airlines of the World and Russian ...

We flew this airline to Simferopol and back, of course with early booking warned about a possible flight transfer but from morning 5.00 to evening 17.50? As a result, the day was lost on arrival, the return flight was delayed by 5 hours. There was no ad that you could get free water or food due to the delay, although some guessed to demand it. And so buy the child a small bottle of water for 100 while you wait. And then what is the use of the phrase "we apologize"? Is this the leading airline? True?

Unpleasantly surprised by the attitude of flight attendants from Bangkok, which took off with a slight delay in March 20 around 22 hours to Moscow. rather than whether the practice of congratulating compatriots on board was preserved, the answer was in boorish form that such services were paid in the company! I was so taken aback that I forgot to ask the price tag! of your company, they just laughed at me! I wonder if there is a price list for such services? So that I can prepare for the next time! I want the country to know its Heroes. show who on the boards of "Russia" sets prices for announcements on the speakerphone!

It is a shame for the company with the name of our country. Flight 5660 from UAE 29.11.2018. Unloaded from the aircraft about 30 suitcases. People were left without personal belongings, without clothes in the cold. Excess weight was not. We are waiting for an explanation.

We flew 5660 flight from OAZ 29.11.2018. company Russia. They took advantage of their personal cargo and unloaded the passengers ’baggage from the plane. Arriving in St. Petersburg about 30 people were left without their belongings and were forced to spend time filling out papers. Late for further transport to the house. Who flew in transit to other cities were left without warm clothes (they were wearing only T-shirts, and it was -6 degrees of frost outside) Leave spoiled, the disgrace of the largest company in Russia. We did not expect for such an attitude to their citizens !!!!!!!

flew 17092018 from Tunis to Moscow 3 hours sat at the airport once upon arrival the baggage remained in Tunisia, it was two that was further it's just horror and eventually missed the train the feeling that we are not people for them. More fly this company will not

According to many negative reviews, from them even travel companies are in shock. And in the company with the tour operator Bibliglobus broke all records. We were supposed to fly to Sochi from Novosibirsk 17.08.2018 in 21.05 and in fact the flight was safely transferred to 18.08.2018 in 3.15. In the Biblioglobus they reported that the delay for 2 hours, and after the fact 6 hours. And not the fact that even at this time will fly. The tour company that bought the tickets was horrified by such transportation services, but she does not know yet that at the time of the online registration (I was waiting for the opening for a second) it was already part of the cabin booked. The same story was when in 2014 year flew to St. Petersburg. In the cabin was a terrible heat, air conditioning did not work.

I'm Dolsky Natalya Viktorovna. Should have flown to St. Petersburg St. Petersburg 13 January flight SU 6012 ticket 4509636440 flight in 06: 30 in the morning. I went to the registration desk, until registration was over 10 minutes, which employee Kulikova said that registration is closed. And to all my arguments that the scoreboard that is near the counter has been shown that check-in for the flight continues. Employee Kulikova hurled my passport and did not talk to me anymore.
I ask you to understand this situation. Rudeness employee Kulikova her is not a professional action, as a result of which I had to buy another ticket. And refund me the cost of buying another ticket.

"A huge thanks" to one of the largest carriers of our homeland. Moving the operation on the hip joint in one of the clinics of St. Petersburg, I tried to get to my native Rostov on the Don, having agreed in advance the conditions of the flight (me as a person with limited capabilities) with the representatives of "Russia". I will not describe what happened in Pulkovo during the waiting and delivery of me to the airgun service (I will only say that the girl inspected me in a wheelchair at registration). Delivering me to the entrance to the plane, the young man said "further taxo will not pass." I had to get to my place by "self-propelled". With crutches you will not pass (narrow passage), and place 21f in А 319, this is the end of the salon near the small window. Thank the girls to flight attendants, helped to overcome this path. Sitting sideways, flew! By the way, pilots fellows, sat down like a feather bed. In my native, just opened the airport "Platov", I had to go to the "four legs" until the very exit. The counter workers turned away, looking at the new take-off. Once again, a blogger !!!!! I hope this was an isolated case. (I do not remember the flight number, it was 07.12.2017)

So praise your company, and where then such bad reviews. Even when selling tickets, they say that you are very poor service, food is disgusting. Yes tickets are cheaper than Aeroflot, because this attitude?

We were on vacation in Irkalion (Crete). There by plane 07.09.2017 (Tyumen) back 16.09.2017 (Pyatigorsk) are the so-called planes! I admire both times. Breakfasts are excellent, fresh and very tasty. The supply is impeccable. In addition to breakfast, coffee, tea juices. Both times excellent staff. Attentive!!! Beautiful girls!! Commanders and navigators drove the planes perfectly. I was so afraid of flying, but so softly flew that I went to sleep there. And back the good weather and I looked out the window with pleasure. For the first time the campaign was used by Russia and all were very satisfied. Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the crew of Tyumen. And Pyatigorsk remembered it. Special thanks to the commander Sergey Kalashnikov, the senior flight attendant Marina, Valeria, Olesa, and my steward Oleg. Thank you all for your softness, responsiveness and attention! Thanks to both crews for everything. Thanks to your work - now I'm not afraid to fly !! Happiness to you !!!

Hello. Please answer. 12.08.17. Flew flight 6330 from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg. Time of arrival pores schedule - 22.30 in Moscow. In fact, the flight was delayed for 4 hours. As a result, the board arrived at Pulkovo Airport at 02 one o'clock in the morning. To get home I had to take a taxi instead of public transport. The procedure for obtaining compensation for paying a taxi. Waiting for an answer. Sincerely, Yuri Saveliev.

I flew from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Moscow. A disgusting company, for 8 hours of flight, never fed, not even offered water, service and maintenance-0, the toilet is dirty, the staff is rude, all the questions are answered not rudely though. Nothing works on the plane.

Today 25.07.2017, we are waiting for the second day from Phuket. 23.07.2017 flight FV 5876 was due to fly, because a crack was found in the cockpit of the cockpit (thank God!), Our luggage was unloaded from the plane, returned, took boarding passes, and promptly sent to the hotel. Operatively for two hours, the time of departure was provided by buses and carried to the hotels of all the passengers of the 747. The hotel is excellent, met by friendly helpful staff. In the restaurant, hot food. The company is well done, this issue has been resolved. But there is one big BUT. We are not informed about anything. When we fly away we do not understand. Every now and then at the reception, new ads with a new departure time. And already 2 day. : ((((

I flew 13 July 2017 from Burgas to Moscow on FV5736.
Leaving the airport, I found at home that the lock was not on the luggage and valuable things were stolen.
You can not get through to the support team, nobody always answers!

1 July, due to flight delays at Pulkovo Airport (as explained - due to security measures), Vnukovo airport did not manage to overload baggage for 6481 flight to Vladivostok. On arrival at Vladivostok airport 2 July, the application was filled out, the Commercial Act was compiled and it was promised that the luggage would be delivered to the place of residence. 3 July from the airport called, informing that the baggage from Moscow arrived and will be delivered during the day by courier. It was 4 July, there is no baggage, it is impossible to reach the search service in Vladivostok airport - the phone is either busy or not responding. Such is the service.

Flied to Antalya and back by this company. 21. 06. 2017 flight was delayed for 4 hour. We were given a bottle of water, a sandwich and tea on the plane ... Instead of 12 night, the place was at five o'clock in the morning. On the request to put a seal and a painting on the delay of the flight there were many hiccups, as a result of the refusal. There was no water to wash hands in the toilet, soap had to be wiped off with paper (The first day of vacation was gone, even the night that failed.) In the morning it was like a broken trough. On 4-5 hours of rest for people who paid for easily and simply !!! The situation was repeated again.In the place of arrival at one o'clock in the morning we landed in the seventh morning! Nerves took the issue of the transfer, which was also paid for, and other people were waiting for it. Legs like logs, head Gudit.Ne recommend to contact with Russia! It is better to overpay and make yourself a gift in quality service and without the hassle.

Flight - SPB-Barcelona-SPb
The food is good.
No choice of juices, but it is not fatal.
We flew from St. Petersburg - it was very hot in the plane.
On the way back there was a delay, but perhaps due to the fact that at the airport for check-2 hours, and the machine was broken, print boarding passes.
On the way back to kill the people who drag huge luggage (!!!) in carry-on luggage.
I would advise the airline to comply with international rules on hand baggage.
Specifically, the requirements for weight and dimensions of hand luggage !! Do not allow passengers with hand baggage that does not meet the requirements.

The airline flew Russia 2 January 2017 from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody and 6 January 2017 back from Mineral waters to Moscow. Take off and landing on 5 with +. Skill pilots only one praise. Very professional. The rest is horror. First: Departure from Moscow was detained for 2 hours. The plane was old. The chair on the domino just fell apart on arrival (although my body weight does not go beyond the limit of 55 kg). The hinged table was dirty. On an armchair and a floor of a crumb. Sitting in the 9 row, hot drinks waited an hour. As the stewardess was running after boiling water every second. On the way back the flight was delayed for an hour. In the salon came and again crumbs around. In the cabin it was cool. I decided to call the staff using the "Call" button, in order to ask for a blanket. On my call, no one even paid attention (it is asked, why does this button exist?). On the request to give me a blanket was the answer is not provided. This is a drunken disgrace. The company belongs to Aeroflot itself !!!! The staff works like drowsy cows, not even flies. Just you smile impudently in the eyes and the whole service. A terrible airline. I do not recommend it to anyone and I will not use it myself any more.

Horror and not the airline comfortable flight conditions with infants or anyone. Moscow was flying - Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky is a simple tin if I did not take a baby carry, then a child 8 months would have been the whole flight in my arms. In Aeroflot I was provided with a cradle for babies. It's easy to note my baby is premature. Okay this is the floor of the disaster on arrival I was not given a stroller by the gangway and when I went to get it from the baggage allowance luggage the wheel from it was not lying next to me in the common stroller and it would not rest until it was two days before the flight. This was my first flight by this company and the last one. Only the question of who will compensate for the damage.

teacher of Russian language

The airline flew Russia 19 November flight Moscow - Punta Cana and 30 November back. Before the trip, like everything else, I read a lot of negative responses, about bad food and flight delays. And like I was ready for anything. The flight was certainly detained for 8.5 hours, we found out about it on the plane. There was some kind of failure (the plane apparently can not be checked in advance). At the expense of food, was pleasantly surprised, fed normally. Of course not as in aeroflot, but still tolerable. What I did not like was the lack of blankets, or rather they are, 40 pieces on 524 or 527 people, but give them primarily to children. I think the airline will not go broke if it buys rugs for the whole plane, even for long-distance flights.

This is the worst company we've seen. According to the plan the flight should be in 17.07 12.50. And now is the time of departure from Larnaca the next day in the 18.07 8.55. And where we have to spend a wonderful time? It is clear that the charter. But not to the same degree. Poor passengers with small children. Holiday spoiled because of this "junk" companies. If you have a choice, do not choose this carrier, which does not care about its citizens abroad.

This is the worst company we've seen. According to the plan the flight should be in 17.07 12.50. And now is the time of departure from Larnaca the next day in the 18.07 8.55. And where we have to spend a wonderful time? It is clear that the charter. But not to the same degree. Poor passengers with small children. Holiday spoiled because of this "junk" companies. If you have a choice, do not choose this carrier, which does not care about its citizens abroad.

I flew to V-747 2 a day ago Vladivostok-Moscow. First delay for 2 hours with the motivation "late arrival of the aircraft." Then 40 minutes in the cabin with the explanation of "unloading baggage of late passengers" (this is for 2-hour delay of the airplane!). But this is all tolerable. The main thing is the condition of the aircraft and the service. Broken plastic in the cabin. The mud is everywhere. The greasy seat belts. Poor feeding. Absence of slippers and other small things for passengers with 8-hour flight. Service in the toilet - 1 a small piece of soap, although the paper was, do not deny. This is all I'm talking about the business class, I did not see the economy class, but I can imagine.

Sponsored the weather is fine. but it is necessary to respect all regions. On average povolzhe no inhabitants on your? Well, God be with you.

Flew flight Vnukovo Larnaca 25.04.16g. the flight was postponed, instead of 06: 00ch, moved to 15: 00, 30.04.16 and back. We were supposed to fly from Larnaca to 20: 00, but we were surprised, on the eve, t.e.28.04.16g. under our door in the room 22:. 30ch, put the letter where it was written that the flight was moved instead 20: 00, at 12: 00 and take-out at 09: 00 utra.Na all calls tour operator was one answer, is guilty Airline companies and on the plane flight attendants themselves were not aware of why the flight changed, they all had to fly to St. Petersburg from the shorter rest stolen from us the whole day. That's how we work Airline companies Russian paired with Biblioglobus.

I read zhurnal.Letny composition is correct, but it's overkill PILOT. The city of Petra is a shame not to know, having a carrier as "RUSSIA" .I have fired editor. By the way there still have troubles

I fly on the debt sluzhby.prakticheski a day. It seems to be the same but DONAVIA was 10 times better -uyutnenko so at home that do not skazhezh of "Russian"

It follows the route Saint Petersburg - Novosibirsk and back 3.09 and 23.09 flights SU6541 and SU6542 respectively. With regard to professional pilots, cabin crew are all well, I liked it. But the question again to the effective managers. Who in such a long flight 5 hours planned way airplane seats with a pitch, slushkom close. Reject does not work, and the feet in the position to pass information is not included. After such a flight in the wrong posture in office only to manualist.

I'm on the flight were good memories. Family flew on board the aircraft is very clean. Everything was at the highest level. As I understand it, most passengers faced only negative at the time of the flight, and thank the seldom believing it is something taken for granted, but I consider myself to be a cohort of people who are very satisfied while Russian airline operates. If we still have the opportunity to purchase tickets to fly try with this airline.

It is quite normal airline, and then I immediately before the flight been reading about the horrors of accounting experience to passengers. Yes, the aircraft condition leaves much to be desired, it is their very old, as well as almost all used for charter flights, and on the way back did not work even one of the toilets. But I think for a flight 40 minutes you can bear, but no departure delays and very nice people who work in the company and will help you if you have any questions.

Earlier somehow never seen that plane so professionally raised in the air, and after the flight were placed on the runway. Thank you!

Before departure, I read negative reviews about this airline and as a result I was afraid of flying, but everything went surprisingly smoothly! In the airline, Russia is really good and responsive people, and maybe I was just lucky, nevertheless, even despite the delay in the flight, we were not only taken to the hotel, provided with food and a roof over our heads, but also helped with the transportation of things! On the way back they put him on the plane and immediately after the representative of the company wished a happy journey took off! I have never seen such concern about clients! Once again, thank you very much!

Direct flight to Vilnius was widely advertised on the Internet at the beginning of the year, in the beginning of May bought a ticket, arrived at the airport decided to check the punctuality of the company by checking the data in the ticket from the scoreboard and what was my surprise when I did not find my flight! The representative of the company, to whom I applied for clarifications, evasively replied that due to technical and weather conditions, some flights were canceled. And in the direction I needed from the beginning of the year, only four flights were made !!! At the same time it's good that I called the airline a week before the departure, otherwise I would not know until the flight itself that the flight is canceled and turns out to be on the number when I have bought a ticket it will not be! I had to fill out a refund form and pay a fine! At a rate of 400 rubles! As for me it's not normal to pay money to the company, which itself canceled the flight, more like a banal fraud! At the same time, money will be returned to me only two weeks later! In general, there were a lot of impressions and all as bad as negative.

Flight from "Russia" airline, went perfectly. On board it was clean. Comfortable chairs, soft and very comfortable to sit. Flight attendants were given blankets, meals, drinks and newspapers. Meals are fresh, very tasty, b on the choice of three hot dishes. The flight was normal and calm. I liked everything . Takeoff and landing were also quiet. Flew without delay. Grateful for the airlines so calm flight.

We flew with kids airline "Russia" for the first time. Flew flight Saint Petersburg - Burgas. Everything was done wonderfully. Very nice and clean planes. All the food is delicious, especially pleased with the fact that there are children's dish. The children were delighted. The flight was without any delay. Flight attendants are polite, not rude. Thank you for such a good airline "Russia".