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Airline «Royal Flight» was officially approved in the middle of 2014 years, but until now flying a slightly different name.

The carrier carries out the implementation of international charter flights to various regions of the globe on airplanes 5 Boeing-757-200, Which provides a comfortable air travel, even for a long time spent in the air.



The Royal Flight airline includes the implementation of charter flights to several major air routes, while ensuring an acceptable cost for the passengers themselves. The airline's staff consists exclusively of highly qualified personnel who not only ensure the most efficient conditions for operating flights, but also ensure the safety of the flights themselves.



Currently, the airline plans to expand its fleet, thereby increasing its influence in the field of civil aviation in Russia and abroad. The most important priorities of airline «Royal Flight» is security, which fully meets international standards, punctuality, and providing quality services.

Charter flights company «Royal Flight» performed in the cities of the world such as Antalya. Dalaman, Izmir, Barcelona, ​​Sochi, Goa, Salzburg, Hurghada, Dubai, etc.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • The charter airline rabotayushschaya international air transport;

  • Year of occurrence: 2014;

  • IATA airline code: 4R;

  • ICAO airline code: ABG.


Airline Royal Flight official website:


Contact details:

  • Domestic flights: Sochi.

  • International flights from Sharm el-Sheikh, Goa, Izmir, Barcelona, ​​Salzburg.

  • Base airport airport  Abakan

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Boeing 757-200


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Ugly attitude towards people. The company transported cargo and let it continue to do so. I never advise anyone to contact them, and for myself I put it on the "black list". It's a shame for a country that allows such a quality of passenger transportation: passengers are thrown into self-service - no water, no food, no basic attention to keeping order in the cabin.

Awful airline. The planes are old, the seats are uncomfortable, there is little space, even though I am quite small. For five hours of summer, they offered to drink once, then again the steward ran down the aisle with a bottle of water, pouring into glasses from whom they were. I haven’t seen this before. I don’t want to fly this airline anymore.

I would like to thank the crew and the commander personally for the soft landing in bad weather in Moscow 28 June 2019.

The company is terrible !!!! We flew Moscow-Phuket-flight delay without giving a reason. Now we are waiting for the return flight. The arrival in Moscow was transferred from Shheremetyevo to Domodedovo, which was reported only upon arrival in Phuket !!! Departure time 12-00, was postponed for an hour, then to 15-30, now to 16-00..JUST transferred to 17-30 !!! Arriving today has become a dream !!!. The reasons are not known. Of course, we don’t have time for a connecting flight because of delays. When we arrive in Russia, we will sue. I beg you, do not use this company if you don’t want your vacation so overshadowed by the services of this compass!

Flew 01.02.2019-back 13.02.2019. Moscow-Phuket-Moscow.

A terrible airline.
I read reviews, real only negative. The rest, apparently, written by employees of the company itself.

Only cons:
1. Legroom, no passage at all. To go down the aisle, you had to go sideways.
2. Almost the entire flight on passengers dripping water - "condensate".
3. The food is just disgusting! Uncooked, hot, lean food in general. I myself have not had enough, my husband all the more.
4. There were not enough blankets. I was sitting by the window, very much the barrel, almost froze my feet.
5. Old shabby plane

More than this a / k will not fly. Russia, Aeroflot, Nordvinsk with such a ... can not be compared.

Hello, I flew this airline to Goa 7771 18.12.2018 flight back 7772 29.12.2018 both went through, I can say very well now I do not remember the names of the captains, but I want to thank them for such a long but calm flight. I myself am afraid to fly by nature

We flew from Turkey to Yekaterinburg. The child and the pregnant woman felt bad because of the stuffiness, they refused to transfer to the beginning of the plane, explaining that the seats at the beginning of the plane are paid extra, 50 euros. The commander of the plane said that it is impossible to sit in these seats without reacting to the fact that it is bad for the child and the pregnant woman. A stewardess named Anna turned on the air conditioning system and commented: "So that they all freeze there" (this is the person we are counting on in the flight! For help and support!) Only one stewardess named Elena helped in this situation, provided assistance and Attention. What happens to people on the basis of commercial relationships, everything human is missing. There was no human reaction from the crew !!! How to trust this airline after that, which has such a responsive crew ?!

a terrible company, really stealing things, the seats are not comfortable, it is better to overpay others than to fly again on this terrible ship!

Just landed in Samara from Goa. Great flight, thanks everyone!

September 19 2018 flew from Antalya to Moscow. Upon arrival, it turned out that the luggage was lost, issued a loss, called every day, left a request on the site. As a result, the suitcase was found, delivered October 5. At autopsy, it turned out that many things were stolen (souvenirs, cosmetics, new things). The impression remained negative.

Have not yet taken off, but already angered! Why do I have to pay to have places with my friend together ?! Assembled in different angles of the aircraft. At what on registration it is thinly incised, wish to sit together to sit pay. As if they were sitting down individually on purpose!

Date of Birth: 09.03.1993
Actual address Moscow Pilot Gritsevets (ready to move)
Phone: 89030491052
Relationship status: Single

Personal qualities:
Active and motivated;
Always results oriented;
I am sociable, I easily get new acquaintances;
I am able to work in a team;

Desired salary: from 50 000 руб.
there are tolerances for the Boeing 737-500-400-800. with work experience.

Today flew from Antalya. The airplane was delayed for one hour. The commander was Andrey Kuznetsov. the flight was smooth. It landed remarkably. Thank you.

For the first time we flew by the ROYAL FLIGHT company, which operated a charter flight No. 8544 Pattaya (Utapao airport) - Blagoveshchensk on August 19.08.2018, 6, upon arrival our luggage was opened, the packaging was completely removed, the suitcase as a whole was lighter by XNUMX kg. and there were a lot of people like us who were robbed, mostly alcohol, they pulled out expensive shoes from us, we made a claim in the airport dispatch service, where they told us that it was with your airline that this happens all the time, anyone in general knows this situation? Only I turned from our flight, the others did not even start to contact, maybe this is the calculation?


Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.

Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78,

We were hostages of the situation of flight RL7506 06.07.2018/06.07/7 Enfidha - Moscow. The plane was supposed to take off 45 at 300:7, postponed for a day. it was defective. We were first put on board, held there for two hours, however, offered drinks, and then dropped off and we sat in ignorance for several hours not understanding what was happening. Nobody came to us from the representatives of the company. At first we thought it was financial problems. No! It’s quite another matter! On landing, before our eyes, they began to repair our plane. Disassembled the turbine by screws. There was something like that they all flew off in different directions. Then they took up the second. Thank you very much to the girl who began to call Anex Tour and say that we will not fly on this plane, so that we will be provided with another board. The only one who came out to us was the aircraft commander and explained the whole situation to us. Thanks a lot to him. And a deep bow that I decided not to take off. Then the movement began. We were fed, in the so-called restaurant, a hamburger and a bottle of water. Then we went through customs control again and began to wait for buses to transport us all, and this is more than 15 people, to the hotel. Placed, fed and in the morning of the next day again unloaded us into the airport building. The flight was supposed to be at 10'XNUMX, as a result, we flew away at XNUMX o'clock on the same "wood" that was being repaired before our eyes. When they took off, it smelled burnt. They braked so that it smelled of burnt rubber. In short, if you want to live, you do not need to fly this airline. At the expense of food I will not say anything, a snack on the plane and there is a snack, but the fact that the seats do not unfold and are very cramped is a fact. It feels like the seats were welded in order to accommodate more people, like in a minibus. There were still not enough "cuffs" on the side. Horror!!! The worst company there is. Everyone wants to grab more money and do nothing. In the end, people !!! choose another airline, just not this one. God forbid you. Many thanks to the pilots who were able to deliver us safe and sound.

The beginning of the holiday is spoiled, delayed flight Novosibirsk-Camran, the flight was scheduled for 21: 40, transferred to 08: 00. The company is big MINUS. We sit waiting while they are hanging out.

On April 7, 2018, we were supposed to make flight 8772 Phu Quoc-Yekaterinburg. When checking in for the flight, the airline, if you can call it that, sold its passengers "superior comfort" seats, the price tag varied from $ 20 to $ 100. Those who could not afford to buy a comfortable place or did not want to, were planted where they had to, mainly in the tail, including children. So they and I ended up in the most "VIP places" to feel the full range of emotions from what had happened. They took off normally, began to feed us supper. An hour after takeoff, we began to shake, announced that it was a normal turbulence and ordered to fasten the seat belts. I was shaking very hard, we were falling somewhere all the time. I opened the porthole. I did not see the right engine, only part of the wing, but I saw the fiery flash quite clearly. It was already quite obvious that something had happened. The flight attendants ran back and forth, no one told us anything. The shaking continued, we were lurching to the left or we were changing course, I don’t know. It was very scary, scary from the unknown. The children were crying, many were sick. Then the senior flight attendant announced that we were forced to land at the New Delhi airport and the plane would begin to descend. Decreased very sharply, it seemed, we were falling. Everyone clung to the handrails. Thank God the PIC landed the plane and saved us all. Then we learned, both from the flight attendants and the passengers who were sitting next to the engines, that the right engine had failed, and the on-board computer showed a breakdown of the left engine. Therefore, the crew and the pilots themselves looked through the windows with the engines. We were also told that there was a threat of damage to the second engine. Now it's scary to even think about it, what would have happened if ... if the captain hadn't made the decision to land the plane, if he hadn't checked the readings of the on-board computer ... everything that happened after landing was insignificant, yes, they weren't allowed to leave the plane for three hours, because we issued visas, yes, we got to the hotel at three o'clock in the morning (sat at about 18.00), yes, we did not see any representative of this company and all the information was transmitted by word of mouth through passengers, but it didn’t matter anymore , for me personally, the main thing is that everyone remained alive and still got home. And no one is interested in what happened, no checks, no proceedings! People continue to fly this airline.

What did you smoke before departure? With the refusal of the right-bank to the left? Captain in the window saw the threat? And told everyone (testimony of the bortcomputer). I did not read a lot of nonsense in my life!

14 February 2018g flight RL8672 We express our great gratitude to the pilots for the soft take-off and inconspicuous landing! And special thanks to Stewardess Anastasia, who with her professional skills and especially unique smile lifted the mood to all the passengers of the flight! I wish that such Stewardesses were always aboard the RoyalFlight Thank you for the wonderful flight!

Everything is great! A huge thanks to the crew of the RL 8109 flight from Chelyabinsk 15.10.2017 g, as well as to the crew of the RL 8010 flight from Antalya 25.10.2017 for professionalism and a pleasant flight!

I saw good reviews and bad ones. I did not have very pleasant memories from the flight.
I flew at the end of June 2017 from Antalya to Royal Floy for the first time (I had not even heard of it before). The plane has already seen the century)), in my case it was a Boeing 777-300 it seems (maybe I got this, I do not know on other planes of this airline did not happen and argue that all the same I will not). But this is the sin of most airlines, and even more so of charter flights. This was not surprising. I take it easy. My goal is to leave a review, and not to discredit the company!
The takeoff from the plane is more vertical - it was the first time it collided. I do not treat myself to cowards and panic-strikers, but not an adroit feeling to be honest. In addition, the plane was shaking from its take-off to Moscow and frankly irritating the nervous system. This was with me already on the Yamal Airlines (but not so much), and from a friend the same heard about Yamal.
The delay was for 40 minutes, which was reported immediately at the airport. This also applies to standard situations with charters.
Well, that the armchair is small, there is not enough room - this is, but for a charter this is also a standard.
Meals, too standard (I did not come to the restaurant, I do not understand the indignation of many about this).
The commander of the ship immediately apologized for the delay in departure, because of the delay from Moscow (they fly so I understood back and forth as the minibus) and warned that the weather conditions in Moscow are NOT VERY VERY MUCH.
The father-in-law, take-off, shaking by itself the entire flight (the shocks were decent in the cabin were), and landing in the rain, gave even stronger thrusts along the plane, apparently crashed into the clouds rain (and they have a different density as is known).
When we left the airport, we could not see anything at all because of the rain. On this day, and ups were carried over because of the storm and rain).
In general, the aircraft is old-fashioned, who does not like the meaning of flying on it (that would be to discuss the entire flight and spit). Most of the planes that offer the tour company Anex tour and Intourist are the same. The choice is not great for those who are expensive to fly regular flights of more expensive companies.
The crew of the plane thanks for the professionalism! And even on this and in the downpour to fly and plant can without overlap.
But today I have no desire to "shake" one more time)) If it had lasted not 2,5 hours, but on a different route, then this is just a mockery for the nervous system.
My opinion is based on comparing the flight from Moscow to Antalya on Wim Air and back to Royal Fly.
Wim flew so that if you do not look at the porthole, you will not even understand that you are flying (no noise, no extra jolts and turbulence). Although this airline is also written differently. But if you choose between these two, then definitely Wim. Although they are often put so, one is taken there, the other is back, for example. The same charter.
So good luck and a pleasant stay !!!

A wonderful air company! I express great gratitude to the crews of 7795 25 flights on June 7796 09 July to Rhodes for highly professional work! Thanks to flight attendants and stewards, commanders and pilots of both crews for a pleasant flight !!!!!

I do not recommend it to anyone! Delay in antalya 16 hours, not a fact that will not prolong. Tour operator in my case Pegasus, head in the sand! I ignore calls! Why when the bus breaks, provide another? And here a day blah! All the rest of the pro ... I'm going! People pay this kind of money. The airplane can not find the scavengers

Sergei, from what city was the flight? I'm afraid of a repeat of the situation in Nizhny Novgorod.

I'm currently on Corfu, the delay is 18 hours, and it's not a fact that it will not last. The question why, the answer is not given a plane! You can not get through to the company! Do not fly this miracle company. Neither the hotel nor the food was provided

The worst company, together with tour operator Coral Trevel, flew to India, the plane was delayed more than 12 hours.

I read yesterday's delayed flight from Moscow to Tai on 14 hours. Why the people did not come out a company representative? You do not respect those who bring you the money?

Good afternoon! January 27 8568 I flew a flight from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk, everything was very good, but I forgot in the cabin its brand MaxMara glasses on the seat 26a, I urge you to give me back ochki.Spasibo.
my el.adres

Good afternoon! He flew with this airline in Bangkok 14.01.2017 8539 the RL flight from Nizhnevartovsk and back 25.01.2017 flight RL 8540. Flight is very pleased, no complaints at all. Takeoff, landing perfectly! Staff friendly, polite, do everything with a smile) were fed twice, the food is delicious, hot three names, no complaints. Places in the sun, too, enough with my growth 182 cm., A number 39, (even do not recline the back for the entire flight) any inconvenience is not felt at all. Thank you very much staff for a good flight, and flight attendants smile, nice to look at. Keep it up!!!

Many thanks to the crew servicing the flight 8568, flying from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk 15 January 2017. When the aircraft was fully loaded, the cabin crew worked very clearly. Quickly distributed, quickly collected, just enough. And gas of water, and smiles. But special thanks to the commander of the ship. We, the passengers, always always want to hear the pilot's voice as a guarantor of safety and stability of the flight, but often they are meager in relation to us. But not at this time. A sweet voice, a fervent tone amused the passengers and removed the tension before and after the flight. Many passengers after the flight, in the zone of customs control, assessed the eccentricity of the commander, discussed what kind of fellow he was. And just a little more kind words than the instruction requires. It can be seen that this man is very fond of his work and his passengers. And the crew, accordingly, does not fail him. Low bow to you, passing wind and peace to your families and homes.

Hello, I'm acting steward, experience with 2008 years airlines: Russia, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines. 12.03.1983 188 gr .. weight growth 80, education incomplete higher tolerances on the A-319 / 320 / 321, 767-B, An-148, 2021 VLEK to year. The airline Ural Airlines at St. Petersburg, ended temporary employment contract, ready to move to Moscow. Thank you.
Sincerely, Dmitry Mikhailovich.

Hello! Your airline flew to Greece on about. Rhodes (Rhodes-Omsk 29.09.16 and 09.10.16 Rhodes-Omsk) .Mne thought on one plane, but I could be wrong. And in the opposite direction and it is very easy to take off and gently sat down and the entire flight took place perfectly. We fly often, so there is something to compare. Many thanks to the crew commander Lukyanov (sorry, I forgot the name) and the entire crew for the wonderful flight. I was the first time in his life enjoyed the flight, rather than stress, as often happens. Thanks again. Prosperity to you and grateful passengers.

Good afternoon!
On October 7, our company was returning from a corporate event with Fr. Sardinia to Sheremetyevo on charter from "Royal flight".
The day before, 6 October, I got a sports injury of the central joint of the ring finger on his right hand. And at the time of boarding the whole finger was already swelling, mainly due to compression of the engagement ring. I myself am a doctor, and he knew that in 5 hours, the time of arrival in Moscow, my health forecasts could be very unfavorable, up to the loss of a finger.
And I'm talking about the hottest word of thanks to Catherine Rybalkina because that day she was part of the flight attendants brigade that she knew (even in theory) way (!) - In such cases, remove the ring by a thread, that Catherine was able to save cool, that was able to successfully carry out (though not immediately), this complex manipulation, and help me in this emergency!
To be honest, on the success I especially did not expect and was prepared for the worst ...)
Catherine, once again I say to you thank you !!! Good luck and all the best! ))

Flight RoyalFlight 7501Svo-Cam Ranh-SVO with 6.09.2016-18.09.2016
Just yesterday came from Nha Trang and while memories are fresh in the morning 5 decided to write a review for such a coward as I-Pilot)) I'm one of those who is very afraid of flying, but flying)
We bought a tour, we knew that we were flying these airlines and I decided to take a look at the responses about this airline a week before the flight (about God, why I did it) and what was not there !! But I think it's not worth repeating, if you read my review, it means that they also read))) the point for the delivery of the tour was the last tip that remained in my head-Fly them, it's like Russian roulette !!! ))) One aunt wrote! Note to her that everything is all right, she flew and wrote here this infernal tip! Well the girl from the tour agency persuaded me !!! And so because of what is not adequate people could stay in rainy Moscow or pay thousands of 50 for Aeroflot)
Now, as for the flight! Everything went just magically !!!! Notice both there and back !!! Although the pilots were different! Boeing 767-300 is very large and can be seen a good aircraft! Never got into turbulence !!! Yes it was no-no, fasten your seat belts, we went into the zone of turbulence, slightly rocked and everything on it !!! Landing was excellent, although in Moscow they landed in the cloudiness of 30 minutes !!!! And all Ok! And take off the same !!!! And there, and back !!!! So the coward pilots fly calmly, they have good pilots and planes too! If I find a burning tour and again the flight will be them, then I will not fly and will not shake like this flight because of these terrible reviews !!! And in general, read less before the flight! Same can not be avoided! Destined to drown not hang !!!!
And, quite forgotten .... candies carried the food was delicious, juice and water were given twice and tomato did not end !!!! For some, it is more important than a fly! All good flight !!!

Thanks for your feedback, I cheered, but I have such a state now I read many reviews and I think to call the agency and refuse this company, but now I have calmed down

There was a flight charter Krasnoyarsk-Bangkok-Krasnoyarsk in August 2016g.Bort and the crew in both directions were the same. The work of the pilots was excellent, the flight there was with decent turbulence (the pilots did everything to bypass such zones), landing soft. The airplane is clean, the 757 Boeing is narrow between the rows, but the seats are comfortable. Eating: there was breakfast (for men it is not enough, enough for women ), Back - dinner (already with a hot dish). The porters, on the return flight, were tired (they see they throw from the flight for the poor flight (charter costs), but they did their work as they should. Thank the crew, our whole family for your work!

The family flew in August 2016, Krasnoyarsk-Bangkok-Krasnoyarsk. And they flew back and forth by the same Airborne and with the same crew. The pilots work super, the landing is soft, there was a decent turbulence, so the pilots tried to bypass such zones. On the return flight were tired (see from the flight on the flight throwing the poor without a break, it's the same charter), but they did their job impeccably. The airplane was clean, the step at the seats was certainly too small, but the seats themselves were comfortable. Eat: they left early in the morning, Fed breakfast (sandwiches and scrambled eggs / pancakes and dumplings But for tea with a biscuit (for men, I think this at 6,5 hours is short, for children and women, for the eye. At the return to the night, the voyage was already served with dinner (salad and hotter), tea 2. All the family was satisfied with the flight, in comparison With other charters-a very decent company !!! Thankful to the crew for the flights!

I would like to leave feedback about the RL 7505 flight flying -Enfida Moscow. August 20 2016 years .osobenno want to commend the work of flight attendants who served Vladislav business class very attentive charming man with whom it was very good to fly ask the company's management to acknowledge the work that the employee would be more such people in our aviation

A very unpleasant impression was left after the flight on 03.06.2016/7504/XNUMX, flight RL XNUMX Djerba-Moscow. From my suitcase, eau de toilette was stolen, bought in Moscow in duty free. The package was not opened by me, because I bought it for a gift. At Zarzis airport there was a delay in departure, they "worked" with my suitcase, apparently there, and at Sheremetyevo I received my luggage quickly. So draw conclusions about what they can steal or put in your suitcase. Bad .....

And where the airline?

Hello, I want to leave a response for the leaders of this company and future passengers .... we flew 7508 flight from Tunis to Moscow ..... I would like flight attendants to be more comfortable with a passenger with children ... Why take off and landing do not issue A belt for the child sitting on his knees, and at the same time demanding that he woke up, asleep in his spare little tired little man, took in his arms, supposedly for safety .... Why stewardesses can not help with packing the box from the brought lunch box ... .my them that, shit covered M, after the same girls give them to us .... Well, you see that the child is sleeping on his hands .... help, and the cries of children are less and hassleful ..... and the child was awakened and just got out From the package 2 boxes and 2 glasses .... after, all this I want to say .... the Russians hate each other for the fact that: someone is working, and someone is resting .... And more: in all countries Strollers take away and give out at the entrance to the plane, but only not in Russia .... while still saying that they say it's hard to lift them from the luggage compartment, and we are easy to drag 2-3 children in their arms in the night time and hand luggage for yourself .....

This airline really doesn't care about the passengers at all! Charter flights departing from Sheremetyevo to Antalya on October 9 are constantly shuffled like a deck of cards. Night and morning flights, convenient for tourists, are postponed to daytime after checkout! Flight 7701, announced at 4.00:13.15, was postponed to 4. We have to guess on the "coffee grounds" to choose a convenient departure time. We have to do it XNUMX (!!!) times. It seems that the flight program is made by novice employees who practice on passengers and tourists! Departures with this "company" should be avoided whenever possible!

Disgusting airline not caring about the passengers !!!! Flight 80 08 Antalya-Ufa (03.09.2015) due to weather conditions was redirected in Samaru.Lyudi almost a day were at the airport of Samara, they have not offered any hot tea or a piece of bread. The passengers of other airlines, which are in the same situation in the same airport of Samara flying to Moscow and St. Petersburg, has been offered food and a hot drink! Airline representative in Ufa, which I rang incessantly 4 September never took the phone !!!

11.06.15 flew Arkhangelsk-Antalya, everything is tolerable except food, if at all it can be called pianiye.A here 23.06.15 from Antalya, the second day I come to myself from ignorance, and maybe even the rudeness of the flight attendant, who served passengers from 11 series, badge with a name he does not have It turned out that it turned out that I took 10 candy / specially / the size of the string on 3-x / I, the husband and the child /. It was said: do not be impudent, but with what kind it was necessary to see! I gave him 6 pieces for delivery, and then suddenly the company will become poor. After the climb, no one came to the call until they started delivering water, and all that was needed was a blanket on take-off, the child fell asleep and was cool. Maybe someone has read, Why pick it up, but no, it's not cavils, believe me! My life is connected with aviation 38 years, what is flying work I know from nutri. And this young man wants to say: Kindly you have to be to the passenger, and not look at him as an enemy of the people.

Thank you Royal Flight companies because they provide a decent level of their flight passengers. He flew with young children, because they provide decent nutrition and proper care.

Surprised striking modesty company. On board there is nothing superfluous. All employees are fit and slim. The only drawback was the slight delay in the flight to Moscow, but this disadvantage is not so much essential.

When departing the plane broke down and no longer subject to repairs. New flights in the coming days could not give, because we needed tickets were sold out well in advance side. Those people who had nowhere to live, provided the hotel with a complimentary lunch and dinner.

Great happiness to fly with this airline. After we went to the landing many of the passengers from the timidity even started cheering for pilots conducted qualitative fit.

Planes tidy, very neat interior, felt that his condition carefully monitored - it inspires not only more confident, but the intention is only to use the services of the airline. I would like to express, their respect for the staff, who for meager patch properly carries out all of its functions.