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Airline RusDzhet

Airline RusDzhet. Official site.


Russian air carrier "RusDzhet" positions itself as the airline carries out execution of VIP-flights in different directions. In addition, the company provides its aircraft for any purpose, business aviation.


Features airlines' RusDzhet "

"RusJet" is one of the young companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, which was able to achieve relatively rapid development and recognition among customers. Despite the large number of companies in this service sector, RusJet Airlines managed to get a sufficient number of clients for development. 

The main focus of work is business flights to anywhere in the world. As emphasized by the company's management, the services provided are not a luxury, but act as a really necessary element for a modern and successful business. To this end, the company is doing everything possible for the most comfortable and efficient customer service. Modern aircraft fleet and professional employees of the company allow you to occupy a leading position and gain loyalty of passengers. 

All orders are carried out very conveniently and in a short time. This is what allows customers to rely on prompt and quality service. This takes into account all the wishes of the customer. 

The company serves aircraft purchased by businessmen for their needs. This provides the basing machine at the airport company, namely Vnukovo-3. "RusDzhet" conduct an effective recruitment and training of crew. All the maintenance unit is also carried out by the company without participation of the owner. Customers can count on high-quality software flights. You can use the airplane at any desired time.

In cooperation with the airline "RusDzhet" can significantly save money on charter and commercial flights. For mutually beneficial partnership, agreements are drawn up between the company and the client. 

"RusDzhet" The airline has in its fleet of more than 20 aircraft business class, are equipped with modern technology allows the implementation of air travel from one point of the globe to the other in the best possible conditions.

The carrier "RusDzhet" is based at the airport "Vnukovo-3", from where the flight to the different regions of the world, including the CIS countries, Western Europe, Asia, etc. countries

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in the VIP-charter business jets.

  • Year of occurrence: 2006;

  • ICAO airline code: RSJ;

  • Internal airline code: SHT;


Airline RusJet. Official site.

RusDzhet Airline (RusJet). Official site.


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RusJet has always been a bunch of muddy people. However, after the change of shareholders and the appointment of the new director, Odintsev, everything became much worse (Odintsev, by the way, was brought to RusDzhet immediately after his high-profile criminal case on which he was passing, due to theft in Russia SLO. Almost from the courtroom they took put directly in the director's chair in RusDzhet)
Odintsov brought all his accomplices who had been with him in one criminal case with him, put them in leadership positions. And these people have nothing to do with aviation at all. They would just steal.
Those rare specialists who still remained in the company in every possible way survive, bringing their weak-minded friends and relatives to their place (just like in Tajikistan). Where can this company come with such a team? The answer is obvious.
There is no question of any flight safety, employee and customer care.
Obviously, the task of the new leadership is to simply extort all the money from the company and destroy it. And this is clear and visible evidence.
There are no prospects for the company, but it is better for potential clients (employees) to bypass it.

RusJet is an airline with a poor reputation and unsystematic management. The goal of the head is to transfer the accounts to the owners to fence with them as profitable as possible, by kickbacks. Where Rosaviation is looking. The acquaintance there works, says they are buying parts from uncertified suppliers in view of the manager's secret instructions, but the commissions (MTU Rovayatsii) show a list of certified .....

Despite the many positive reviews about this company's performance I do not have any good words addressed to them, the plane reminds skotovozku, with a corresponding appeal to the people. It feels that passengers simply interfere with flight attendants live in peace, and they are not too lazy to vent us all the accumulated anger.

It turned out that the rooms on the plane is not specified and the people sit where they wanted. Since the sign of the last one got a ticket in the vicinity of the toilet, which is why the flight for me turned into a living hell! Never inhale or exhale in one word.

Flew with the company more this winter and I can say that the planes that were on my flight were absolutely clean, no rubbish, I did not see under the seats. People also have got adequate. Especially explain how you can give feedback on the airline, based only on the fact that you do not like your neighbors around the cabin? In the end, the company can not be held responsible for the fact that customers are boors. But the flight attendants really great. You must have nerves of steel just to work in such conditions.


Just at the time of my flight at the airport, it was announced that the plane could not fly out as bad weather conditions were in its destination. Despite the fact that Rey was detained from 10 in the morning until the evening, the company managed to transport passengers to the maximum allowable level in this case. We flew at once, as soon as the weather got better. Of course, my plane had to be missed and I only got to the next one. The matter is that first of all transported passengers with children, however, I will not say that it spoiled my impressions of the trip. In any case, I flew away on the same day, so the vacation did not darken anything. The return flight was stable and did not leave any special impressions. In general, the company can not predict the atmospheric phenomena, and with their role, representatives handled perfectly.

I got the tickets in advance, but later I had the desire to change the departure date. I came to the airport in search of a representative. To my inquiries, the staff explained that it was located directly on the benches along with the passengers. Immediately the question arose in reliability, because if the company can not even give them a small office ... well, okay. In the end, after greeting them, she described their problem to them, to which they told me in surprise that they did not change the date !!! Therefore, I will need to hand over my ticket, pay the appropriate penalty, and only after that buy a new one on a free date - here explain to me is this a normal service? In all normal companies, employees are required to exchange a ticket, but RusJet itself to such, probably does not rank! In general, after all this, I will never again buy tickets of this airline without a strong need.

Excellent airline! Responsive attitude to customers, explain in detail all the questions, and the flight is carried out above all praise. Insanely glad that used the services of airlines RusDzhet. Amazing service and excellent staff, as they say what more could you want ?! Very happy! If you there is a choice, be sure to try to get tickets from RusDzhet, recommend it to everyone. My score just perfectly! I will always buy tickets of the company! Thank you.

Airline "RusJet", very pleased. The pilot, while we were loading the plane, told us some information (at what altitude the flight will be, where we will descend, the approximate time of arrival, etc.). The flight was successful. Delicious ginger food and drinks were handed out on board. Also, blankets and the press are given out as needed. I liked the flight very much. Many thanks to RusJet airline.

A couple of months ago, I flew with RusJet. The planes are clean inside and outside. The pilot is a master of his craft. Takeoff and landing were made on time, flew by very quickly. Nice food and drink. The flight attendants are sociable and answer passengers' questions. Everything was great, thank you. I think that I will fly again soon.


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