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Ryanair is an Irish airline that has become known as one of the largest budget airlines in the world. At the very beginning of its career, in the mid-80s, Ryanair was a classic airline. Literally a year after the start of operations, the company begins a fierce struggle with its rivals Aer Lingus and British Airways, cutting ticket prices by almost half.

Company owners, a family of Irish millionaires in the first five years of existence, the company suffered huge losses, but do not give up their venture, and continued to invest in the development of the airline.

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To reduce the company's management costs to ensure passengers canceled free drinks and food. To save on maintenance, the company left in the air park is only one model of aircraft. These measures have borne fruit, and 1933 company Ryanair for a year transported more than 1mln. passengers. This allowed the company to expand the fleet and increase the number of passengers to 1936 3 million BC.

In 1997 year airline Ryanair shares were put on the stock exchange and became acquired by its employees. Next 1998 year was marked by the acquisition of new aircraft and the opening of the official website of the airline, where passengers can book tickets on any flight.

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Until 2006, the company is constantly growing, opens its own bases on the continent, absorbs unprofitable companies, due to which it significantly expands the geography of flights, and gradually completely replaces the air fleet with qualitatively new and modern airliners.

The company's management is trying to make money on literally everything. Passengers now pay only for the flight, all other services are provided for a fee. The check-in has even been canceled at the airports. Now it is possible only through the Internet. Registration is only paid and required. An unregistered passenger will simply not be allowed on board. The company manages to save even on the delivery of passengers to the plane. Here he is simply absent. The planes are driven as close to the terminal as possible, and passengers get there on foot.  

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The provision of food and drinks on board is also not included in the ticket price. All these restrictions will please the most important - the price of a ticket is half that of the same flights with other airlines. 

  • Country Airlines: Ireland.
  • The largest budget airline company in Europe, the second largest in the world.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1985.
  • IATA airline code: FR.
  • ICAO airline code: RYR.


Ryanair (Ryanair). Official site: www.ryanair.com


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Kaunas, Dublin, Manchester, London Stansted.
  • Mailing Address airlines: CorporateHeadOffice, DublinAirport, Dublin, CoDublin, Ireland.
  • City Airline Phone: + 35318121212.
  • Airlines Fax: + 35318121213.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • International flights: Alicante, Aberdeen, Almeria, Alghero, Basel, Ancona, Bari, Balaton, Belfast, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Bergeras, Bilund, Biarritz, Birmingham, Bilbao, Bologna, Blackpool, Bratislava, Bournemouth, Brest, Bremen, Bristol, Brindisi, Brussels, Brno, Bydgoszcz, Budapest, Valladolid, Valencia, Venice, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Verona, Hamburg, Vaxjo, Gothenburg, Genoa, Glasgow, Gdansk, Granada, Grenoble, Derry, Graz, Doncaster, Dinard, Durham, Dublin, Zadar, Dusseldorf, Inverness, Salzburg, Cagliari, East Midlands, Carnasson, Karlsruhe, Kaunas, Ka Klagenfurt, Kerry, Krakow, Cork, La Rochelle, Lamezia, Leeds, Liverpool, Linz, Limoges, Lodz, Lyon, Maastricht-Aachen, London, Malaga, Madrid, Malta, Malmo, Maribor, Manchester, Marseille, Marrakech, Montpellier, Milan, Nimes, Murcia, Nice, Nantes, Newcastle, Knock Island, Aarhus, Newki, Palermo, Oslo, Paris, Palmade Mallorca, Perpignan, Parma, Pescara, Perugia, Pau, Pisa, Poithers, Poznan, Porto, Pula, Prague, Rome, Riga, Rzecov, Rimini, Santander, Rhodes, Santiago de Compostela, Saint Tropez, Seville, Zaragoza, Tampere, Stockholm, Trapani, Tenerife, Turin, Trieste, Faro, ToursLorVeli, FrankfurtHann, Fez, Fuerteventura, Friedrichshafen, Jerez, Hagesund, Szczecin, Shannon, Eindhoven, Edinburgh, Esbjerg.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  Boeing737-800.


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ل يسمح باصطحاب مجفف الشعر (السيشوار) ووضعه في الحقيبة على متن الطائرة؟

ticket to another company for the flight Gdansk - Barcelona aanulirovan due to illness. Departure from Barcelona in July 31. please clarify whether there is a possibility to book a flight on the new ticket of your company in October of Barcelona and how many co-payment?

There was a slight flight delay, after which we were at an accelerated pace to register and luggage. The plane took off almost immediately, as we explained to the pilot on the speakerphone, they make up for lost time at the airport during the flight. Very happy with this service.

All issues can be resolved on the Internet. Live departures and other changes, warned in advance. The only negative is that the money spent on the ticket, supplemented by the amount that we must pay for it to get to the airport, therefore, the price for the tickets is obtained is the same as in other businesses.

It feels like the plane on which I flew was before hospital ward, circle some oppressive sterility, personally I like never encountered even in the air wire times more than the house, it seemed to be a delay, or more, that may be, that spoil the flight, however, everything went perfectly. The company just great, nothing to say!

Excellent work company, which is not less debugged clockwork. Even without the knowledge of languages ​​it is very difficult to get confused as to the airport and everywhere hung signs pointers. Baggage is medium in size with no delay is scanned on the tape. At the same time, keep in mind that the so-insignificant price, greatly reduced if you fly without any luggage. I recommend!

I took a flight from Lappeenranta-Girona, Lappeenranta-Bergamo-Athens Sharleru and (Brussels) -Riga, impressed with the lowest prices, one of those that I was able to find in these areas. Clean, comfortable, convenient, Friendly staff. And do not care, do not feed, you can always bring your chocolate to back in flight.


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