Airline SAS Norway
Airline SAS Norway

Airline SAS Norway (SAS Norge). Official site.


Country Airlines Norway.

Budget airline company, the name of the past BraathensiSASBraathens.

Year of occurrence airlines: 2004.

IATA airline code: SK.

ICAO airline code: CNO.


SAS Norway (SAS Norge). Official site:

Norway SAS (SAS Norge). Official site.


Contact details:

Main airports Airlines Oslo Gardermoen.

The mailing address of airlines: SASBraathensHeadOffice, 0080Oslo, 1330Fornebu, Norway.

City Airline Phone: + 4767597000.

Airlines Fax: + 4767591309.

E-mail Airlines: [email protected].

The airline has the following types of aircraft:  Boeing737-400, Boeing737-500, Boeing737-600, Boeing737-700, Boeing737-800, Fokker50.




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