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Saudi Arabian Airlines is a Saudi airline. The company provides transportation on regular domestic and international flights, serving more than 90 destinations. The airline Saudi Arabian Airlines was the largest carrier in the region, but due to the growth of other airports and airlines became the third largest.

In 1945, US President Franklin Roosevelt presented a plane to the King of Saudi Arabia. This event marked the beginning of the development of civil aviation in the country. The national airline of Saudi Arabia was founded in September 1946, and was fully subordinate to the government of the country. From that moment until the end of 50, the company continued to grow slowly, but steadily and consistently.

Saudi Arabian Airlines plane

In 1962, Saudi Arabian Airlines acquired two new Boeing 720 airliners and became the third Middle Eastern company flying jet aircraft. In 1963, according to a memorandum signed by the King of Saudi Arabia, the airline became a fully independent organization.

At the beginning of the 70s, the first cargo flights between Saudi Arabia and Europe were launched. In connection with the organization of a new business line, the company purchased new models of airliners. At the same time, a new division has been created, designed to serve members of the royal family and politicians from around the world.

In 80, the company's work is aimed at expanding the geography of flights: periodically new regular routes open up. At the same time, in-flight catering was organized and business class service was open on some flights.

Saudi Arabian Airlines inside plane

In 2000 was Saudi Prince has signed a contract for the privatization of Saudi Arabian Airlines possibilities. In this regard, many of the main organizations responsible for the on-board power supply, repair and maintenance of aircraft and aircrew training were withdrawn from the airline company and became an independent organization.

Saudi Arabian Airlines stuwardress

The priority activity of the company is the comfort and safety of passengers. On board, you will receive a warm welcome, will offer a choice of dishes from different countries of the world. The airplanes are equipped with comfortable seats equipped with adjustable head restraints and footrests. On individual displays mounted in the backs of the seats, you can watch videos and TV channels.

Basic data airline Saudi Arabian Airlines:

  • Country Airlines: Saudi Arabia.
  • National Aviation Company of Saudi Arabia.
  • Year of appearance AK: 1947.

Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: SV.
  • ICAO airline code: SVA.

Airlines is a member of the Alliance: SkyTeam.

Saudi Arabian Airlines. Official site:

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Uniforms stewardess: Saudi Arabian Airlines. Saudi Arabia.

Uniforms stewardess: Saudi Arabian Airlines. Saudi Arabia.

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its cool

Eating only a national and well-fed. I did not like that offered alcohol, and generally fly much more convenient than travel by car.

I can not say that the company is bad, but they could pay a little more attention to customers, while the vast majority of reviews have been positive.

The Company primarily take care of the safety of passengers. To me this realization helps to overcome an instinctive fear of flight.

Delayed flight to Moscow more than 40 minutes, but as it turned out it was not yet the test because on arrival we barely stood in line to receive the baggage. The feeling that it is infinite! I thought even that late on another plane, but nothing happened. The food was good, his son was given crayons and coloring. In general, nothing new about the experience of flight can not say with this airline. All the usual, the same as in all others, including the giant time delay.

The airline just super! In May, he flew from Cape Town to Riyadh Riyard (King Khalid) to Airbus A320, then this even now from Riyadh to Bangkok and vice versa, and the final destination was Moscow (Sheremetyevo). Service on board is excellent, served delicious oriental cuisine on the seat mounted displays. Conveniently I am sitting, eating delicious, watching cartoons, movies, listening to music. Friendly stewardess. I recommend.