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Scandinavian Airlines - the leading carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Depart on the aircraft in 180 90 destinations. In 2012 year passenger companies amounted to almost 26 million., Which made Scandinavian Airlines on the ninth position among the largest air carriers in Europe.

The airline was founded on August 1, 1946, when three major carriers partnered to establish Scandinavian air travel. In addition to passenger air transportation, the company is engaged in aircraft maintenance and cargo transportation. The company is the undisputed leader among competitors in terms of punctuality of flights and the number of unique services provided to passengers.


In 1954 year Scandinavian Airlines was the first airline, which organized transpolar flight. By 1956, the number of such flights has grown to 3-x per week. During 50-ies this route gained a lot of popularity among American tourists allowed in 1957 year to open another similar transpolar flight.

Scandinavian Airlines gradually began to control the entire domestic aviation market in three Scandinavian countries, through the full or partial acquisition of shares of local airlines, including Braayhens and Widerqe in Norway, Linjeflyg and Skyways Express in Sweden and Cimber Air in Denmark.  

In 1965, the company was the first to put forward the idea of ​​electronic booking of tickets, and in 1982 it was the first to come up with a proposal to create separate lounges for business clients.

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In 2004 year Scandinavian Airlines has been divided into four airlines, and five years later they were the same again merged into one large company. With the advent of a number of low cost carriers has become a Scandinavian company to incur losses and was forced to cut costs. In the first phase have been sold the shares of other smaller-scale carriers and restructured own activities. These measures have reduced the company's costs of 23%. The next few years, the company operates in the same direction, as it was the main condition for the continuation of the work of Scandinavian Airlines.

Today, the company owns a fleet of aircraft and 130 makes daily about 150 thousand. Flights to different countries of the world.

Traveling with Scandinavian Airlines is easy. It is enough to use the electronic ticket reservation system and choose one of three service classes. 

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Basic data Scandinavian Airlines Airlines:

  • Country Airlines Sweden.
  • United National Aviation Company of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1946.
  • IATA airline code: SK.
  • ICAO airline code: SAS.
  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


SAS-Scandinavian Airlines (SAS-Scandinavian Airlines). Official site:


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Uniforms stewardess: SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

Uniforms stewardess: SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Denmark, Norway, Sweden.



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Hello! How can I buy a piece of luggage, since my ticket includes only carry-on luggage?

Prompt, bought plane tickets Oslo-Billund, mail sent tickets, but I accidentally deleted. I have a letter code (which I wrote when buying), I can once again get the ticket?

I do not think that a small cost can offset the disadvantage of the loss of luggage, lack of normal maintenance and flight conditions. I did not like very negative impression.

Flight heavily detained as a result of late for a connecting plane. I asked the representative of the airline, which quickly made a decision on this issue and gave me a ticket with a later flight, for which I am truly grateful to him.

There is a situation when the company's flight was a huge turn, scary even imagine by the number of days people could fly. Well at least I decided at that time to buy tickets to the other firm. Now even seeing the announcement of huge discounts, very carefully treat them.

Flew this airline several times, and the flight is always delayed at least 2 hours, if it comes to carry while in tickets once on later that passengers do not have to crowd in the airport waiting for an explanation from the representative, who, by the way, is not it easy to find - it is hiding something? Moreover, these flights are a great success. So urgent request, you adjust, finally the system crashes, this lawlessness is not in any airline.

Flied Lufthansa in the following direction Copenhagen-Munich-Moscow. Copenhagen did not find the Lufthasa registration desk, only SAS was written on the stands. I noticed the Departure index, went there and rested on the conveyor and the frame. Not knowing that this is the entrance to the sterile zone, I began to pass control. There was a household knife in my backpack. Finding this, the servant began to yell at me. I tried to say that I wanted to put my backpack in my luggage, but I just got lost. She continued to yell, completely without listening to me. Then she took out a box of cardboard with the inscription SAS, which she sent in the direction of the SAS racks. To get there it is possible minutes for 15, then as much back and yes even repeated control, I had to abandon the knife. But despite this, the servant carried my backpack for a re-scan. Finding nothing, I finally went to the sterile zone. As a result, all things had to be taken with them to the plane, and then in Munich three hours everywhere with them to drag. And all because SAS - the main one at the airport in Copenhagen, just too lazy to indicate on the racks information for customers of other airlines.


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