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Severstal Airline

Airline Severstal. Official site.


The Russian airline Severstal has been operating regional passenger and international flights for over 12 years. During this time, the air carrier has proven itself perfectly, offering, in particular, cheap air transportation services to cities of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders, such as Moscow, Sochi, Murmansk, Helsinki, Burgas, etc.


Features of the airline "Severstal"

Russian airline "Severstal", based in the city of Cherepovets was founded in 1991 year. Initially, the main task of the company were air transportation management company "Severstal". As for regular passenger flights, they began to be implemented only 1998 years. The main areas were flights from Cherepovets to St Petersburg and Moscow.

It should be noted that the pricing policy in the early stages of formation was quite high. Further development allowed to increase the number of aircraft, due to which the geography of flights expanded. At the moment, the company operates as regular flights throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. 

Airline "Severstal" offers custom charter flights business jets that can carry out a flight to anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, in comparison with other companies service bit rates are too high. However, the airline may offer a more convenient service and exclusive offers for every customer. Frequent flyer program, companies enjoy preferential cards that help save.

At the end of 2015, the Severstal fleet consists of 13 vehicles, most of which are of foreign origin. 

Among other things, "Severstal" the airline also offers its customers services and charter flights. This is one of the few airlines that implements the client waiting for 3 days in the case. if you want to carry out the implementation of the flight in the forward and backward direction.

According to the beginning of the year 2013 company fleet consists of aircraft 11:




To date, the airline continues to develop intensively, and the route network of the airline is gradually expanding to cover all the new destinations.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • on resort destinations domestic and international, regular and charter flights from Cherepovets.

  • IATA airline code: D2;

  • ICAO airline code: SSF;

  • Internal airline code: D2;


Severstal Airlines. Official site.

Airline Severstal (Severstal Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: airport, p / o Botovo, Cherepovets district, Vologda region, Russia, 162693,

  • City Airline Phone: + 78202675204;

  • Airline fax: +78202675233;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • Base airport airport  Cherepovets, Moscow Vnukovo.

  • Domestic flights: Moscow, Anapa, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Cherepovets, Sochi.

  • International flights: Helsinki.

  • The airline's fleet includes Bombardier Challenger, Bombardier aircraft CRJ-100 / 200Yakovlev Yak-40.


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Call me please 8 (812) 642-29-99 Anton.

Always afraid of landings, but in Apatity KBC sat like a god !!
The flight attendant is still in love)

a great company. small plane, a single air pocket, perfect calm stewardess. Thank you! Good luck to all

Like that tickets are available not only on the internet or at the airport, and drove on the way home to their office - it has significantly reduced the time to me. I and the tickets they bought, just because. What is seen every day on the way home company sign and when the question arose with the acquisition said to his brother before us that will fly here.

Forced to do the obligatory insurance prior to departure. Even when I offered to write a receipt that the company responsibility for my life, in which case it can not be held, I was still forced to insure, citing the fact that they may not be allowed to board without her man. It seems to be a trifle, but you even can not imagine how the staff had time for me to get bored, while until I elaborate on its necessity. The feeling was that they at me now with his fists thrown.

We flew to London on the company's business, with us had to go, and our general. Imagine what my surprise when it turned out that we will fly a comfortable aircraft, designed only 10 people! Food and interior on top, even could not imagine that people can fly with comfort.

I liked that we offered with a friend to rest in the VIP lounge before the actual time of departure. Control Zone overcome quickly, and all the time while waiting for the plane, and relax your body and soul - very cozy! In addition, the possibility to leave the car on the parking lot airline could not help but rejoice. I am delighted, and from the service and from the flight!

Personally, I do not understand where this airline has so many positive reviews. Stewardesses are unusually rude and can not give a single clear answer to the question posed by me. The food is terrible, and even though the flight was very long. The only thing that pleased it is the smoothness with which we took off and landed. And the company's management, in my opinion, should carry out explanatory work with the collective about the boorish attitude. In the end, this generates the overall impression of the company, which personally, like most of the passengers, has remained very negative.

I flew a plane to Severstal. After reading a lot of negative comments about the company on the Internet, he expected the plane to fall apart before takeoff, however, this is complete nonsense. Of course, the flight was detained at once for several hours, but the plane, submitted for landing, was completely new. Even the usual noise in my ears did not feel. And takeoff and further landing went just fine, thank you very much. We flew on vacation by this airline, and the flight was detained immediately for several hours, but it's not even that, a lot of bad reviews about the quality of flights, but all this is nonsense, pilots umnichki, flights are very smooth! Takeoff and landing are just wonderful, thank you more.

I want to express my enormous gratitude to the crew for the qualitatively completed flight. I'm terribly afraid of airplanes, but after learning how long it takes to drag along the train - I decided and never regretted it! As soon as I got sick, the boarder started giving me commands, so I did not turn off until the landing, and when I left the plane, I was immediately handed over to the ambulance. I wish such a sympathetic person not only speedy promotion, but also maximum life success. It is very good that Severstal hires such serious and qualified people for flights. Thank you very much!

I decided to fly to visit. And my friends advised me to Severstal. At first I doubted this airline company, but then I realized that I was wrong. Very polite and helpful staff, the seats are comfortable and soft. Cleanliness on board. The pilot made a good takeoff and landing. They were offered blankets, tea, coffee, cold drinks, and food. I will continue to use Severstal Airlines.

Good evening. I would like to share my impression of Severstal Airlines. I flew from Murmansk to Cherepovets. I was very pleasantly surprised. The plane turned out to be new and beautiful. Takeoff and landing were done professionally. Loved the food, delicious and hot. I will only fly with your airline. Thanks.