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Singapore Airlines is Singapore's largest carrier. Formed a company that for several years now deserves the title of Singapore's best carrier, in May 1947.

The geography of Singapore Airlines flights is very extensive - around 40 countries of the world. Almost all flights of the company are made from the base airport located in the city of Singapore. This geographical location of the main airport of the airline has its advantages and disadvantages: it is possible to make non-stop flights from Europe to the countries of Southeast Asia and Australia, but it is impossible to make the same non-stop flights to major US cities. The airline's fleet includes about 100 units of airborne equipment.

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Making the most frequent long-haul flights, the company’s management is primarily concerned about the comfort of its passengers. Most of the aircraft are ready to take on board passengers in accordance with the three classes of service. Only this company makes its customers an exclusive offer - to make a flight aboard the Airbus A380 with maximum comfort. So-called suites will make your flight unforgettable. Passengers will be provided with a separate cabin, equipped with everything necessary. Here you can hold a business meeting, be alone with your loved one, or just isolate yourself from prying eyes. In all classes of service you will be offered a choice of several dishes prepared by the best chefs. If you have any special dietary preferences, the airline’s cooks will be happy to satisfy your every desire, it’s enough to order special meals 24 hours before departure. In addition, you can order a separate meal for your children.

The airline provides its passengers with a wide variety of services, and not only during the flight. For example, by purchasing a boarding pass, you can become a member of the Basic Singapore Stopover Holiday or Singapore Stopover Holiday program and get the opportunity to stay in comfortable hotels at discounted prices, visit a number of Singapore attractions on a special tourist bus for free and much more.

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Like many other airlines, Singapore Airlines has developed the Kris Flyer frequent flyer program. Due to the accumulated miles, you can get a free ticket, book a hotel room, order dinner at a restaurant, or simply upgrade the service class during the next flight.

Basic data of Singapore Airlines:

  • Country Airlines: Singapore.
  • International Airlines, the national air carrier of Singapore.
  • Year of appearance AK: 1972.

Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: SQ.
  • ICAO airline code: SIA.

The airline is a member of the alliance: Star Alliance.

Singapore Airlines (SingaporeAirlines). Official site:

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Uniforms stewardess: Singapore Airlines. Singapore.

Uniforms stewardess: Singapore Airlines. Singapore.

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Salon is equipped with very high-quality built-in seat monitors. You can even use your own headphones or gadgets if you wish. There are no obstacles on the part of the staff you will not find. Photographed before boarding the plane from all angles and is now showing photos of friends are always telling you how easy to fly with this airline.

Of all the aircraft on which I flew, the company has opened for me the most good first class on earth! Stewardess responds to the slightest turn of the head, and about the perfect care, I generally keep quiet! while leaving the aircraft privilege does not end there! Until that time, until you peresyadesh in another plane representative accompanies you solve all possible issues. I am delighted.

Do for yourself departures that fly with this airline in the holiday period is impossible. Firstly, the great difficulties with the purchase of a ticket for a specific date, and during the flight the airport was just packed with people. Planting announced with great delay, and when finally able to get to his place was scary happy. The first time was able to relax for the day. After such a crazy day already do not pay any attention to interior flaws, nor the almost complete absence of monitoring by staff.

I liked the equipment of the aircraft and in-flight magazine, which for reference is in the chair of each passenger, the flight turned out very interesting.

I fly on Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines in. Only the good impression. I thought not survive ten hours flight. But it was almost imperceptible. And the cold did not feel, because given a warm blanket and the first request they brought me another one. All flight passengers tasty food. entertainment system is much like a lot of movies, sound quality. Conveniently enough, put on the headphones and did not hear. Friendly staff that does all my requests. We see that everything is very much tried.
A Changi - a real fairy tale, especially if you go there after our harsh winter. Flowers, herbs, carpeting, treadmills, ponds with fishermen, pleasant aromas of flowers, everything is clean, beautiful and new. It is safe to drink water from the tap. A sense of peace around. This is probably the most pleasant journey in my life.