Airline Sirius-Aero
Airline Sirius-Aero

Airline Sirius-Aero. Official site.


Airline "Sirius-Aero" was founded in 1999 year as the airline operates charter and the VIP-flights.



  1. Name of company:

The official name of the organization

Limited Liability Company Airline "Sirius-Aero"

Sirius-Aero LTD

Short name

Ltd. AK "Sirius-Aero"

Sirius-Aero LTD


   2. Scope of the organization:

Brief description (no more than 255 characters)

The largest private business aviation company in Russia, which provides charter flights on VIP-class aircraft.

Activity of the company

The organization and execution of irregular (charter) air transport

Management of aircraft

Aircraft maintenance

brokerage services

Business activities

Charter Flights


Aircraft Management




Brokerage Services

Detailed description

Date of incorporation: 05.10.1991g.

Aircraft base: Moscow, Vnukovo-3 Airport. The airline's fleet consists of 9 aircraft of the following types (RA- and Bermuda DCA 83bis commercial registration): Hawker-1000A, Hawker-850XP, Hawker-1000A, Tu-134A-3 and Tu-134B-3; British Aerospace 125-700A; British Aerospace 125-700B.

Description in English

established 1991 (5th October)

The largest Russian business aviation airline with quarter-century history. Airport base - Moscow, Vnukovo-3 international airport. The current fleet includes 9 business jets. Sirius-Aero provides 24 / 7 services.

     3. Contact information of the organization:



Region (Russian Federation)


Actual address
(City, street, building, office)

121354, Moscow, st. Dorogobuzhskaya 14, building 1, BC "Partner"

Legal address
(City, street, building, office)

125047 Moscow st. Chayanova 22, building 4

(Country code, area code, phone number)

+7 (495) 989-61-91

(Country code, area code, fax)

+7 (495) 979-7516

e-mail organization

[email protected];

[email protected];

The website

Contact faces:
(Name indicating the position)

Executive Director - Nikolai Yakubenko

Deputy General Director for Commerce - Udodov Alexei

Head of Commercial Services - Avdeev Alexey


4. Extended information about the Sun:




British Aerospace 125-700A


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


British Aerospace 125-700B


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


British Aerospace 125-700B


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Hawker 1000A


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Hawker 850XP


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Hawker 850XP


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Tupolev Tu-134B-3


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Tupolev Tu-134B-3


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


Tupolev Tu-134A-3


based Airport: Moscow (Vnukovo)

Airport base: Moscow (Vnukovo)


   5. Certificates and licenses:

  • Operator Certificate number 207 from 18.01.2012g .;
  • The certificate of conformity for the maintenance and repair of the number 2021140129 29.04.2014g .;
  • The license to carry passengers from the number of PP 0049 26.09.2014g .;
  • The license for the carriage of goods by number GHG 0271 26.09.2014g.


Features airlines "Sirius-Aero"

The company "Sirius-Aero" is one of the largest airlines operating in the territory of the Russian Federation. A large and modern fleet allows you to efficiently carry out regular and charter passenger traffic. The base airport is Vnukovo-3. In addition to the modern aircraft fleet, the dignity of the company is a solid team of professionals with extensive experience in aviation. Pilots have a high qualification level, which allows for safe flights. 

The company works around the clock and without days off, which allows customers to use airliners at any convenient time of day without any restrictions. The client has the opportunity to use the helicopter transfer to the airport. 

Services Company "Sirius-Aero":

• Professional organization of VIP-transportation by modern airliners.

• Charter flights of clients by helicopters at a distance of up to 600 kilometers.

• Aircraft are managed by private owners.

• Effective organization of customer service in VIP terminals at all airports in the world.

• Serving drinks and meals from the best restaurants for all tastes.

Work airline "Sirius-Aero" is carried out with all international standards and approvals. At the same time all the passengers on board can rely on a high degree of security and compulsory insurance.

Today, the airline operates charter flights within the Russian Federation and abroad, particularly in the CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe. Due to the small value of the services, the airline is well proven in this market segment.


In the near future the company is planning to purchase additional aircraft and expand its activities, including increasing the number of destinations.


Airline Sirius-Aero. Official site.

Airline Sirius-Aero (Sirius-Aero). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Shturmanskaya, 29, Moscow, Russia, 119027;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74956506867;

  • Airline fax: +74956507838;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].

  • Base airport in Moscow airport Vnukovo.


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Recently I decided to fly to visit. They offered to use the Sirius-Aero airline. When boarding the plane, the pilot informed us in two languages. All staff are welcoming and friendly. During the flight, the flight attendants offered blankets and magazines and newspapers as needed. Later, various delicious drinks and food were offered. The flight was calm. On approaching the 'finish', the pilot said that we will soon be in place. I liked the crew. They do their job very well. Thanks to Sirius-Aero Airlines.

Very good airline "Sirius-Aero". Everything is done very professionally. The plane is very comfortable and clean. No extraneous odors. The workers are very good. Delicious food, good selection of drinks. I liked everything very much. Thanks for the wonderful airline.