Airline SCAT
Airline SCAT

Airline SCAT (SCAT). Official site.

Airline SCAT - one of the leading airlines in Kazakhstan. Headquartered in Chimkent. Base airports are in Astana, Almaty and Aktau. The carrier provides domestic and international flights to CIS countries, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey. China and Thailand. Also, the airline is engaged in cargo transportation, and production of the Antonov aircraft performing agricultural work, in particular the task of air ambulance and processing fields from pests.

The company was founded in SCAT 1997 year in Shymkent. Initially the staff consisted of 17 associates, who were engaged in their own development and collection of documents, painting of aircraft and furnishing offices.

The first regular flight was done on the aircraft AN-24 1998 in the direction of Almaty - Kyzylorda and back. As of today, the annual passenger traffic has more than 1 million.

Classes of Service

On regular flights of passengers are provided 2-class service.

  • Economy class. On board passenger gets hot meals and drinks. It also provides daily newspapers and magazines, warm blankets and soft pillows for relaxing. If the passenger is traveling with the child, he was given an interesting children's magazine «Aspan» with coloring books, puzzles, and exciting bright pictures.
  • Business Class. Passengers are accommodated on a comfortable chair, may choose hot and cold dishes from a rich menu, as well as tea and coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks. Blankets and pillows are provided for your comfort. Business class passengers at the airport in a dedicated waiting room.

Animals and Luggage

Each SKAT airline passenger is allowed to carry free baggage weighing up to 20 kg. If the weight exceeds the norm, you must pay the amount for each excess kilogram according to the carrier's tariff. It is allowed to carry hand luggage in the aircraft cabin with dimensions up to 55 x 44 x 20 cm and weighing up to 5 kg.

It offers services of transportation of the diplomatic bag accompanied by a courier. This cargo can take with you into the cabin, but the weight should not be more than 80 kg. Under diplomatic baggage in the cabin is given a separate passenger seat.

To be transported in the cabin fragile items or musical instruments are requested to book an extra seat. Permission is granted to the weight of the cargo to 75 kg.

The ships of the company SCAT Carriage only pets. To do this in advance to warn personnel carrier and produce a document authorizing the importation of animals into the country of arrival. The animal with cells must weigh no more than 8 kg.

Promotions and special offers

The company often holds various promotions, providing discounts on tickets. For example, in honor of the holiday on March 8 and 9, women are given a 30% discount on the cost of the flight. Information about all promotions can be found on the official website of the airline SCAT. 

Basic data on SCAT airlines:

  • Airline country - Kazakhstan

  • The largest regional airline company in Kazakhstan

  • Year of appearance: 1997

  • IATA airline code: DV

  • ICAO airline code: VSV

  • Internal airline code: DN


SCAT (SCAT). Official site:

SCAT (SCAT). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Airline City Phone: 8 (7252) 300 509, 211 827

  • Airline Mailing Address:  Shymkent, Kunaev boulevard, 13.

  • Airline Fax: 8 (7252) 99 88 80

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected]

  • Russian office phone: +79165622572

  • The base airports of the airline are the following airports: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent


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  • Domestic flights: Aktyubinsk, Aktau, Astana, Almaty, Bayan Ulgiy, Atyrau, Zaysan, Zhezkazgan, Kostanay, Karaganda, Petropavlovsk, Kyzylorda, Taraz, Semey, Urjar, Uralsk, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk

  • Flights to CIS countries: Baku, Astrakhan, Yerevan, Dushanbe, Krasnodar, Kiev, Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Samara, Rostov, Tashkent, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi

  • International flights: Goa, Antalya, Istanbul, Sanya, Utapao, Urumqi, Sharjah

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: Boeing737-300, Boeing737-500, Boeing757-200, BombardierCRJ100 / 200, AntonovAn24, YakovlevYak42.



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I fly 20.03.2019 to 11.35. I can't pass online registration

A disgusting company. The most disgusting, shame aviation. Ticket changed 3 (three !!) times. Docking is broken, no power. the airline does not provide water or hotel. NO ONE TELEPHONE ANYONE REPRESENTATIVE ANSWERS! The letters are not answered. Do not disgrace Kazakhstan!

25.09 I'm flying from Domodedovo to Taraz. whether electronic registration possible?

Tell me please! Is the Astana-Tomsk flight included in your company's spring-summer flight plan? And (if included) what period will be performed. Thank you.


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