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The airline "SKOL" is a carrier using for civilian flights almost exclusively helicopters. flights shedule itself was founded in the year 2000 and today shows quite effective their work.

A brief history of the development of the airline "SKOL"

History of formation and development of the airline begins to 2000 years, when it has passed registration. "SKOL" - a route which is registered in Surgut. Just one year of its existence, the branch in Krasnoyarsk was established. Operator Certificate was obtained in 2001 year. It is possible to carry out cargo and passenger transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation existing helicopters and airplanes. Soon, the company received approval for international flights. Regular clients are oil and gas companies in Russia.

International customer service began with the year 2007, when the company's helicopters carried out fire fighting in Greece. A year later, SKOL became a helicopter carrier in Haiti from the United Nations, while humanitarian aid was being carried out. With the same status, the airline's cars performed delivery of goods in Pakistan 2010 of the year. 

The SKOL company’s heliport is removed from Surgut on 37 kilometers, it has equipped platforms for landing and parking of helicopters of all types. The technical and flight base is located at the airport “Cheremshanka”, also operates a representative office in Moscow. 

For all time of the work in the company there was one catastrophe with human victims. It occurred in November 2015 of the year, when an AS.350 type helicopter near Khanty-Mansiysk made a hard landing. As a result, 4 people died. 

Basic service airline "SKOL":

• Video and photography of the territory from helicopters.

• Fighting fires of any complexity.

• Passenger Transportation.

• Conducting search, rescue and medical operations.

• Installation work and transportation of goods.

As of the year 2014, the airline actually stopped implementation of civilian air travel and uses its fleet of cars exclusively for commercial purposes, in particular for the flyby of forests, transport of goods, monitoring the status of oil and gas pipelines, etc.

At the beginning of the year 2014, in the fleet of the airline "SKOL" is 31 5 helicopter and aircraft:

  • 10 Mi-8T;
  • 7 Mi-8AMT;
  • 7 type helicopters Mi-26T;
  • 3 helicopter Mi-171;
  • 3 helicopter type AS-350B3;
  • 1 helicopter Mi-8MTV.
  • 3 light-engine aircraft Cessna 208 Caravan;
  • 2 aircraft Yak-40, Converted to business aviation.


The airline "SKOL" is based in Krasnoyarsk airport Cheremshanka, and in addition, the aircraft operator also owns a heliport located in 37 kilometers from Surgut.  

Hello. Help please find a brother. He worked (maybe working) in your company. Trofimov Alexey A. 1993. The last time I got in touch was 22 July.

So after all chipped or FALCON?

good company

Before leaving the plane had technical faults. The heat was such that even adults become ill, not to mention the children. As a result, one child collapsed and instead of finally include air conditioning or at least open the door they were in the same stuffiness waited for the ambulance. Only after the doctor started shouting to the entire interior of a passenger contents stewardess finally turned on the air conditioning. I do not understand, but she could not guess without shouting?

Planes of the company aimed at the very fast delivery of passengers, even if in flight is delayed along the way, everything falls into place. The only difficulty waiting for passengers at the airport, which easily could have lost their luggage or sent to another city. Very fortunately I not experienced, but she saw repeatedly how much time you need to spend forces to organize a search!

Obbegat lot of airlines, and the Director-General of the agreed transport my son to Moscow to carry out the operation. Only thanks to him and the doctors the child not only survived, but also goes on the amendment, for which he thank you very much!

A good airline, not yet had time to guide snickering at state-owned grub. And the plane they flew on schedule and in a way nothing had happened, that I am personally very surprising given that all the planes were old and probably since the days of the Soviet Union.

The aircraft is absolutely new and clean, and despite the fact that in the majority of peers equipment is falling apart literally in the sky. Each place enclosed wet wipes, which is quite convenient, not to take the same food with dirty hands. About nutrition should be discussed separately, it is very, very high quality, the last time I ate such food as a child my grandmother. In general, the flight remains insanely happy. Especially considering that the flight was on schedule, and any possible changes immediately notify handsfree. Well done even nothing to complain about!

Recently flew to Turkey and want to say that it was the most successful flight of my life. Flight of the wonderful weather conditions allow the window to watch passing clouds. How nice, and given the highly courteous attitude, a person, I want to literally extend the trip! You guys are fine fellows, establish a performance manage not every airline - I recommend!

A great airline, fully responding to its name. Departed without delay and decided to get a ticket back from the same company, when the flight was bad for a woman, but the stewardess not only quickly brought her to life, but also maintained morally until the end of the journey. It would be more than such employees. You feel much more confident, knowing that if something suddenly happens, you will be provided with all the required assistance. The flight in both directions was as smooth as possible, personally I had the impression that we were just floating in the air, and this is just a nightmarish weather situation. I express great gratitude to all the working staff of the Sokol airline and thanks for your excellent work.