Airline Somon Air
Airline Somon Air

Airline Somon Air (Somon Air). Official site.

Somon Air - Tajik private airline, which is the base airport Dushanbe International Airport. In addition, the airport is operated Khujand. At the time the company was founded in her possession was only one aircraft. The first flight was made in February 2008 in the direction of Dushanbe - Moscow and became a regular. Further airline "Somon Air" has purchased more 2 aircraft and expanded route network, linking Dushanbe with many cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

As of today, the airline fleet consists of airplanes 6:

  • Boeing 737-300 (capacity - 148 passengers) - 2 units.
  • Boeing 737-800 (capacity - 189 passengers) - 2 units.
  • Boeing 737-900ER (capacity - 184 passenger) - 2 units.

Liners Boeing 737-900ER purchased directly from the factory, and Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-300 fly on wet-lease. The average age of the aircraft is 5 years.

Classes of Service

The choice of airline customers one of the two classes of service:

  • Economy class. It provides a standard set of services - meals (hot or cold depending on the distance of the flight), coffee, tea and other soft drinks. Entertainment in economy presents a great selection of movies, TV shows and music.
  • Business Class. Available only in the aircraft Boeing 737-900ER. Business class is designed for 16 people and is located in front of the aircraft. For passengers developed a rich menu with a wide range of beverages, provided travel sets, pillows and blankets.

Animals and Luggage

All luggage carried by the client company Somon Air, the company is subject to inspection personnel prior to boarding the aircraft. Taking luggage carrier assumes responsibility for its safety, as well as responsible for the safety of their passengers. In the case of transportation of valuable cargo passenger can pay an additional fee, and then if you lose it will be refunded the full value of the goods.

Passenger economy is allowed to carry up to 20 kg of luggage, business class passengers - up to 30 kg. However, in some areas increased free baggage allowance, this information should be checked with the cashier at the time of ticket purchase.

Overall dimensions of luggage in all three dimensions should not be more than 158 cm (economy class) and 203 cm (business class).

The cabin is allowed to take hand luggage dimensions up to 116 cm and weighing up to 5 kg. As necessary, you can carry more baggage weight, but better to resolve this issue in advance before departure.

Allowed only pet in the luggage compartment on the advance agreement.

Special Offers

Often the company Somon Air offers special advantageous offers in various areas, more details about which can be found on its official website. 

Basic data on Somon Air:

  • Airline country - Tajikistan

  • The first private aviation company in Tajikistan, flights to China, Russia, Central Asia, Europe

  • IATA airline code: CZ

  • ICAO airline code: SMR


Somon Air. Official site:

Somon Air (Somon Air). Official site.


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Flew sz 105 Dushanbe-Dubai on January 19, 2019. I had a passenger with me who flew on an airplane for the first time. During the flight, I realized that he had a panic, but later he seemed to get used to it and got used to it, and several times leaving for the restroom, he changed seats in the rear cabin of the aircraft and received a note from the steward. 20 minutes before the pass, he suddenly felt bad and I realized that he was about to start vomiting. To which I reacted and asked the steward to bring a bag for vomit, but the Steward in a rude manner simply dismissed me with the answer "WILL BE HARD"! Then what happened by nature should have happened. All the vomit is on me and on the chair and on the floor (((. I don’t know the name of the steward ... but one of them was a Russian guy. So drive such stewards in the neck! I will complain further ... and ask you to bear the responsibility of each steward and stewardesses for passengers and be more attentive.

Please, write how much it costs to transport kg. Baggage in excess of the norm for the flight Krasnodar-Dushanbe