South African Airways airline
South African Airways airline

South African Airways airline. Official site. 


South African Airways - The national airline of South Africa. The airline flights to 38 destinations worldwide using a fleet of airliners 54. South African Airways - the official carrier of the Association of Tennis. In addition it is the only African airline, which is classified in the prestigious 4-star Skytrax rating and, according to this list, for several years been recognized as the best airline in South Africa.

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South African Airways was established by the Government of the country in February 1 1934 years. Almost from the first days of the company has already entered the international aviation market, organized flights to Kenya and Uganda. In the early 1940-ies many carriers were forced to suspend their activities in connection with the outbreak of the Second World War, but the South African Airways managed to stay afloat and even continue to grow in this difficult period.

10 1945 November was marked by the opening of the first flight to Europe. This was made possible thanks to the acquisition of new aircraft.

In the early 50-ies of South African Airways is adding to its air fleet a new Boeing 707, the first flight to Europe which took place in the year 1960. Already two years later began to use jetliners on scheduled international routes.

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The next few years, the company continued to grow, but because of the difficult economic relations with other countries it is happening very slowly. In this regard, the company management has made a bet on the development of air links with Asia, and all efforts were focused on the opening of new routes in this direction.

In 1990, after the abolition of state support, the company's activities began to develop more rapidly, new routes, mastered new directions were opened. As a result of this work in the South African Airways the same year named "Best Airline in Africa." A year later, resumed flights to New York, Egypt and Sudan. In subsequent years, the airline route network continues to expand. Adds Flights to Miami, Australia, Manchester and Hamburg.

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In 1994, the South African Airways launched the business of the subsidiary which was engaged in air transportation in the country.

To date, South African Airways is the largest airline in South Africa, with the most numerous and modern aircraft fleet. Numerous awards of the company prove the high quality of service 


Basic data:

  • National Aviation Company of South Africa.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1934.
  • IATA airline code: SA.
  • ICAO airline code: SAA.
  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


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Uniforms stewardess: SAL South African Airways. South Africa.

Uniforms stewardess: SAL South African Airways. South Africa. 



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Flight weather conditions 5 detained for hours while the air with the pilot made up for a certain period of time, and although in the end I was late for the appointed time, but it still was very pleased.

I do not like the fact that the air conditioning is too much. As a result, coming from completely frozen the aircraft, I immediately caught a cold. A lot of effort and funds spent on treatment. It's a shame that I have repeatedly asked him to turn off, or at least to make weaker, but my requests were ignored.

One of the most decent airlines, especially for the money that they ask for tickets. In comparison with other companies of the business class it is here to save. The staff are so schooled that to them for the entire flight was not a single complaint!

Departure delayed for an hour. Staff polite, girls are constantly cruising the cabin with soft drinks. I, frankly, have the impression that I was lying on the couch at home! Everything is done with maximum convenience. The only food is rubber, but that's not the point. You great big plus! Well done.

Not a bad company, I used it four times. Sensation is ambiguous. With one strong school - Suid Afrikaanse Lugdiens (once considered one of the best airlines in the world), but the service is average, stewardesses are ill-bred. As for the convenience of joining, maintaining the schedule, etc. - no problem. Meals average, sometimes better, sometimes worse. First flew with South African Airways in 1996 year. At that time it was still SAL / SAA. Then there was good service, friendly smiles, professionalism. Now - how lucky. But anyway, the company can not be called bad. She just became worse than she was. He decided to switch to Emirates, which is more qualitative in my opinion.


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