The airline Tajik Air
The airline Tajik Air

The airline Tajik Air (Tajik Air). Official site.

Tajik Air - national carrier of Tajikistan. The base airport is in Dushanbe, the company also operates airport Khujand. At the time of foundation in 1930, the airline carried only domestic flights, but today it is not only in the domestic but also the international air travel market.

Over the years the airline has acquired new planes at the present time continues to upgrade its air fleet, which totals 37 aircraft (AN-26, An-28, Ma-60, Boeing-737-400, Boeing-737-300, Boeing-757 -200) and 3 helicopters (Mi-8 MTV). On scheduled flights are constantly involved 12 liners. The rest is stored in the hangars of the aircraft technician for further replacement.

Tajik Air provides air transportation of passengers, cargo and baggage. The company also carries out repair sun and their maintenance. The carrier aims to achieve perfect security missions. The airline soon plans to expand the geography of flights.

In the salons liners Tajik Air passengers provided service economy and business classes.


According to airline policy, shared baggage and carry-on baggage are allowed free of charge. The carry-on baggage allowance is up to 5 kg per adult and child over 2 years old. If a person is traveling with a small child, he is allowed to take on board a car seat, carrier or folding stroller.

Also included in the room you can take:

  • laptop in a compact storage bag;
  • a small bag;
  • camcorder or camera;
  • printed books;
  • cane, umbrella;
  • plaid robe.

It is strictly forbidden to carry the following items:

  • powder, peroxides;
  • suitcases, boxes with alarm;
  • high explosive and gaseous substances.

Helpful information

Air carrier "Tajik Air" provides an opportunity to buy a ticket for an aircraft flight online. You can pay for the ticket by credit card. Having bought a ticket in this way, you need to print the itinerary receipt, but even if it is lost, the electronic ticket is saved on the website. When checking in, the passenger must present his passport and itinerary receipt at the airport ticket office.

To purchase a ticket for certain categories of passengers (pregnant women, children, disabled people) you should contact the sales office. A pregnant woman must present a medical report stating that she has no contraindications for air travel. 

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Basic data of the airline Tajik Air:

  • Airline country - Tajikistan

  • National Aviation Company of Tajikistan

  • Year of appearance: 1924

  • IATA airline code: 7J

  • ICAO airline code: TJK

  • Internal airline code: TD


Tajik Air. Official site:

Tajik Air (Tajik Air). Official site.


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