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Thai Airways is the national airline of Thailand. The company was formed in 1988 year, has its headquarters in Bangkok and the main airport Suvarnabhumi. From the main hub, the airline flies to 75 destinations in 35 countries of the world, using the fleet of 80 aircraft. The airline received the status of the operator, organizing the longest in the world non-stop routes between Thailand and New York and Los Angeles. However, due to rising fuel prices and, as a result, air tickets, the company was forced to abandon these flights for an indefinite period.

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Thai Airways dates back to 1960, acting as a joint venture with SAS, which was the owner of 30% shares. Later, part of the shares bought out the Thai Government and Thai Airways began to act as an independent air carrier. 25 May 1991, the company's shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

14 May 1997 year, Thai Airways, along with other companies became the founder of the first and largest Star Aliance alliance in the world.

For 2000-ies of the company's management conducts systematic work on the expansion of the route network and the list of services.

In 2005 the company acquires new aircraft Airbus A340-500s and resumes nonstop aircraft between Bangkok and New York.

At the end of 2000, Thai Airways’s rapid growth slowed down. This was due to several factors: rising fuel prices, internal political conflict in Thailand and the global economic crisis. In 2008, the company's first loss was recorded in 40 years of existence. It amounted to about 21 billion dollars. However, by the end of next year, the national airline of Thailand again began to profit from flights.

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During the celebration of 50-year anniversary in the year 2010 president outlined new plans for development in the future: a significant upgrade to the fleet, the modernization of existing services, and the use of biofuels to all commercial flights.

Thai Airways has developed an environmentally friendly program, focusing on clean air, quality and food safety.

The company offers passengers four classes of service and the opportunity to participate in the frequent flyer program, which includes four levels.

Basic data:

  • Country airlines: Thailand.

  • National Aviation Company of Thailand.

  • Year of appearance AK: 1960.

  • IATA airline code: TG.

  • ICAO airline code: THA.

  • The airline is a member of the alliance: Star Alliance.

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Thai Airways

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Uniforms stewardess: Thai Airways. Thailand.

Uniforms stewardess: Thai Airways. Thailand.

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In general, the flight went well, but the food that they offer on the plane completely rubber, there can not be, but the price they are asking for it exorbitant.

I liked that inside every aircraft in trim consider soft warm tones. Finally, unable to sleep, and my eyes are not so tired at the sight of the cabin.

I fly by the company for the fourth time. Planes new clean. Guides are constantly smiling. When we got into a zone of turbulence, we are constantly distracted by conversations, so that flights performed flawlessly. Pilots would like to express special thanks. We made a very soft takeoff and landing - great.

I liked everything, including two meals a day, wide seats and an impressive display! At the same time as the power at the highest level. I recommend!

At the end of 2014, I flew from airlines to Bankok. Impressions are exceptionally positive, all at a high level and food, and service and alcohol. The flight was comfortable, both in that and in the opposite direction. Many people say that there is nothing to look at in the plane and there is no menu in Russian. I'm ready to argue with them. During the whole flight with her husband, we watched five movies in Russian. The only negative is the delay in departure in the opposite direction for half an hour. As a result, did not have time for the domestic flight, had to spend 24 hours at the airport and incur unforeseen expenses for the exchange of tickets. These costs are refunded to us, explaining that they do not bear any responsibility for the docking. Let's go to court. But despite this trouble, we will fly with them.