Tomsk Avia Airline
Tomsk Avia Airline

Airline Tomsk Avia. Official site.


The airline "Tomsk Air" is one of the oldest in Russia, since the first flight of its aircraft was committed in far 1932 year. To date, the airline "Tomsk Air" has proven itself in terms of reliability of its air assets.


Company History

In 70-ies airline Tomsk became one of the first operators Tu-154.

The company "Siberia" in the beginning of the year 1998 rented three of the Tu-154, which were at the disposal of the airline Tomsk. A year later, the airline leased the "Siberia" another of the same plane.

In 2001, the deputy. director of "Tomskavia", who also managed the company "Novosibirsk Avia". Alexander Fleischer hatched the idea of ​​combining these two companies, but with his death, the idea was not destined to come true.

With 2004, the company became a joint-stock, and all shares transferred to the IOI Russian Federation. In 2008 year change in ownership. All shares transferred to FAUGI.

Since 2006, Tomskavia Airlines has been withdrawn from TomskAvia OJSC as a limited liability organization. Shcherbakov V.V. became the director.

In 2011, the director changed. The head was Marienkin V.V. 

In April 2015 operator certificate, the airline "Tomskavia" has been suspended, revoked in July. The company suspended activities.

The complex of airfields:

• Bogashevo;

• Strezhevoy;

• Pioneer;

• Heliport Kolpashevo.

Its fleet, according to the beginning of the year 2014 31 consists of aircraft, including:


Today, the fleet will be replaced with modern aircraft carrier and intense it makes.



Until recently, the airline "Tomsk Air" flights carried out exclusively 5 directions, but to date few airline route network has expanded and consists of 9 destinations by the end of this year planned to launch several more flights.

In addition, the airline "Tomsk Air" also makes charter flights to various cities of the Russian Federation.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional airlines in the Tomsk region.

  • Year of occurrence: 1992;

  • ICAO airline code: TSK;

  • Internal airline code: SP;


Airline Tomsk Avia. Official site.

Airline Tomsk Avia (Tomsk Avia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Mailing address of the airline: Airport, Tomsk, Russia, 634011,

  • City Airline Phone: + 73822310555;

  • Airline fax: +73822310556;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • The base airports of the airline are Tomsk Bogashevo, Strezhevoi.

  • Domestic flights: Kyzyl, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Strezhevoy, Surgut.

  • The airline's fleet includes Antonov aircraft An-24, Cessna Caravan, Antonov An-26.


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Keep all of the above reviews - the company is very good, and flight attendants working for the best flights both on the ground and in the sky! I wish you success and prosperity!

I do not know constantly flying to Tomsk Avia relatives he has never faced boorish behavior. On the contrary, everyone is trying to help, prompt feed in general, it turns out a lot of different services from the category of even those on which they do not ask, but do it gently. So that the passenger feels most comfortable.

Aircraft awful coward in the air, passengers, loose on belts, bags, like spaghetti have suffered for such a horror trip. What a long time will not risk to board this "wonderful" airline.

He surrendered his ticket back much earlier than was scheduled departure date, so I've had such a commission have that cheaper company can buy another ticket. This balance has not yet returned, and are not going to seem so kA all my questions are answered that no one knows anything.

Well done guys. Planting was complete without delay. Once arrived at the airport could get my luggage for 20 minute opportunity to play the role of what we got out of the aircraft were among the first, however, it is hoped that a similar service for their no-nonsense, and the rate which is equal to the majority of airlines. Power quality, and though she did not try, but my daughter was delighted. In general, I believe that the money given for the ticket was well spent and spent to the penny.

Waited more than three hours in terrible heat. As a result, it turned out that today we will not go anywhere. We asked the representative of the airline who explained the reason for the delay and offered to proceed to the minibus, which we safely reached the hotel. The next morning, however, much earlier than we had been told before, a car came back for us, and we again set off for the whole company to the airport. There the young girl sent the first flight of all people with children, and literally an hour later we were sitting in the salon. Conclusion, questions are solved quickly and competently. I recommend everyone to use the services of this airline.

I was pleased with the Tomsk airport and their airline. Was on a production trip, and when it was time to fly home, friends advised to fly it with Tomsk Avia. Not a minute did not regret it. Despite the fact that the plane was still clearly from the post of the Soviet era, the design of the aircraft is adjusted to the last screw, which guarantees not only the quality of the flight, but also the confidence that all the parts will work properly until we land. Food, service and human relations at the highest level. Very satisfied. Now I will only use Tomsk airlines.

in early October, together with my family, we made an exciting trip .. Using the services of Tomsk Avia. This airline was recommended by friends. The flight and the communication of the Tomsk Avia staff with the passengers were surprised. The flight attendants are sociable and smiling. All liked it. In the future, I will use this airline.

Once upon a time, I flew with Tomsk-Avia. He flew in the direction of Strizhevoe-Tomsk. Everything was done very well. Friendly and young flight attendants. Good and tasty food. There are drinks to choose from. The plane is clean and beautiful. We took off without a flight delay. Soon I will fly again with Tomsk-Avia.