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Turkish Airlines - Turkish flagship airline with a base airport in Istanbul. It provides aviation services to domestic and 40 198 international airports.

The company was formed on May 20, 1933. In 1938, she became part of the Ministry of Transport. The airline's first international services were associated with the Ankara-Istanbul-Athens flight in 1947.

At the end of 1950-- early 1960-ies. the company's fleet was replenished with new aircraft and Fokker VickersViscount F27. In subsequent years, the number of new jet aircraft is constantly increasing.

Turkish Airlines plane

The next decade was not the best in the history of Turkish Airlines. Passengers expressed dissatisfaction with the poor quality of service and frequent flight delays. In addition, the airline's planes suffered in seven accidents. The most tragic flight that ended in a plane crash took place in 1974. As a result of the tragedy, 346 people died. However, the new government, which came to power in 1983, singled out the development of airlines as one of the main directions of its policy. From that moment on, great attention was paid to flight safety and high quality of passenger service. In order to ensure maximum safety, a new technical center was built at Istanbul Airport, where aircraft of various types were serviced around the clock. At that time, a quarter of all employees of the company were technical personnel.

Turkish Airlines team

By mid-1980-ies of the company's fleet consisted of 30 modern aircraft, which transported to 3 million. Passengers per year 16 30 domestic routes and international. At that time the airline was the main source of foreign exchange in Turkey.

A new terminal was opened in 2000 and the airline continues to expand its international profile. The war in Iraq resulted in the closure of some of the company's routes in the Persian Gulf in 2003. Flights to Asia have also been closed due to the SARS epidemic. However, the airline quickly recovered from these losses by increasing the number of flights on existing routes.

In 2004, the company's shares have been publicly posted on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. 75% stake in the company at that time belonged to the Government of Turkey.


Today, Turkish Airlines is a reliable and solid airline offering its customers two classes of service: economic and business class. Business class passengers undoubtedly have a number of advantages both during flight and during check-in.  

   “Turkish Airlines” is one of the world leaders in air travel, and operates flights to almost all countries. Thus, if there is no direct flight, it is always possible to use this company to satisfy the request. So, when a ticket was purchased to Antalya, for the flight of this airline, there is a feeling, a desire to be inside the plane as soon as possible. Who performs this flight.

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   The Turkish Airlines plane looks great. Correctly selected exterior paint colors of aircraft are well combined and emphasize the national flavor of the country. This airline uses only the most modern technology for flights. So, having taken your comfortable seat on the plane, the first thing that catches your eye is its cleanliness, which can be said to be exemplary. Everything shines, and the flight attendants are so stiff that they immediately feel uncomfortable, as this behavior seems unusual. But now, the doors close, and the plane slowly heads towards the runway. Thus, Antalya is getting closer ...

   The long-awaited food for passengers, we have to wait impatiently, I want to quickly find out what food this company has prepared? And now, the long-awaited moment, drinks and snacks, nothing much has been proposed. Sandwich and coffee, or tea. And I wanted something special, something Turkish, to start dating. But, having visited the country, you understand that it is more hospitable than it seems, and kindly meets its guests. 

  • Country Airlines: Turkey.
  • National Aviation Company of Turkey.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1933.
  • IATA airline code: TK.
  • ICAO airline code: THY.
  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


Turkish Airlines (Turkish Airlines). Official site: www.thy.com


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Istanbul Ataturk, Ankara Esenboga.
  • The mailing address of airlines: TurkishAirlinesGeneralManagement, BuildingAtaturkAirport, Yesilkoy, 34830Istanbul, Turkey.
  • City Airline Phone: + 902124636363.
  • Airlines Fax: + 902124652121.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • The mailing address of the Russian representation of airlines: Ul. A large Dmitrovka. 7 / 5, str.2, 2etazh.
  • City Phone Russian representation of airlines: + 74959805202.
  • Fax offices in Russia: + 74959564608.
  • Email Russian representation of airlines: [email protected].
  • Domestic airline flights: Ankara, Adana, Batman, Antalya, Denizli, Gaziantep, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Kars, Kayseri, Konya, Kahramanmaraş, Malatya, Lefkosia, Trabzon, Samsun, Erzincan, Elazığ, Erzurum.
  • The CIS flights airlines: Astana, Almaty, Baku, Ashgabat, Ganja, Bishkek, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Ekaterinburg, Dushanbe, Kiev, Kazan, Moscow, Minsk, Osh, Odessa, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Tashkent, Simferopol, Ufa.
  • International flights: Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Amman, Bangkok, Athens, Basel, Bahrain, Beirut, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Belgrade, Brussels, Bodrum, Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Warsaw, Hamburg, Venice, Hong Kong, Hannover, Damascus, Dalaman, Dubai, Doha, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Zagreb, Geneva, Karachi, Cairo, Cologne, Casablanca, Kuwait, Copenhagen, Lyon, Lagos, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Ljubljana, Milan, Manchester, Muscat, Munich, Mumbai, New York, New Delhi, Nuremberg, Nice, Oslo, Osaka, Beijing, Paris, Pristina, Prague, Rome, Riga, Sarajevo, Sanaa, Singapore, Seoul, C FFL, Skopje, Strasbourg, Stockholm, Tabriz, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Tokyo Tyrant, Tunis, Tripoli, Shanghai, Chicago, Zurich, Stuttgart.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA310, AirbusA319, AirbusA320, AirbusA321, AirbusA330-200, AirbusA330-300, AirbusA340-300, Boeing737-400, Boeing737-700, Boeing737-800, Boeing737-900, Boeing777-300.




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Stewardess Uniforms: Turkish Airlines. Turkey.

Stewardess Uniforms: Turkish Airlines. Turkey.



Airlines of the World and Russian ...

We are going to fly this avikompanieyu reviews badly well, as I think that they are more likely to transport people and stop blaming them! Sami tried it. Would! This is hard work! Tell me why other companies are better? It depends on the country! Turkey where is it? Territory in Europe and another pomoymu in Asia Asia is a country not rich! Well, another part in Europe does not mean anything!

The situation occurs at the moment !!!!
2 January 22-45 we had planned flight from Miami to Moscow with a seven-hour transfer in Istanbul.
The company is constantly changed and we have changed the schedule date of departure. If ticket reissue employee made a mistake and did not change the date on the ticket for our daughter.
At the airport, Turkish Airlines employees have started to register us, but could not find a ticket on your system, saying that we simply do not have a ticket for a child! No one tried to help us find the number of the ticket, to understand the situation! We own call the hotline and find out what happened!
After closing the check-in staff of the company took off with our luggage tags, you said you were late for a flight, got rid of our luggage from the belt and left. After a while, there was one representative, with whom we are trying to resolve this issue. He immediately said that we do not fly today, as the registration has already been closed. And he can try to change our tickets for tomorrow.
I called the airline's customer service and only found out the reason why they can not find a ticket for our daughter. If ticket reissue procedure is not completed correctly, and therefore the ticket stayed with the old date.
We spent at the airport more 2 hours trying to figure out what happened and what we do. We find out what they have seen our ticket and saw the error, but they could not fix a date on the spot at the airport and sent an e-mail to Moscow.
customer service representative reassured me and said that all recorded and contact with the company to address our complex and precarious situation. I asked how long it would take time. He replied - approximately 2-4 chasa.Ya also asked that I better do in this situation. Waiting at the airport, or whether better go to sleep. He declined to answer.
In the end we went to the hotel. Because the flight was planned the night, and the clock was 2 hours of the night. With three years of a child to stay overnight at the airport, we did not, and did not see the point.
Now 17-15 local time, and we have not received any clear answer !!!!!!
At our request, the staff of the company are responsible, that it is not in their power to solve the problem.
We never called back and did not send a single letter !!!! We have the whole day trying to call and find out what we do and where we are now able to fly! No answer so far!
If the airline representatives will notice us and our problem number to contact + 19546437820

Fly your airline 08.08.2016 transit flights via Istanbul to Albania (Tirana). We are released from Russia in connection with the events? We do not want to hand over the tickets. And if flights take off on time (according to schedule) from Istanbul to other cities?

The company has not fulfilled its obligations on timely delivery of passengers and baggage and security. TC Flight 1872 09.07.16 flew to Istanbul. a delay of more than two hours. Because of this change on 423 flight did not take place. Lost and found luggage. So long rescheduled ticket through Astana, there is over the registration and this flight was unable to fly. 24 hours of torment, emotions, tears and loss zdorovya.Doch was forced to buy a new ticket and return to Slovenia, and did not get to the seventieth anniversary of his father. Do not use the services of this company an unfair !!!

The company is practically not pay attention to their customers. All personnel move about the cabin is fully in its wake, it is absolutely not interested in the fact that we have almost the entire flight was kept burning light bulb in position. We ask that be in Russian, but in the end we completely ignore, do not understand the felts, felts pretend they do not understand.

I flew to Istanbul to rest during the flight managed potёryat my luggage, which returned only at the end of vacation, during which all of the money does not have to spend on souvenirs, and clothes!

As for me Turkish Airlines than not worse than others. Everything is at a height, even taking into account the minimum ticket price.

Before flying the aircraft inspected whenever possible. It looks like there was nothing, and sat down on his seat at all convinced that everything is not as bad as it is written in a review. The place is very comfortable and relaxing. When the coffee was distributed, a flight attendant noticed that I get quite cold drink and not too lazy to heat it up again.

He flew with Qatar Airways to Okinawa and the last direction of Osaka, Okinawa was with All Nippon Airways. And everything seemed to be good, but that's upset with the fact that it is not fed. Well, at least have a drink of water, and gave thanks for that. My flight on the way back (the latter at that date) was canceled. I, of course, none of this is not reported. I was lucky that I went to the airport early and I was able to catch the early flight, which was a half hour before. But I believe that a decent airline necessarily warn their passengers.


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