Airline "Ural Airlines".
Airline "Ural Airlines".

Airline Ural Airlines. Official site.

In 2013, the "European Aviation Safety Agency" had a rating of airlines in terms of safety. The absolute leader in this respect was the company УRalsko airlineswhich is not engaged in civil air traffic for the first decade and has established itself as a serious and responsible organization.

Park Air airline ships small - only 16 airliners. However, the geography of flights is wide enough - 120 directions in different cities of Russia and CIS countries.

Regular customers of Ural Airlines have the opportunity to become a member of the bonus program “Wings” and “Corporation”.

Airline "Ural Airlines" is by far one of the most recognizable domestic carriers. Flights shedule "Ural Airlines" carries out the execution of its flights not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also beyond it, carrying out air travel in the world 24 States.

Since 2007 years, the rate of passenger airline "Ural Airlines" has been steadily growing, and 2014 year is expected to reach a level 5 million passengers per year, while the first millionth passenger airline "Ural Airlines" transported in 2006 year.

Once in the middle of the year 2014, the airline "Ural Airlines" finally completed the construction of a hangar complex for maintenance of wide-body aircraft, it is assumed that in the near future will be acquired by the new carrier wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 767 and Airbus A330.

In 2013 year, the airline "Ural Airlines" in 11 time became the winner of "Wings of Russia" award, and in addition, the air carrier as fourfold recognized as the best airline of the year on the internal routing may that itself underlines the high status of the flights shedule.

The company's customers are served in three classes: economic, comfort and business class. All passengers on board of the Ural Airlines liners are provided with the latest press, food, drinks. Comfort class passengers have the opportunity to check in at a separate counter and arrive at the landing site on a separate vehicle. Business class clients will be able to receive a number of additional services during check-in and boarding and during the flight.

Airline "Ural Airlines". 1

Airline "Ural Airlines" cares about the passengers not only during the flight, but also in the case of flight delays, for example due to weather conditions.

In this case, you will be given a number of services:

  • Special room for the care of a small child.

  • The ability to inform the relatives of the flight delay by phone or email.

  • When the aircraft delayed more than four hours, you will provide hot meals.

All of these services the company provides at no additional charge.

On some routes, the company organizes subsidized transportation at reduced rates. With all the details can be found on the company's website.

Airline "Ural Airlines". 2

Taking care of the comfort of its customers, "Ural Airlines" offer additional services:

  1. Directly on board the aircraft, you can purchase a pass for the Aeroexpress. Passenger flights are some tickets available for free.

  2. Company "Ural Airlines" has signed a contract with the railways of Germany, according to which the passengers, to fly to Munich and Cologne can continue onward journey by train.

  3. For advanced Internet users, a new service has appeared - widgets for Yandex. Now you can set the destination on your main page and easily navigate to the flight schedule and ticket prices.

  4. Gadget for Google is another new service that also allows you to quickly find the information of interest from your homepage.

Online consultation is a modern easy way to get information using the Internet. Employees of the company around the clock ready to answer any of your questions.

Airline Ural Airlines. Official site.

Airline "Ural Airlines". Official site.

Basic data:

  • Country: Russia

  • Year of occurrence: 1993;

  • IATA airline code: U6;

  • ICAO airline code: SVR;

  • Domestic airline code: U6;

Contact details:

  • Postal address of the airline: Per. Morning, 1, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620025;

  • City Airline Phone: + 78002000262;

  • Airlines Fax: + 73432726000;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • Base airport airports are Moscow Domodedovo, Ekaterinburg Koltsovo.

Domestic flights: Blagoveshchensk, Anapa, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Gelendzhik, Mineralnye Vody, Krasnodar, Nadym, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Norilsk, Novy Urengoy, Samara, Salekhard, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Chita, Khabarovsk, Yamburg, Yakutsk.

The CIS flights: Gyumri, Baku, Yerevan, Dushanbe, Kulyab, Kiev, Simferopol, Lenkoran, Khujand, Tashkent ,.

International flights: Bangkok, Antalya, Budapest, Barcelona, ​​Varna, Burgas, Guangzhou, Goa, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Cologne, Heraklion, Lahore, Larnaca, Munich, Milan, Prague, Podgorica, Rimini, Pula, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Sanya, Istanbul, Tel. - Aviv, Split, Harbin.

The airline's fleet are aircraft Airbus A320, Airbus A319.

Uniforms stewardess: Ural Airlines (Ural Airlines). Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: Ural Airlines (Ural Airlines). Russia.

Airlines of the World and Russian ...

First of all, I turn to the management of the company, as in this case I do not see the fault of the service personnel of this flight.
So, the flight Voronezh-Dushanbe. Departure to 12-30 from Voronezh Airport.
At 10-00, registration is too early before lunch.
After registration and passing all the procedures, in the interval before the flight, using the services offered does not work out particularly well. You can get drunk, but you won’t have dinner.
Then the flight lasted almost four hours and your company “got water in the mouth”, like all the passengers.
For comparison, you can bring the flight of the Tashkent-Voronezh flight of the Uzbek Airlines, many thanks to them for the service. Yes, you have an old A320, but there is no difference for a passenger - he will pay almost the same or a little more for your flight. From a legal point of view, you are paid a certain amount and be so kind as to provide a service corresponding to this amount. And it doesn’t matter if you provide a service to a guest worker or any respected gentleman from the West.
And yet, you represent the great country of Russia and must comply with this.

I think a lot of things have changed for the better over the years. On the UA website there is an online registration, as well as a choice of a personal menu. True, online registration is not for all cities, but all the info is on the site. And according to the Wings program, now I do not save bonuses for exchanging for a reward ticket, as in other airlines, but I use the discount received right after the flight to buy a new ticket (1 bonus = 1 ruble).

Among other airlines, I now try to fly mainly with Ural Airlines. They have a bonus system more accessible and understandable, and the service itself is much better. It was such that it was necessary to change the letter in the surname on the ticket, so they went forward without any problems and quickly settled this issue. That's what competent support means, and other carriers would need to learn from such examples. In flight, you also feel calm, it is clear that the pilots are experienced, and in any situation they will find the right solution

Often fly Ural. I have no complaints about the airline. There is a website where you can buy tickets and track flights. Reasonable prices, all sorts of discounts and sales. Nice planes and staff are polite. And problems like delays or baggage loss are the fault of the airports. IMHO

It turned out to be profitable to fly with the Urals, bonuses from the last ticket purchase can be used the next time, economy class tickets are not always available, but it’s understandable, everyone wants to fly away cheaply and comfortably, especially if you are fed, drunk, warm with a beautiful rug and a beautiful smile . It’s clean on board, no specks of dust or specks, toilets are also clean with all the accessories, the seats are comfortable, and my big knees are not crowded

Until recent events, often flew to Kiev to friends. I flew only on the Ural Airlines. So used to them, great company. For a reasonable price, I received excellent service and comfortable conditions. Even once the card was bonus, then of course I used all bonuses

Hello, I beg you to consider my candidacy for a flight attendant.

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.
Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78,

Flight Sochi-Moscow was detained for 4 hours, we with a child 1,5 year exhausted, food was not provided. We went to do a money refund, we did not return all the money, we gave the number to say it. And then simply the horror operator is not brought up ham, rude awful, but in the end there is no money, they said that the camera charges are not returned. The result of 5 hours at the airport is saving your money.

I flew 9.11 to Vladivostok from Yekaterinburg, 19.11 from Blagoveshchensk to Yekaterinburg, the food is disgusting, you can not name one chemistry food, even sodium cabbage salad was added to the salad of fresh cabbage, hungry flew, and what less harmfully ate and regretted. Salad without glutamate sodium is delicious, and will be cheaper

Dear company "Ural Airlines", when you learn to fly on a schedule, there are always delays up to 2 hours. When flying connecting flights, this is simply unacceptable, we leave time for docking 3 hours, but because of your company, even in this case we are late. Do you not need passengers, or are your professionals not professionals? Now we are flying with a lot of nervous tension, delays ....

Good afternoon. I flew 11 September 2017 year flight 624 Yekaterinburg-Chita. Since I had not slept for a day and was very tired, I put a soft bandage on my eyes before takeoff, put in the SOFT ear plugs and went to bed. Flight attendant Mukhlynina roughed me up in a rude form (she knocked on the shoulder so that even the neighbor remarked: "... beats like in the ring") and demanded to remove the bandage and take out the earplugs.
I asked - On what grounds ?,
she replied - According to the instructions.
I showed her the instruction, which lies in the pocket in front of the standing chair and asked to find the corresponding item. To which she replied rudely to me - I'm here an instruction.
It was difficult to argue and had to obey such a rude stewardess.
Then she transplanted a part of the passengers to the 4 row and the rows near the emergency exit. And when a couple of people independently took other places on these ranks, it began to drive them in rough form with "paid", as she said places. After the indignation of several passengers, Mukhlynina returned all to the place, spoke with passengers in elevated tones, who commented on her and retired. The mood and opinion about your company were spoiled and I got pressure. I 60 years, but for the first time with me so treated on board the aircraft. I ask you to understand the incident and send me an answer by e-mail .
Thank you for understanding . I wish that no Mukhlynins broke your wings.
Yours faithfully, Jury Vlerevich.

It seems that the airline does not have a single rules for carrying baggage and hand luggage. We flew on a flight u6 150 28 2017 August 2000 year from Gelendzhik. At registration, the sun-protective beach umbrella, packed in an adhesive tape, was marked as hand luggage. And in Yekaterinburg, during inspection, hand luggage umbrella was not recognized and offered to be handed in the luggage as a separate place, paying at the same time the tariff 6 rubles. We fly to Blagoveshchensk by the same company flight u299 17. The umbrella had to be left in the urn! Where are the uniform rules ?! If there was a ban initially, they would put it in their luggage, bag in luggage XNUMX kg flew !!

They flew the Urals for a long time and were always satisfied with the principle, but not this time .... the flight we had from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Yekaterinburg 17 August in 22.00. The child 13 years in our airplane became ill, my stomach was sick, my stomach ached, my fever rose, went to the toilet as it became impossible to endure, but at that very moment the lovely smiling stewardess of 40 years was definitely going to give drinks and did not want to miss the baby, To his request that badly and it is possible to pass it to him answered "how you will pass you do not see I distribute the drinks until I'm forced to sit" with a nice smiling face put the sachets for vomiting into the hand and continued without paying any attention, the entire flight Benok in a bent state and cried with pain and none of the personnel seeing it even came up and offered any help !!!! here's to you and the Ural Airlines !!!! Disappointed completely attitude to passengers

I can not print an electronic ticket, please help me. Departure from Simferopol to Murmansk 29.08.17. Departure back 4.09.17. my e-mail address Thanks in advance

21.07.2017 flight delayed as much as 3 hours from the beginning and at 20 minutes later, without explaining the reason and not having warned in advance, despite the fact that cell phones were left. A terrible airline, it can not be worse. The employee of the company is not professionals, they were rude to the person and rude. At the request to call the authorities replied, "We are here bosses." Any questions are answered sharply.
I advise everyone to bypass this sharashkin office! Do not mess with it ever.

I would like to know who these people are by profession who write complaints. Surely many work either in the service sector or in medicine. And let them analyze the attitude towards ordinary people in their activities. In the hospital they do not get to take a reception, but if they do, the doctor There is no business up to your problems. About shops and to write there is no desire.

Tell me by which number to contact the claiming commission? When you fly, or on the issue of baggage, the baby's stroller is broken, so that it is no longer subject to any exploitation?

All good day! I read reviews ... I'm just lucky? Five times I used the services of this airline, and I can not say anything bad. Well, it was not bad. It's just wonderful ...

Enough to write responses to themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!

After reading the reviews, each person will think whether the services of this airline will be provided. Thanks for the feedback.

I got into the Khrabrovo airport in that ill-fated day 4 yanvarya.Srazu reservation on the staff, ie the company's crews, they worked on 5 ballov.A's airport service companies and contractors ........ on this, the company is worth considering .Nado or change the counterparty or its employees to put that-they fought for the welfare of the company, rather than having a "disservice" to the result that you lose most respect klientov.S passenger flight U6-168 Kaliningrad-Moscow.

Good afternoon. Upon delivery of the tickets of your company "URALAIRLINES" the accounting department of my company (travel on vacation paid) noticed that one of the two boarding pass (on U60148 flight) Rostov-Moscow-Novosibirsk there was only a record time of landing, the location number and press fragment , other necessary information on the boarding pass is missing. A copy of the e-ticket with boarding passes can send only prompt e-mail address. My e-mail address
Please send confirmation certificate or a duplicate boarding pass Rostov-Moscow flight on August 60148g U24 2016 2622433003628 under ticket number on Mityukovskuyu Marina Mikhailovna.
Respectfully Marina Mityukovskaya.

The worst company when no longer fly. No respect for the passengers.

Bold number of disgusting job! The flight from Sochi 27.09.2016 detained late on the docking of another company. Bought new tickets for 45 thousand. I'm a millionaire the same! And I must feed the country's airlines. For you, gentlemen! Staff at the Domodedovo (Ural Airlines) - louts and nihilists. Deep does not care about you and your problems. Lyuyuyuyuyudi, is the drip airlines in the world.

I want to express my deep gratitude and great thanks, employee Ural Airlines in Sochi-Adler, Mikhail Sergeyevich (Kargopoltsevu-if properly remember name), he helped us send №280 transit flight via Moscow to Irkutsk flight before it was moved.
Your passengers from Irkutsk

Flight 329 Kaliningrad St. Petersburg Flights Connecting, 4 hours a further flight to St. Petersburg on Murmansk.Zaderzhalsya 3 hours, about 26 people just do not have time on a plane to Murmanska.V mostly women and children, returned home after otpuska.Biletov to Murmansk no season, all vozvraschayutsya.Predstavitel company -complete indifference "to file claims" and to go nekuda.Zhenschiny vse.Lyudyam just going to write to the site of the presidential administration. In general, for such it is necessary to submit to the court on the material and moral uscherb.Zachem need such company?

Disgusting airline .. sit with children at the airport of Majorca .. have been to fly in 19-00, even so there is no information how the flight will be delayed .. on the board write the following information will only 22-45. Never again dvnnoy airline does not fly and does not advise others. Let you be ashamed, we grabbed charters and aircraft missing.

16 July flew on vacation with the whole family Flight u6-377 Moscow-Sochi flight 16: 45 delayed departure for 4 hours, complete indifference to its passengers, within an hour could not invite a company representative. The representative of the company 44 rack was full of muffled dumb he tried not to see or hear us. The representative appeared after not much noise accompanied by two policemen that the company is so afraid of its passengers that half of them were children or without the police can not voice the truth that the company does not have Enough boards, you can forget about food in general, we got water and tea, what's left of the previous flight. One plus is the well-coordinated work of the crew, they are good fellows. Back flying 31 July flight U6 378 all repeated the delay for 2 hours. But in Sochi at least there was complete and honest information. This company flew every year, now I think we need to change the company.

Ya pishu iz Evropi, snachala ya izvinyaus za Russki yazik chto ploxo rozgavarivayu ... Na proshlom nedeli Moyà papa i sestra is Armenie daljna v Moskvu i na druguyu samalyot na Ulan-Ude, aviakampanya Ural !!! Oni v Moskve sprashuvali Gde registracia na ulan ude im pokazali Gde i oni 45 minut sideli i jdali ne kto ne oblivlyali ixnie imina, ostavili pasajirov i ixnie bagaj i uliteli .... Chto za absuljevanie ya ne ponimayu kak Mojno bez pasajirov ulitet ?? ?? Ne ovlelyai ix imina chto podxadite k samalyotu i tagdali i tp !!! Oni otkazalis pomagat na druguyu reis obispechit ix i nekogvo obslujevanie !!! Ya iz Evropi online novie biletie kupila dlay nix !!! Shyas ya budu trebeavt chtob oni obratno platili nam, a esli ne mirnom putyom ya budu obratitsa na mayu odvakatu i podam na sud etu aviakampanyu !!!! Klent eto karol chto za obslujevanie ???? I ya znayu chtob u moix ne bilo oshibok oni sideli i jdali registracyu, no oblujevanie v damadedovo bilo ujasno !!! Oni rabotayte s gonorom s pasajirom i netu recpekta !!! Kortko govaray ya ochen Zlaya dlya uralskie avyalinai ulitet bez pasajirov eto ujasno !!! Oni daljni po mikrafonu oblevlyat podaytite k somlyotu, oni prosto bodaj ostavilie v maskev i uliteli chto za obslujevanie, i ochen dorogo zaplatieli za bilet !!!

This vacation was not lucky twice. At the beginning of July 10 2016 flew to Mallorca. Flight delayed, about 3 hours of sitting at the airport, then loaded on the plane, stayed over 2 in the cabin, was about 40 heat, air conditioning is not included. so many were bad in the overall delay of about 5 hours ... And yesterday flew from Simferopol, again, Ural Airlines, registration is constantly delayed, loaded on the plane, stayed about an hour, without any explanation, it is very fortunate that the time to transfer to his plane. Armchairs sagging, well, I not am talking about the food ... If you can - choose another airline ...

Good evening, flying from Anapa to Tomsk with a connection in Moscow. First, for a surprise, we have registered on a transit flight, we had two young children to go out and go to the registration in Moscow. The second surprise - the place in different places and flight attendants were unable to help us in this. Daughter five years sat far away from me. Third syurpriz- our luggage did not come. I fly every year on vacation, a devil pulled buy tickets is from you. I will survive, but you will lose the respect of such customers. a

For my 38 years it was the worst flight! I fly a year on 2-4 times on different companies, but I never saw such a boorish attitude. In general, for the first time I write a review. We flew my husband 8 July 2016 flight Moscow-Simferopol like U62841. We were transit in Moscow. Before that, we arrived safely from Norilsk. In general, the flight was detained formally for 40 minutes, was in 15.50, but was detained to 16.35 and seated on the plane until 17h. And they detained not only us the flight and therefore scored three flights in one plane. A lot of people, everyone swears, hand luggage has nowhere to put, but here some with real suitcases went! Then, 15 minutes, the plane taxied out to the lane. Glory to all ... flew. During the flight a glass of mineral water or tea with a pirozhenka "Alenka" was offered. The time of the journey was glory to all of 2h.10min. After landing, another 20 minutes were taxied out. Baggage issued simultaneously 4 flights and there was such a commotion. They gave out their luggage and oboldeli! A new suitcase for 4,5 tr is broken! It was packed at the airport in Norilsk, and got: without a handle and the wheel is torn off! We have formalized the pritention and promised to consider it within two weeks. While decorating the pritenziyu approached the girl and also ... the suitcase is opened, but the friend of the wheel is not. How so? Horror! I beg you, avoid this company! Or let them reconsider the footage, especially the movers. Thank you for attention.

The appetite grows, the company with 100% progression year ago 2015 ticket to Simferopol was 15000 rubles. this year the price rose almost doubled, it is generally as a service does not have nothing there and the price space.

not traced loading luggage on the flight from U67046 02.07.16 city of Barcelona. part of the pass. We did not get it in Moscow. Today, the 09.07.16,
We are an elderly couple, according 77-80 let.Zhivem in a constant state of stress. Why luggage still has not taken out of Barcelona? And do not blame the longshoremen strike, it was over. All the same, it is your duty to direct their job well and even if there was a bobble, immediately execute it. Put yourself in our place. So you trust, that you have selected only the flight with you.

Just returned from Horvatii.Pered flight nachitalas otzyvov.Boyalas fly All turned out to be contrary successfully depart 21.o6.2016 -! Vovremya.Samolet good, clean, komfortno.Bortprovodniki (girls and boys) - young, attentive, ulybchivye.Eda (fresh) - sandwich with cheese, ham, salad, cake. Drinks - water, juices (3 species), tea, coffee. To distribute pledy.Popali turbulence. But fear not bylo.Vse calm and professionalno.Obratno flight also took place at a high urovne.Bolshoe THANKS company and the crew!

Only flew from Lornaka 11 on June 7034 flight not only that the flight was detained for 2 hours 40 minutes when landing we were replaced by the places we paid for (25 euro per person for the opportunity to choose a place) in these places slept flight attendants (night flight)! It is unclear just why to arrange this scam with the ability to select seats for a fee! Also thank you very much to the kind flight attendants who planted a very loving man to read to us with her husband, who in his place prevented the neighbors from sleeping, and since we were already sleeping, he was planted next to us and switched on the light after that we were no longer able to sleep!

We flew by Ural Airlines from Larnaca 11 June online registration was impossible, offered at the airport to choose seats for 25 euros from the person paid chosen then circus began first the flight was detained for 2 hours 40 minutes for landing we changed seats from the first row to the eleventh making it the fact that The first row is a business class, which was not all simpler. The first rows of frost-curtained curtains used board conductors to sleep a night flight. In my opinion this is disgraceful! If I can avoid flights on this airline's airplanes and all my acquaintances, I do not advise flying on Ural Airlines

I can not call on your phone, bought tickets for a flight 26,06,2016 U60575, the ticket is paid, but confirmation on the site in my order there, what to do? Please contact me in any way 8-926-280-01-28,

Yesterday 16-40, my husband had to fly from Moscow to Sochi, as a result of the plane has taken off only in 23-10. In this case, even when the primary flight delays to 20-00, has not been reported in writing. Find out at the airport upon arrival. And that given that the plane flew the children whose parents specifically calculated the departure and arrival! Awful airline !!!! Definitely you should choose another next time

Today, flight Bishkek-Moscow was detained almost for 4 hours, for unknown reasons !!! No one even deign to explain anything! When buying a ticket at the main office of Bishkek, the information was explained about the transportation of the cat, to which the girl replied that the transportation of the cat will be free, there are no special requirements, only a passport with vaccinations is needed, at the airport the representative of the company stated that the transportation of the cat will cost 35 euros, We povozmuschalis but pay agreed, a representative of the company looked for something in the computer, and told us your cat does not fly, it is not claimed for the flight! What kind of employees are they that provide not the correct information ???? Why is nothing provided for such a case ?? After all, all the other documents were in order !!! For the inconvenience caused, in turn we also take care that you have any inconvenience !!! So many negative reviews about the company and from her no one answer, why ??

I DO NOT ADVISE!!! June 16 2015 years flew flight Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Sochi issued broken out a suitcase with retractable handle (suitcase was packed at the airport properly), drew up a report. Later I sent a claim to all the originals of the necessary documents, there was no answer. Full ignore.

He bought his wife Lyudmila Sivitsky Anatolievna flight ticket from Tomsk to Moscow to 11.07.2016 years, but with the possibility of a confirmation print your boarding ticket has not come to any e \ mail nor phone number. Please send information to my e \ e and phone number 8 982 415 73 70. Thank you.

No I do not advise to use this airline! The ratio of staff to passengers - bestial! I damage my luggage, destroyed expensive things, and then announced that I was to blame for this because they do not take advantage of additional packaging! As if she would have to change something! The bag was a kind of like a tank drove over it! I hope to get to compensate for the losses through the courts.

March 10 2016 flying from Sochi to Chelyabinsk.
In Sochi, I bought three bottles of expensive wine and carried them as a gift to friends and relatives. Packed in a small tight p / e package shifted the bottle between them, from the bottom and out soft things, and the bag tightly wrapped with tape. The employee is checked, pasted on the package sticker "Glass" and assured that all will fly safely.
In Chelyabinsk, I was given a package with shrapnel. Act of damaged baggage were not very willingly, deliberately playing for time, all the details of the package and damage of skidding into the act only at my request. We made a statement by the claim for damages.
The answer came in a month. The tone of the answer - the cynical and mocking. Meaning: AK is not responsible for the safety of your belongings if they are put into the luggage in improper packaging and p / e according to package deputy (!) (!). Head of the AK, who wrote this answer, - improper packaging, and therefore nothing to compensate me AK is not going to!
As if, if these bottles were packed in a canvas bag, then it would have saved them from hitting the concrete aircraft parking (or about something else, about their beat)! The fact that Sochi AK I have checked and accepted luggage, so took him under their responsibility - as it does not matter! Like the fact that nowhere in the Rules of AK does not say that the luggage in the p / e package is improper packaging. I'm going to sue.

That's right no one is responsible for the safety of your bottles, and that's not the airline, it is the usual rule of any traffic. I myself work in a transport company, and honest people are worn with them as a hen with an egg, you really think that your bottles in a suitcase someone will protect? No, well, honestly? or you rely on the words of the administrator -that is not broken, you are adequate? do you say, no blah broken, not pakuy not fly! that you as a small, sometimes read reviews and lyudets marvel dayus adults with two or even stirrup higher education, and which are not of this world.

Flying in March 2015 years Chelyabinsk-Domodedovo-Sochi and later 10 days back, total 4 trip, all - JSC "Ural Airlines".
I have problems with luggage. In Sochi I bought three bottles of expensive wine and brought them as a gift to friends and relatives. In hand luggage, of course, I was not allowed to carry them, so I packed it in a small tight p / e package. When registering luggage, asked the staff of the AK, what should be done so that their stevedores are not broken. They told me to move the bottles between each other, from below and from the outside with soft things, and wrapped the packet tightly with scotch tape. I did it all, the employee checked it, glued the Glass sticker on the package and carried the package to the "Unconventional Baggage", and assured me that by carrying out all these measures, I can not worry and everything will fly safe and sound.
In Chelyabinsk, I was given a package with shrapnel, wet clothes drenched with wine, broken (fragments) packets with the Abkhaz spices, which were shifted bottles and one surviving bottle of wine, as an evil - the simplest and the cheapest of the three.
Act of damaged baggage were not very willingly, deliberately playing for time, all the details of the package and damage of skidding into the act only at my request. We made a statement by the claim for damages.
10 days later, I came to Chelyabinsk office to learn about the fate of my claims answer: in the central office of AA (in the ECB) of it is not known, re-writing, impose my copy of the act and the first claim. Make copies and say wait a month response.
A written exactly 30 days (or day before!), I got it in the mail a week later. The tone of the answer - the cynical and mocking. Meaning: AK is not responsible for the safety of your belongings if they are put into the luggage in improper packaging and p / e according to package deputy (!) (!). Head of the AK, who wrote this answer, - improper packaging, and therefore nothing to compensate me AK is not going to!
As if, if these bottles were packed in a canvas bag, then it would have saved them from hitting the concrete aircraft parking (or about something else, about their beat)! The fact that Sochi AK I have checked and accepted luggage, so took him under their responsibility - as it does not matter! Like the fact that nowhere in the Rules of AK does not say that the luggage in the p / e package is improper packaging. I'm going to sue.

Domodedovo third of June did not put a woman with young children on a flight one hundred fifteen with the boarding pass and luggage undelivered due to delay for three minutes-complete callousness and rudeness

18 March 2016, the three of us bought tickets on the company's website tickets N.Novgorod-Tashkent for a flight to 02.05.15 for a month and a half. For 10 hours before the departure of 1 May, two of us received an SMS message that our flight was canceled, and the third passenger sms with a reminder of the flight: "do not forget to register." There was no flight !!! 30 once I called the airline support service, to stupid description of the situation, that we do not get to the appointed 13 hours in Tashkent, answered as parrots that you can receive money within 20-30 days back, refuse to claim the ticket. But you must fly! The most interesting thing is that it turns out that our flights (and there and back) were canceled again 2 WEEKS BACK !!!! No alternative could not offer or did not want, because there are very uncompetitive young girls, illiterate and stupid. Practice hurling the tube during a conversation. When I called the representative in my city, he roughly refused to help, did not give his name even after my request, and said, "I do not give a damn what happened there" As a result, I had to run, search for other ways and flights, bought AGAIN A ticket to another airline's airplane, because the valiant company UA for the right dates did not have flights, instead of 3 hours across Russia flew on 3 planes as much as 18 hours !!!! With overpayment exactly in 2, 5 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT WANT TO BUY TICKETS AT THIS HORRIBLE AIRLINES URAL AIRLINES !!!!

Good afternoon,
I want to leave negative feedback on the work of your airline. With relatives 10.05.2016 want to fly to Moscow to Semferopolya Flight 2831zaderzhali on 1.5 hours, no information about the reasons for the delay, we did not say that the most interesting on the following flights Semferopl sent without delay.
As a human being could at least apologize and call the reasons for detention.
Please explain the reasons for such a disgusting attitude to passengers! All friends say to your airline did not fly, because you do not believe us passengers for the people!

Flew with his girlfriend May 1 2016g St. Petersburg-Simferopol, flight attendants openly rude, "please" is not used to communicate with the passengers ... apparently a word in the lexicon is not at all. At the request of the passengers did not react at first, after the repetition is performed with taak PERSON ... what regret that appealed. Amazing airline! The first is seen, but 8 May 2016g, on the way back to the same thing happened again, although the crew was different. It seems that it is an element of corporate culture they have ...