Airline Virgin America
Airline Virgin America

Airline Virgin America (Virgin America). Official site.


Virgin America, Inc - aviation company base in California, USA, which began to carry out flights in August 8 2007 years. The stated purpose of the aviation company - providing low fares and high quality service for overflights between major metropolitan cities in the west and east coasts. The aviation company has collaboration agreements with Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Emirates Airline and South African Airways. It is part of the international conglomerate Virgin Group.


Basic data:

  • Airline country: USA Virgin America (Virgin America). Official site..
  • Internal Air Lines USA in San Francisco.
  • The airline was founded in 2007.
  • IATA airline code: VX.
  • ICAO airline code: VRD.


Virgin America. Official site:

Virgin America (Virgin America). Official sayt.1

Virgin America (Virgin America). Official sayt.2

Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: San Francisco.
  • The mailing address of the airline: 555AirportBoulevard, Burlingame, California, 94010, USA.
  • City airline phone: +16507627000.
  • Airline fax: +16505482506.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • Domestic airline flights: Las Vegas, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA319, AirbusA320.



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Call this the transportation of people as "baggage" flight can only be a very big stretch. We strongly recommend not to buy their tickets, spend money, and in return, do not even get the corresponding relationship.

Despite. What had to pay a certain amount of baggage left completely satisfied flights. The aircraft is equipped with the latest technology and moving it to a real pleasure.

Repeatedly depart on domestic flights using a variety of companies, and I can say with certainty that there is no after-sales service almost completely. While most companies have a similar price range observed the same pattern.

I liked that timely departure occurred even though what was observed some problem. The pilot announced on the loudspeaker that she was not severely affected and can be eliminated, and only after the flight received consent that all passengers are not against the movement he started to rise.

He flew flight San Francisco - Las Vegas and was delighted with the service of the airline Virgin America. It was like an hour sat in the expensive bar. Atmosphere and interior expensive club. TV, free internet and a variety of other entertainment on board. In general, the service is wonderful. Baggage + 25 dollars. But if a small bag is allowed to pick up in the cabin. Departure was delayed by minutes 40, but in general, the staff works quickly and accurately. I believe that Virgin America is not weak competition with other companies.


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