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Virgin Australia - the second largest company in Australia and the first by the size of the fleet. After several years as the budget, the airlines to improve service delivery and had the opportunity to offer passengers a choice between fiscal service and maintenance in accordance with the full-service airlines. This policy has allowed VirginAustralia seriously compete with other similar companies in the market of tourist business.

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The first flight took place in the company 2000 year. It was in these years went bankrupt and ceased operations a major Australian airline. Virgin Australia time came and filled the resulting vacuum in the aviation business in Australia. This fact has contributed sufficiently rapid growth and development of the company. Ability to use the liberated terminals also have a positive impact on the expansion of Virgin Australia in the aviation market.

Rising airline naturally accompanied by the acquisition of new air technology and, as a consequence, a significant increase in passenger traffic.

Virgin Australia is using in its activity is sufficiently well known business model of budget airline. The basis of this business model is based on a significant reduction in the cost of flights due to the free-flight catering, paper tickets, and use the same type of aircraft.

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Since its inception, the company has deservedly received a number of awards related to various aspects of its activities. Over the years, the campaign was recognized as the best low-cost air carrier, received a certificate for high quality passenger service. In 2009, she received the award for the best frequent flyer loyalty program.

In August 2010, Virgin Australia entered into an agreement with the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways. The main goal of this agreement was to expand the route network and improve the quality of passenger service. Virgin Australia became the first Australian airline to fly to the Middle East.

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The passengers of Virgin Australia for a small fee can use the following range of services:

- Non-stop viewing of multiple channels on the TV screen of the individual;

- The ability to use individual audio and video system.

Uniforms flight attendants: Virgin Australia. Australia.

Uniforms flight attendants: Virgin Australia. Australia. 



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The flight would have, did not go far, but the landing proved terrible. The pilot did not even tense, and only dropped it from the sky, so that we have thrown almost to the ceiling.

Pretty decent plane. Within just everything you need. At the same time, if you pay in addition, it will have access to satellite TV. Time to pass the fine, did not even notice that landed!

For such a small aircraft interior arrangement is very good, even the monitors in a chair built. I really liked it.

I flew home with his wife and small child, very worried about the possible delay of the flight as a kid standing on 10 hours at the airport is impossible, but the plane filed on time! After that we could not frighten either poor service or a slight distance between the seats, the main thing that we have, although in relative comfort, returned home safe and sound.

Airline Virgin Australia operates a Boeing-737. A good no-frills room with a wide choice of entertainment programs, but only for a fee (a plastic card that is read around the monitor card reader). Friendly staff. All flight took place without any problems.


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