WestJet Airlines Airline
WestJet Airlines Airline

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WestJet Airlines is Canada's second largest low-cost airline. Serving regular and charter destinations, the company makes about 400 flights daily.

The company was formed in 1996. At the very beginning of its activity, the company was limited to flights exclusively to the western part of Canada. But by the end of the first year, the route network had significantly expanded, and the air fleet of WestJet Airlines had increased. At the same time, the company's first regular flight was carried out. In September 1996, WestJet Airlines was forced to temporarily suspend the air transportation of passengers due to disagreements with the country's transport ministry.

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In July 1999, immediately after the change of management, the company listed its shares on the stock exchange. A year later, Canada's policy regarding the development of the aviation market has undergone significant changes, which naturally affected the work of WestJet Airlines. First of all, the route network of the company has significantly expanded, new domestic and international flights have been opened. In 2003, the company's management concludes a lucrative agreement with AirTransat, according to which it should deal with air transportation of clients of some travel operators. This agreement lasted until 2009.

In 2004, the first scheduled flights to the United States of America were opened. A year later, the airline's planes were involved in a rescue operation organized in Louisiana to eliminate the consequences of a devastating hurricane.

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Since 2006 year open charter and regular flights outside of Canada and the United States. This event was of great importance for the development of the airline as a global international air carrier.

In 2007, the construction of multi-storey modern building, designed to house the main office of the company. Three years later, the building was officially put into operation.

The services provided to passengers in flight are quite diverse. All aircraft of the company are equipped with TVs broadcasting several channels. On some flights, meals are offered completely free of charge, on others a huge selection of meals will be offered for a fee.

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Privileged passengers have the opportunity to visit the special waiting rooms, equipped with everything necessary for the convenience and comfort.

Airline country: Canada.

In the second largest aviation companies in Canada.

The airline was founded in 1996.


Major airlines codes:

  • IATA airline code: WS.
  • ICAO airline code: WJA.


West Jet Airlines. Official site: www.westjet.com


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Calgary.
  • Airline mailing address: 21AerialPlaceNorthEast, Calgary, Alberta, T2E8X7, Canada.
  • City airline phone: +14034442600.
  • Airline fax: +14034442261.
  • Domestic airline flights: Vancouver, Abbotsford, Winnipeg, Victoria, Hamilton, Halifax, Calgary, Grand Prairie, Kitchener, Kelowna, McMurry, London, Montreal, Moncton, Prince George, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Regina, Thunder Bay, St. John's, Edmonton, Toronto.
  • International airline flights: Cabo San Lucas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Maui, Mazatlan, Nassau, Montego Bay, Palm Springs, Orlando, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Charlottetown, Fort Myers.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  Boeing737-600, Boeing737-700, Boeing737-800.



Uniforms stewardess: WestJet. Canada.

Uniforms stewardess: WestJet. Canada.



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I liked very much. A similar service, I have never met any one company. Everything was truly magical. Be sure to fly with his wife next year.

Very satisfied! Wonderful interior is complemented no less wonderful staff. In the future, I will try to buy tickets only from this company.

Amazing attitude towards passengers. If I'm making a flight in the third grade, I felt as if I was the only passenger terribly interesting as they relate to those who fly in the first!

Claims to the company's work there. Somewhere half a year before this trip to promise more than not to fly on the aircraft of the airline, then I care to put it mildly, shocked. Conductor - boorish, the food is disgusting, dirty room. But it's worth noting that the company must periodically review customer feedback, because at that time all inconveniences eliminated so as if they had never existed! All preventative and extremely attentive to requests. In my eyes, the prestige of the company has risen considerably. Probably, I would venture to fly again.

I would like to share their impressions of WestJet Airlines as recently flew from Toronto to Montreal. Caring and attentive staff. Prompt, help, find a way out of situations. My wife and I are very pleased that you have chosen services of the airline in the future are going to enjoy their kindness.

Yes, everything is super. The second week can not find the lost luggage.


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