Yang Air Airline
Yang Air Airline

Airline Ian Eyre (Yan Air). Official site.

The airline "YanAir" was registered on July 15.07.2012, 2013 in Zhitomir. Since XNUMX, after receiving the YANAIR certificate, she began to provide passenger and cargo transportation services. The base airport of the company is Kiev international airport Zhulyany. After the construction of a modern airport terminal in Zhitomir, it is planned to open a new base of the airline.

The JanAir fleet consists of three Airbus 320 aircraft, two Boeing 737 and two turboprop Saab 340. 

In terms of passenger service and flexible pricing policy, YANAIR positioned as a traditional European airline.

Passengers can book airline flights and purchase them from the Internet.


Direct scheduled flights:

  • Kiev - Tbilisi.
  • Kiev - Batumi.
  • Odessa - Batumi.

 Charter flights:

  • Odessa - Tel Aviv.
  • Kiev - Antalya.
  • Kiev - Tel Aviv.
  • Kiev - Burgas.
  • Kiev - Tivat.

Business class is offered to passengers engaged in flights in the directions of Kiev-Batumi (there and back), Kiev-Tbilisi (there and back). 

On regular flights airline "YanEyr" provides the following services:

  • Onboard power supply - according to the class.
  • Free baggage allowance. For SAAB340:
    • In economy class - up to 15 kg.
    • In the premium class - up to 30 kg.

For A-320 and Boeing-737:

  • In economy class - up to 23 kg.
  • In business class - up to 32 kg.
  • Permitted to carry hand luggage. For SAAB340:
    • In economy class - up to 5 kg.
    • In the premium class - up to 7 kg.

For A-320 and Boeing-737:

  • In economy class - up to 7 kg.
  • Transport of animals. Options:
  • Inside - the cost is $ 50 one way for pets weighing up to 5 kg in a separate container.
  • In the luggage compartment - a separate container for animals weighing up to 32 kg, the cost - $ 100 in one direction.
  • Transportation of children.

Basic data of Yan Air:

  • The country of the airline is Ukraine.

  • Regional Air Lines from Kiev to other Ukrainian cities.

  • Year of appearance: 2013.

  • IATA airline code: YE.


Yan Air (Yan Air). Official site: www.yanair.com.ua

Ian Eyre (Yan Air). Official site.


Room information:

  • City airline phone: +380442069877.

  • The mailing address of the airline: Victory Avenue, 57, Kiev, 03113, Ukraine.

  • Airline Fax: +380442069878.

  • Airline Email: [email protected].

  • Base airport airports are: Kiev flights.

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: AirbusA320, Saab340.


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A good airline!

We purchased tickets from 1 October through 22 October from Tel Aviv to Kiev and back T8MASX YE / ETKT 206 4985582929 GORODETSKY SHURALINA and T8MASX YE / ETKT 206 4985582930 GUTMAN MARK

I ask to inform where and on what site it will be possible to make a registration check in the day before the departure or such procedure is not foreseen for you at present. We did not find any of the well-known sites, but you do not answer the phones
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