UTair Ukraine
UTair Ukraine

Airline UTair Ukraine (UTair Ukraine). Official site.

"UTair Ukraine" - a young major airline in Ukraine, a subsidiary of the Russian airline "UTair". In the domestic and international markets UTair Ukraine performs internal charter and scheduled flights. Also flies helicopters in Ukraine.

The base airport for the company is Boryspil International Airport (Kiev). The transport fleet of UTair Ukraine consists of 95 passenger aircraft and 350 helicopters. Replenishment of the company's air fleet is observed annually. In 2012, UTair Ukraine was awarded the title of the most responsible and punctual air carrier in the country. The company's management values ​​its reputation, so it tries to do everything possible to make the flight conditions for passengers as comfortable as possible.

Classes of Service

Depending on the direction of flight and the brand of aircraft the airline "UTair Ukraine" provides on-board passenger service of economy, economy comfort, premium and business class.

  • Economy class - Presented a standard set of services, consisting of a power supply and soft drinks on board.
  • Economy Comfort - In terms of services almost fully meets the standards of business class service. The passenger is allowed to carry free of charge no more than 30 kg of luggage.
  • Premium class It offers carrier aircraft Airbus A321 and ATR-72. Passengers are able to be registered on separate racks, as well as priority during boarding / disembarking. The rate of transportation of luggage up to 30 kg. Menu catering rich: the main cold dish of fish or chicken, meat and vegetable snacks and desserts to choose from - caramel / chocolate / cake / cupcake.
  • Business Class. Passengers of this class of service are prior to all others. They can carry free baggage weighing up to 40 kg. They are offered directly on board the aircraft a set consisting of items that may be required for a comfortable flight (reading and sleeping glasses, nasal wipes, comb, pillow and blanket). Passengers receive various hot dishes, desserts, cold snacks and a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from the food. 

Loyalty program

In appreciation of their regular customers "UTair Ukraine" has launched a loyalty program "Status". According to the rules of the program, for committed flights client receives a mile, having accumulated a sufficient number of which can exchange them for tickets.

Passengers who use the services of UTair Ukraine, UTair and UTair Express take part in the loyalty program. You can accumulate miles collectively as part of the Status Business and Family Status loyalty programs. Individual participation implies three levels: “Basic”, “Premium” and VIP, each of which has its own privileges. 

Basic data of UTair Ukraine:

  • Airline country - Ukraine

  • International charter and regional airlines in Ukraine

  • Year of appearance: 2009

  • IATA airline code: QU

  • ICAO airline code: UTN


UTair Ukraine (UTair Ukraine). Official site: www.utair.ua

UTair Ukraine (UTair Ukraine). Official site.


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