Airline Zhetysu
Airline Zhetysu

Airline Zhetysu (Zhetysu). Official site.

JSC "Airline" Zhetysu "- the airline in Kazakhstan, which carries passengers from the airport Taldykorgan. Founded in 1996 year. Currently operates daily domestic passenger flights on the route Astana on the Yak-40. 2015 The company plans to open in the direction of Almaty.

Airline "Zhetysu" offers all its passengers a comfortable environment to maintain. For clients - cafes, mother and child room, medical center and a cafe in the terminal building.

Check-in for the flight begins no later than 1,5 hours before the aircraft departure and ends no later than 40 minutes before departure. Passenger cabin of Yak-40, which offers flights, economy class and is designed to carry passengers 34.

The capacity of the airport for domestic flights is 100 people per hour. The air terminal is equipped with modern technological equipment and Inspection.

On arrival and departure from the airport Taldykorgan passengers receive information through the work of the handsfree system.

Flight Schedule can be found with the airline or find at the airport, where it posted near the cash registers.

Privileged categories of passengers in the company "Zhetysu":

  • Children under the age of 2 years travel free without isolating individual locations.
  • Children aged up to 2 15 years served at the rate of 50% of the adult fare with provision of the separate seat in the cabin.

The total weight of the baggage and carry-on baggage during the flight cannot exceed 20 kg. 

Basic data of Zhetysu:

  • Airline country - Kazakhstan

  • Regional air transportation Kazakhstan

  • ICAO airline code: JTU


Zhetysu. Official site:

Zhetysu (Zhetysu). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +77282271850

  • Postal address of the airline: airport, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, 040000

  • Airline Fax: +77282271295

  • E-mail Airlines:

  • Base airport airports are: Taldykorgan

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: YakovlevYak40.



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