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airlines of Sri Lanka

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SriLankan Airlines Limited (also known as Air Lanka) is the national aviation company of Sri Lanka. It operates flights to Europe and Asia from its base at Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo. The aviation company is headquartered at Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayaka, Sri Lanka.



Air Lanka was established in July 1979 by the government of Sri Lanka after the elimination in 1978 of the Air Ceylon. Initially, the new air carrier began work on two Boeing 707, leased from Singapore Airlines, but in the same year Air Lanka purchased these aircraft in ownership. At the same time, the Boeing 737 was also bought, which was used on short routes. In the 1980-ies the air company increased the number of planes and destinations. In the middle of 1980-s, Air Lanka used two Boeing 747-200 aircraft in a number of European destinations. The company served 1990 destinations for 26 year. The golden airplane of the aviation company was Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, who worked in an aviation company with 1980 for 2000 years. The carrier in December 1992 bought the first Airbus A320.

SriLankan Airlines stewardess

In 1998, State-owned Air Lanka was privatized in part by the Emirates Group (Dubai) when the Emirates and the government of Sri Lanka signed a strategic partnership agreement for 10 years. This agreement included exclusive rights to ground handling for aircraft and catering at Colombo Bandaranaike Airport. The Emirates bought 40% of shares in Air Lanka for a total value of $ 70 million (which later increased to 43,6%), having started taking measures aimed at increasing the image of the aviation company and modernizing the air fleet. The Sri Lankan government retained a controlling stake in the carrier, but gave the Emirates Group full rights to make investments and make management decisions. Air Lanka was renamed SriLankan Airlines in 1998.

SriLankan purchased 6 Airbus A330-200s in addition to its Airbus A340-300 and A320-200 aircraft fleet. The A330-200 aircraft joined the aviation company between October 1999 and July 2000. The fourth A340-300 arrived in Colombo, painted in the new corporate aviation company livery. SriLankan has re-branded the passenger cabins of its A340 airliners and re-arranged the cabins of these airliners into two classes - economic and business.

SriLankan Airlines repeatedly suffered losses from natural disasters and terrorist attacks - the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, the SARS outbreak in the Asia-Pacific region, the Bandaranaike airport attack, during which they destroyed 4 aircraft of the airline company and damaged two more of its aircraft, which in quantitative expression accounted for half of the carrier's fleet, the Sri Lankan civil war,.

SriLankan Management has decided to develop the Colombo airport, a private Asian hub, as a result of this trip was formed segment of regional air transportation and open flights to the Middle East and India.

Sri Lankan Airlines

The company at the same time continued to increase the route network in the other direction, began to make regular flights to Jeddah, which became the third airport and the carrier in Saudi Arabia after Dammam and Riyadh, as well as the fifty-first in a row a destination in its own route network. The number of scheduled flights to the Middle East increased at the same time to nine.

CEO Peter Hill December 19 2007, was dismissed by the Government of Sri Lanka. The reason for the dismissal of top managers - a significant financial loss as a result of the aviation company hedging transactions.

The Emirates Group in 2008 notified the Sri Lankan government that it had no intention of extending the contract for the management of the aviation company, which expired two months later on March 31, 2008.

Utility form stewards aviation company has been unchanged since the founding of Air Lanka until February 2010 years, then entered a new form. The first destination when expanding - Shanghai (China), where the flight began to be carried out in July 1 2010 years. Aviation Company in January 28 2011 year began producing flights to Guangzhou (China). The company intends to begin flights to Johannesburg, Seoul, Sydney 2013 year, as well as in Manila, Copenhagen, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Emirates Group sold its 2010% stake in an aviation company to the Sri Lankan government in 43,63.



The government will buy six new A-2013 330 before the end of the year for the national carrier. According to the words of the Minister of Civil Aviation Priyankara Zhayaratne SriLankan undergoing modernization stage, as the company will gradually get rid of its aging fleet.

SriLankan Airlines is planning to increase its own fleet of up to 30 aircraft over the next four years and is currently in talks with Boeing and Airbus concerns about the transaction, which may include delivery of nine long-haul aircraft. It is also possible to rent four additional Airbus A320 aircraft. Kapila Chandrasena said that the carrier plans to add a model of Boeing 777 and Airbus A330-300 for its fleet to replace them Airbus A340-300, with deliveries beginning in 2013-2014 years.


Cargo fleet

SriLankan Airlines takes a few cargo flights to India and the Middle East, in applying the Expo Air Douglas DC-8-63F in Lankan Cargo Boeing 727-200F.

Basic data of Sri Lankan Airlines:

  • Airline country: Sri Lanka.
  • International flights from Colombo, the national aviation company in Sri Lanka.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1979.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: UL.
  • ICAO airline code: ALK.


SriLanka (SriLankan Airlines). Official site:

Of Sri Lanka (SriLankan Airlines). Official site.


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I bought tickets from Moscow, but in the end, for whatever their reasons, the company began with a frequency of a few days to change the date of departure. It so happened that I had to come back from the trip, but I still get messages about what she carries. At the same time referring to the representative, I was surprised to learn that no one is going to return to me the ticket price.

I was surprised that the price of the ticket is fully reflected in the quality of service. Each chair has a built-in monitor. At the same time the flight attendants in the national Indian suit looks on a background of modern equipment is very aesthetically pleasing, adding flight tangible charm.

After the flight left only the most positive impression. In Dubai arrived in honey journey. Yes, and I received wonderful service. Provided Divays charging from the USB outlets mounted directly into a chair. Flying has never passed me so quickly and quietly. Thank you very much!

He flew to the family and it turned out that the flight was just during the holidays. I tried to get on the plane of Aeroflot, but the cashier, quite nervous girl said that the tickets purchased for a few days in advance so there is no point in waiting. So I got on SriLankan Airlines, which I liked just about anything. Even despite the fact that both the airport and the aircraft cabin just swarmed by people nor any unforeseen delays and failures were not, which of course can not but rejoice.

Frankly, the impression is ambiguous. Recently I flew to Singapore. I was led into a low cost, but it turned out to be a relative.
Cons: On the site the price is indicated in rubles, but directly when you buy it pops up in dollars. In the end, the cost is on 2-3 thousand rubles more. In the office, sensible information can not be provided. With the given question "is the hotel provided" they answered "contact them". That is, you need to write to Sri Lanka. It's strange. The plane was without TVs. How can you fly 12 hours without any entertainment. There was a delay from Singapore to Colombo. The food is not very, I liked it only hotter. There was a salad that included a finely chopped cabbage with butter. With the hotel in general a separate conversation. I was placed in the hotel 2 *, and foreigners in 4 *. As they say, a gift horse .... Check-in counters at the airport are very small and the process was very slow.
But there are pluses: Chairs are very comfortable, plenty of legroom. Free meals at a stop in Sri Lanka. The team on board friendly.
But I am, nevertheless, try to avoid cooperation with SriLankan Airlines airline. It is better to use the Asian or Arab rivals, albeit a bit expensive.