MAKS-2015: modern innovation and multibillion-dollar contracts.
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MAKS-2015: modern innovation and multibillion-dollar contracts.

MAKS-2015: modern innovation and multibillion-dollar contracts.


The MAKS-2015 air show is one of the brightest events in the world of innovative technologies and developments, attracting not only with the opportunity to demonstrate the latest innovations in the aviation and space industries, but also conclude lucrative contracts, often measured in multi-billion dollar profits.



Apart from a bright opening, the International Air Show MAKS-2015 pleased the visitors, and the exhibition attended by representatives of leading international companies, a large number of demonstration booths where are not only promising technologies have already found its application in the field of aviation, or the use of which is only found in the plans, but also demonstrated by their action.



Despite the fact that, in essence, only two days of the international air show MAKS-2015 have passed, it has already been possible to conclude contracts that are incredibly beneficial for Russian companies. The most distinguished in this regard is Rosoboronexport, which only has a current order book of about $ 18 billion, however, experts do not exclude that due to the interest from foreign partners, and this mainly includes India and China, the amount of transactions may soon reach 20-22 billion, and this is far from the limit.



All these factors clearly indicate that further development in the field of military aviation is to continue, as the superiority of the present Russian military aircraft has already appreciated by many countries that the majority of foreign reserves neudel developments that are less effective and extremely expensive

No less interest from foreign companies caused the production of the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", and only during the first days of the show the past, have been concluded lucrative contracts to supply more than 40 aircraft SJS-100 Airlines in Russia, Kazakhstan and Cambodia, while, according to experts, before the end of the exhibition will be agreed conditions of supply Russian airliners in Iran. The official amount of contracts has not yet announced, however, in view of the catalog price for an airliner, it is to assume that we are talking about transactions on more than 1,5 billion.



Far less interest from foreign companies, and caused a display stand of the new Russian airliner MS-21, which is already in the coming year will take up his first flight, but with years 2018 go into mass production. Taking into account the opinions of experts, as well as the reliability and the prospects of development, it is necessary to assume that the Russian aircraft will be a worthy competitor airliners from Boeing and Airbus.



Of course, civil aviation is inherently just beginning to revive in Russia, however, the first development already allowed to go to a decent level, and given the fact that as soon as all the foreign components used in the production of air technology will be replaced by domestic counterparts, the price of the technique reduced by an average of 10-15%.

Russian foreign partners are no less interested in military equipment, which is presented in great abundance at the MAKS-2015 air show. Familiar helicopters arouse unbiased interest among visitors Mi-35Fighters Su-35 и T-50As well as the new Russian transport helicopter Mi-38That can travel thousands of kilometers, taking on board a large number of goods, as well as performing flight at speeds up to 320 km \ h.



Among other things, the international air show and present the latest scientific and technological developments that will replace a foreign technology, and essentially reduce the cost of most subsequent developments in the field of aviation. These include innovative electronic systems that ensure maximum flight safety, military technologies that will modernize military air equipment (sighting systems, radar detection systems, etc.), etc.

Given the fact that the exhibition was attended by more than 800 30 companies from almost countries, we can say with certainty that the aircraft is only one of the areas where Russia is the clear favorite, even though detractors attempt to isolate the country.


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