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Watching the world of aviation, you can not help but admire. There's so much going on, everything seems so complicated and strange, there are so many individualists that even petty disagreements are ready to quarrel with others. If you like aviation, you probably know the most popular aviasayty Russia. They published the most interesting, relevant and reliable information about the aircraft, and they are fierce competition with each other, trying to be more interesting and attract more users.


So my aviasaytov Russia:









Today, many reputable companies acquire air transport only for the reason that one of the leaders just likes to fly. Moreover, we can not say that this purchase is unprofitable, because the aircraft, in addition to convenient transport, is still a useful business tool that brings profit and saves time, and can loudly state the image of the company. If you from time to time look at Russia's air sites, you probably saw planes of various serious companies. In any case, the desire to purchase the aircraft initially pushed them, and only then they resort to justifications and reasons.

In a large number of people, no matter where in the world they live, the airplane evokes a special charm that is not erased by time. Many people from the very childhood dream of flying and mastering in the future the profession of a pilot or stewardess. But only a few really put it into practice. After growing up, we lose the desire to have this or that thing. Almost all modern pilots do not care what kind of car they drive, they are more worried about the shape of their house, the color and shape of the surrounding world does not interest them. But often these people openly hunt for a certain model of the aircraft, and they are ready to sacrifice much for this. For sure, looking through the air sites, you also chose a pet for yourself, on which you would like to fly high into the clouds.


However, most pilots unable

afford to have the model aircraft that they manage.

They are willing to give up a new home, a second car,

Gold, play bowling and lunch for several years just for the sake of

to possess "Cessna-140», that awaits them in the hangar.

They are passionate about aviation and can not overcome his desires.


It is worth noting that the flight world is still so young, it is ruled by the passionate attachment to the aircraft, a storm of emotions and different ideas. In this world of so many things, so many things that you can see, it has a great meaning. To comprehend it, you go to aviasayty as often as possible.

For example, few people understand that between "flight" and "aircraft" There is a big difference. But nevertheless, it's like two different worlds, and they are few in common.

Without a doubt, the world of aviation more. It includes aircraft and pilots, whose interests are separate from the flight issues. The clear advantage of aviation is obvious: planes can compress huge distances, transforming them into insignificant. For example, if New York was located across the street from Miami, then, of course, the locals could it cross the 3-4 times a week, just to change the climate and environment. Aviation enthusiasts realize that they have across the street is not only New York, but the Phoenix, Montreal, Feyrbenks, New Orleans and La Paz.

In aviation aircraft - is a convenient and rapid means for travel, thanks to which you can have breakfast in Las Vegas and dinner in Des Muap. Our planet is a big fair attractive places, and every day aviation enthusiasts can partake of its new delicacies.

The pilot is totally different from aviators. It simply involves a flight, it is not seeking to get to remote places, he was attracted by the sky. Come on aviasayty Russia and spoon for themselves new information about the fascinating world of aviation.