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Flight simulators B737

The simulator is available to all: Flight simulators Boeing 737NG



No, we are not talking about sports equipment, which are now really available to everyone. This is a real Boeing 737NG flight simulator. Such a simulator was recently installed in one of the shopping and entertainment centers in St. Petersburg. Airline pilots are trained on these simulators every six months. And now, after two resonant plane crashes with aircraft of this type, and the PIC and co-pilots flying on regular lines, this aircraft will probably be forced to undergo additional training. In a circular from the Federal Air Transport Agency, it was indicated to pay special attention to the training of B737 pilots when acting in non-standard situations. In particular, the withdrawal of the aircraft from supercritical angles of attack, as well as the implementation of a go-around in adverse weather conditions.

The simulator is available to all: Flight simulators Boeing 737NG1


I was not a fan of Flight Simulator, although at one time I tried to "fly" the Cessna 150 using it. But for a full realistic flight, in difficult weather conditions, the power of my then computer was clearly not enough. But the most important thing: there was no development of reflexes of coordinated work of arms and legs. Of course, I have learned the cockpit and instrumentation well enough. I learned how to correctly launch the plane, stay in the air quite well, but after I started flying on the real Cessna, the simulator was completely abandoned by me.


This simulator in the mall

So it became interesting to me that the simulator was put for the citizens in the TRC in one of the districts of the city. Arriving in the TRC, and finding this very simulator, I was incredibly surprised and amazed. It was a full training complex B737, with all computer support, with an instructor pilot, with hydraulic drives that change the spatial position of the entire cabin, more like an alien plate from comics. That is, it was a serious training complex with all the ensuing consequences. Reception with a cute, competent girl, large monitors, which shows everything that happens in the cabin, everything was impressive for its seriousness. On the other monitor the appearance of the aircraft flying over the terrain in the on-line mode was displayed. Having planted at the helm of your friend, relative, son or even daughter, you can follow his flight, his actions in the cabin, sitting comfortably on the couch and sipping coffee.

The simulator is available to all: Flight simulators Boeing 737NG2


Big bright sign «Dream Aero aviatrenazhёry for all", and a huge cabin on a dynamic platform, multiple monitors with high-quality take-off and landing of Boeing rolls, all set in a huge hall shopping mall. Instructor on this simulator running my old friend, a professional pilot, who has extensive raid on the real machines of different types, FAC. From the proposals I have refused to fly, but to make a few pictures of the complex, with the permission of the flight instructor did not give up.

The simulator is available to all: Flight simulators Boeing 737NG4


In my photo essay you can get to know a little bit with the new training complex, which is available to everyone.

For a fee, you can not only fly, fly and land, under the guidance of a professional, but also get a video of the entire flight. The flight, of course, can be stopped at any stage, you can work out the take-off and landing, "get" into complex and very difficult weather conditions and situations. A young fellow who, with me, finished his flight, was completely ecstatic, shook my friend's hand for a long time, and it was clear from his burning eyes that he would remember this flight for a long time, at any rate, he would remember him longer than even a real flight to Passenger plane. The young man's girlfriend, who for an hour of his flight time had time to visit not one boutique in the complex, was also very pleased.

The simulator is available to all: Flight simulators Boeing 737NG3


After sitting in the cockpit, I am personally convinced that it is fully consistent with the real cockpit liner. All operating and acting. When the simulator "flew" a visitor, I drew attention to the fact that the cabin shook finely, and all drives have earned. Probably, Boeing got into a zone of turbulence, or was in an unstable mode. So what's inside the cabin was not very comfortable at this point.

As far as I know, even the current pilots of civil airlines come here to restore skills after a long break. Complementing such training flights on a regular simulator.

Especially for the portal Avia.pro, the simulator was visited by Valery Smirnov