Flight simulators Airbus A320. Yak-40. An IL-2-76. Ulyanovsk Aviation School.
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Flight simulators Airbus A320. Yak-40. An IL-2-76. Ulyanovsk Aviation School.

Flight simulators Boeing and Airbus. Ulyanovsk aviation school.


Ulyanovsk aviation school meets not large campus with a monument to the Yak-18.

Ulyanovsk aviation school

Yak is not in vain in the premium, the inscription on the pedestal reads: "He opened the door to the sky to many generations of Russian aviators." Indeed, the plane created 1946 year to date is widely used as a primary training aircraft.

Aircraft Ulyanovsekoe School

It is noteworthy that I was sent on a business trip just to configure the simulator Yak-18T last series published in 36 2006 year.

Ulyanovsk Flight School

Opposite the memorial to workers Yak school heroes of the Soviet Union.

Memorial employees Ulyanovsk School Hero of the Soviet Union.

And here is the trainer: a cylindrical screen creates an overview on 210 40 degrees (5 projectors). Under the hood, though not flaming engine, and a string of cables and printed circuit boards

And here is the Flight simulators

That, combined with a fully mechanical devices and cabin trim create a truly spectacular effect of flight. What is missing is the movable base.

aviatrenazhёr inside airbas

From the light aircraft as represented by Cessna 172S and Daimond which I unfortunately did not have time to look

Flight simulators aircraft cassna 172S

Presented domestic aircraft simulators Sukhoi SuperJet (Pictured) and Tu-204.

simulators aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet domestic

Is good rejection of steering wheels in favor of a more user-friendly joysticks and wire system

Flight simulators cabin

Most striking of all Canadian A320 simulator, which occupies the three-storey hall!
Flight simulators a320
The system of mobility is very realistic mimics the movement of the strip takeoff maneuvers in the air and landing. The ability to create an overload to 4G!
Legs Flight simulators a320
Entrance to the simulator through a descending bridge at a height of the second floor

input into the simulator a320

The spacious cabin and space for an instructor.

place for instructor a320

In the cockpit just one analog instrument!

In the cockpit simulator a320

I do not know Is there a lunch break in the training program, but requirements for the level simulator require a complete reconstruction of the cabin.

Food in the cockpit simulator a320

Dear passengers crew welcomes you aboard the simulator.

welcome you aboard the simulator. a320

Fasten your seatbelts now a man without experience of flight to take off and try to put this beautiful aircraft. Instructor prudently shut down the system of mobility, not to break anything during hard landing

Fasten your seat belts a320 trainer

Not without the active assistance of the instructor I was able not only to take off

a320 takeoff trainer

But to land the plane!

a320 landing aircraft simulator

Flying under the control of an experienced istruktora at night with a full turn on the system leaves no incomparable impression.

evening flight simulator a320

We should also mention the simulators-old man among them IL-76, Yak-40 An even-2

gym-old man, IL-76, Yak-40 An even-2


IL-76 trainer

yl 76 2 trainer


Yak 40 trainer


Yak 2

The mean age of these simulators have no computers, huge closets analog components shocked me

Equipment for Flight simulators


Eugene Vlasov.


Eugene Vlasov

Interview: Evgeny Vlasov

Programmer flight simulators.




Video Flight simulators

Features simulator impressive. Technique on the verge of science fiction. You start to look sincerely believe in the truthfulness of the words instruktarov, upstream developer and drivers that control the simulator is very similar to the management of this liner. Next Flight simulators probably will create real feelings for a flight to 100%.

In my very, very real. It will be exciting. And if you think that you control a passenger ship, the liability itself felt.

Freaky simulator. A realistic picture of the flight. What is needed for beginners who want to link their lives with the sky.

Yes, impressive ... Technology goes forward. Soon, the human mind will give way to technical and ..atrofiruetsya..za unnecessary ... pechalno.Progress technique entails regress human mysli.Ili not all so sad?


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