Automatic landing. The new research project by Japanese scientists
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Automatic landing. The new research project by Japanese scientists

Automatic landing. The new research project by Japanese scientists.


Japanese scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology is currently engaged in work on a new innovative project, the objectives of which are the possibility of providing automatic landing passenger airliners. It is expected that the project could be completed within 2-3 years, after which begins the testing phase, which is also likely to be held for at least two years.



The main aim of the research is to provide passenger aircraft with special sensors that can monitor the approach of the aircraft for landing, including the permit to give the modern data concerning the output gear, its current situation, and also, when you send encrypted data to the onboard computer of the aircraft, will be possibility of automatic landing.

Initially, the current idea were worked by German scientists back in 70-ies of the last century, but the main purpose of the appointment was a military aircraft, which in turn would allow to return the aircraft to the place of their dislocation in the event that the pilot was something going on during the flight. However, due to the lack of sufficient knowledge in the field of cybernetics and computer technology, the project was subsequently canceled and closed, but it is clearly the relevance was found among Japanese scientists.



The principle of the innovative system of automatic landing of airliners is that the system will be independent of the main sensors of the aircraft - it will only compare its own data with those obtained, and if they coincide, difficulties with landing most likely will not arise. Nevertheless, according to Japanese scientists, the most difficult part of the project being developed is the creation of special subprograms combined into a single system, since in fact the program will control the entire course of the automatic landing of the aircraft, based on the data received. In this case, it is necessary to describe all possible characteristics, including the type of the runway, its length, the mass of the aircraft, taking into account the passengers on board, the air temperature, humidity, meteorological conditions, etc.

New technology can be used in cases where the difficult visibility on the runway, or the same basic aircraft sensors are failing to warn of the landing gear, when in fact it did not happen. Furthermore, it is assumed that the automatic landing system will not be substantive, but merely helps the pilot to correct the process, but if necessary, it will be enough to start the program, and the aircraft sits automatically.


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