Azerbaijani Airlines AZAL,
Azerbaijani Airlines AZAL,

Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL). Official site.

Azerbaijani Airlines AZAL often abbreviated, this company is a subsidiary of the concern "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari". It is the largest air carrier in the country, which provides national transportation of passengers in the middle of the country and abroad. The company is included into the international association for the transportation of persons by aircraft, the main office is located in Baku.

The date of foundation is considered to be the airline of 7.08.1992 It was the first airline in the territory of Azerbaijan after the country gained its independent status. Airliners companies based at the airport in Baku, which bears the name of Gaidar Aliyev. Airport removed from the city to 20 kilometers to the north. AZAL Company produces regular transport of passengers to CIS countries, Asia and Europe. Due to the acquisition of new generation aircraft such as the Boeing 2011 was an opportunity to carry out flights in the country's southern and northern Asia.

The history of Azerbaijan Airlines

Speaking of civil aviation on the territory of Azerbaijan, it should be noted that the first transport of passengers have been carried out even in 1923 year. It is from this year began carrying passengers and mail between Tbilisi and Baku with a German aircraft production.

Since 1959, the country has started using turboprop type aircraft, such as IL-18, which allowed to carry out cargo and passenger transportation more qualitatively. The first Boeing company AZAL was purchased in 2000 year, it was 757-I model. In early autumn 2005, the company bought an Airbus 319 model, it was named after the city of Ganja. The airline in 2007 bought an airliner of the French type ATR, in parallel, an agreement was concluded with the corporation Boeing on the supply of new 787 series aircraft. The first 787 Boeing was provided to the airline AZAL in 2014 year. All these acquisitions made it possible to significantly expand the number of flight destinations and their range. In the winter of 2010, airplanes of the Tu-154 type were removed from domestic transport and replaced with newer ones such as Airbus.

airlines Fleet

Currently the company owns a new and reliable airliners that can produce high-quality flights at various distances. Park, the company consists of the following types of aircraft: Boeing 757, 787 and 767, Airbus 319, A340 and A320, Embraer ERJ 190 and ERJ 170. In late summer, the average age of 2015 aircraft company was 9,4 years. Such performance was achieved through constant renewal of the fleet with new models.

The airline operates scheduled services between the three cities of Azerbaijan. Speaking about international flights, regular flights are directed to the great cities of Europe, North America, Asia and the countries that were part of the Soviet Union.

Azerbaijan Airlines are working closely with many international airlines in the world.

Disasters and Accidents Airlines

The first disaster occurred back in the 1992 year when the Mi-8 helicopter crashed. The catastrophe occurred near the village of Shusha. The next accident occurred in December 1995 year, when the Tu-134 plane flew out of the city of Nakhichevan and was sent to Baku. Almost immediately after take-off, the left engine refused the car, then the captain decided to make an emergency landing, but in a hurry the right engine was turned off. It was decided to make a landing with non-working engines on a plowed field. Upon entering, the device touched the post and collapsed. As a result, of 82 people who were on the plane, 52 passengers were killed.

15.03.1997 year during the training for professional development pilots carried out flights in a circle on the Yak-40 apparatus. During the fourth round before landing, the plane entered a tailspin and collided with the ground, as a result of which all crew members of 6 people were killed. The investigation of the accident showed that the pilots were doing everything correctly and went in for landing. The reason was the discovery of two bullet holes in the body, which damaged the cylinders with oxygen, which led to a rapidly developing fire. The bullets that hit the plane were released by soldiers who were at the range where the plane was flying. The soldiers were entertained and released a few bullets in the direction of the aircraft, and this led to a catastrophe.

The next incident occurred in December 2005, when the AN-140, belonged to Azerbaijan Airlines crashed over the Caspian Sea. The accident was caused by bad weather conditions and the failure of devices, in addition, the flight was made at night. The crew lost in space, and then asked in height and coordinates. As a result, the liner disappeared from radar and crashed at high speed on the water of the Caspian Sea. Killed 5 18 man crew and passengers who were on board. After this disaster the company has refused to use the aircraft of this type.

The most recent incident occurred in August 2010, when an airplane carrying 120 passengers aboard descended from a runway in the city of Istanbul. Airbus A319 aircraft descended from the take-off strip, after which the landing gear collapsed. All the people who were aboard remained unharmed. 

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Azerbaijan

  • National Aviation Company of Azerbaijan

  • Year of appearance: 1992

  • IATA airline code: J2

  • ICAO airline code: AHY


Azerbaijan Airlines-AZAL (AzerbaijanAirlines-AZAL). Official site:

Azerbaijani Airlines AZAL-(AzerbaijanAirlines-AZAL). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +994124934004

  • The mailing address of the airline: Azerbaijan, 1000 Baku, 11 AzadligAvenue.

  • Airline Fax: +994125985237

  • E-mail Airlines:

  • Postal address of the Russian representative office: "Kutuzoff Tower", Kutuzovskiy prospect, 25, Moscow, Russia

  • Russian office phone: +74952433302

  • The base airports of the airline are airports: Baku Heydar Aliyev

  • Flights to CIS countries: Kiev, Aktau, Moscow, Mineralnye Vody, Tbilisi, Novosibirsk

  • International flights: Dubai, Ankara, London, Kabul, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Rome, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Urumqi

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: ATR42, ATR72, AirbusA319, AirbusA320, AirbusA340-500, Boeing757-200, Boeing767-300.




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